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Article Requests
Cages Missing placed animations and sizes for the 1.4 cages.
Chat Control keys related with chat on different game platforms, mainly console versions
Light sources Brightness percentage is a bit vague, so this either needs to be clarified or replaced with tile distance. There are also multiple unknown brightness levels.
Luminite Arrow Maximum range of the Luminite Arrow and its bolt.
  • Can moss spread / grow harvestable clumps on actuated blocks, and does this differ between versions? Brief testing suggests not on Steam, at least
  • Config.json's hidden color profiles
  • Specific key highlight effects/colors
Storage items At some point items were sorted by rarity, which was changed to categories. When did this change occur?

Information for Console version Console version, including:

  • UI icons/buttons used for toggles, and their locations (to help readers find them).
  • Controls for turning toggles on/off.


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