Criatura das Profundezas

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Criatura das ProfundezasExclusivo do Modo Difícil
Creature from the Deep.gif
Creature from the Deep2.gif
When swimming
Classic Mode.png Clássico
Expert Mode.png Perito
Master Mode.png Mestre
Tipo de IAFighter AI
Vida máx.400/800/1200
Res. ao RC70%/73%/76%
Imune aConfuso
Moedas10 SC25 SC

The Creature from the Deep is a Hardmode enemy from the Solar Eclipse event. They attack like most other fighter-type enemies on land, but they also have the ability to swim. While they are in water, their speed and maneuverability increases dramatically. It is also capable of jumping out of the water towards the player, doing so with maneuverability similar to a Unicorn.


  • The Creature from the Deep is a reference to the Gill-man from the 1954 horror film Creature from the Black Lagoon.[1]
  • If it is forced through a 2 block high space, it will stand with its arms down for a few seconds and then start moving away from the player.
  • O registro no BestiárioBestiário para o Criatura das Profundezas é: "Dizem que estes homens-peixe emergiram das lagoas mais obscuras. Eles atacam suas vítimas com uma velocidade submarina ímpar."

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