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Storage items are Furniture items that can be right-clicked after being placed, to reveal forty Inventory slots, in four rows of ten, for storing items. These items allow the player to offload excess items, freeing space in their inventory. They can also be used for organizing items, eg. one Chest can hold Ores, while another can hold Gems. Stationary storage can also be renamed, to further help in organizing items (see Rename below).

All Storage items must be Placed in order to access their contents or store items. They can be freed by a Pickaxe, but most need to be emptied beforehand (see Stationary vs. portable storage below). The Money Trough summons a Flying Piggy Bank, enabling players to access their Piggy Bank contents without having to place the Piggy Bank or any furniture for it to rest on.


Placed storage items
Dressers are storage items on Desktop version Desktop, Console version Console, and Mobile version Mobile only

Storage items have special functions which improve management, organization, and efficiency.

Loot All

Loot All removes all items from the storage item (starting from the top-left) and places them in the player's inventory (starting from the bottom right). This allows easy looting when scouting areas for treasure.

Deposit All

Deposit All has the opposite effect of Loot All, placing all items in the player's inventory (starting from the bottom-right) into the storage item (starting from the top-left). Any items which can be stacked, will be stacked. This is a quick way of offloading a bunch of items quickly when in a hurry. Items in the hotbar and items favorited with alt-click or the Right Trigger (console editions) will not be deposited.

Quick Stack

Quick Stack detects all of the items in your inventory that can be stacked with the same item inside the storage item, and places it in there. All items will be moved, creating new stacks in the storage if needed. Quick stack will also automatically convert coins in your Piggy Bank or Safe.

In the main inventory screen, there is a button (below the coins) for "Quick stack to nearby chests". This does almost the same as if you manually clicked Quick Stack on each chest, but doesn't quick stack items from the hotbar, and also moves unstackable duplicates of items (for example, the Aglet). It does work with non-chest storage, despite the tooltip. Around the player, it has a reach of 14 blocks to the left and right, 14 blocks below, and 13 blocks above, significantly further than you can naturally reach.

On the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, and Mobile version Mobile version, it has a visual effect, showing the items which are being quick stacked moving towards the chests they go into.

Sort Items Desktop versionConsole version

Sort Items moves items around a chest, sorting them by rarity, and alphabetically within the same rarity tier. Items with higher rarity than others are placed starting from the top-left going through rarity, and ending at the bottom-right.

The player's inventory screen has a similar sort items button, found below the coins slot, which sorts items also by rarity, but this does not affect the hotbar.


Renaming allows you to type in a new name for the storage item, which is helpful for organizing large storage rooms. Names can be up to 20 characters long. This name will be visible above the list of functions, and will also replace the storage item's icon shown when hovering the mouse cursor over it. The name can be removed by entering a blank name, restoring the icon and default name. In the console version, you must be offline to rename chests.


Restock allows you to restock all stackable items in your inventory using items from the chest. This can be helpful for restocking Potions, building blocks, and other stackable items.

Stationary vs. portable storage

Stationary Storage is public, physical storage space. Portable Storage is an access point to additional private storage that can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have the item for it.

Stationary Storage

Items like the Chest, Barrel and Trash Can are examples of Stationary Storage. They have the following characteristics, which differ from Portable Storage:

  • These must remain in place while they contain items, and cannot be freed or picked up until emptied. They can however be blown up by bombs if they are not naturally generated.
  • Each Stationary Storage item holds a separate 40-slot inventory where different items can be placed; For example, 2 Trash Cans and 3 Chests will offer the player 240 (when adding inventory) total slots of storage.
  • Stationary Storage contents are saved with the World data, as opposed to the Character data, and will therefore not be available to players when visiting other Worlds or multiplayer servers. When placing items in Stationary Storage in a multiplayer World, other players will be able to see and take its contents.
  • On multiplayer servers, while one player is accessing a Stationary Storage item, no other players may access it.
  • Quick stack to nearby chests stacks into both types of storage.
  • You can craft items from a chest while it is open without having to place its contents in the player inventory beforehand.

Portable Storage

Portable storage
Piggy BankPiggy Bank
Money TroughMoney Trough
Void VaultVoid Vault
Void BagVoid Bag
Defender's ForgeDefender's Forge
Eye BoneEye Bone

The Piggy Bank, Safe, Defender's Forge, Void Vault, Void Bag, Money Trough, and Eye Bone are the only examples of Portable Storage. They have the following characteristics, which differ from Stationary Storage:

  • These can be freed and picked up while they contain items, making them valuable tools for effectively increasing a player's inventory slots.
  • All Portable Storage items of the same type share the same inventories; for example, purchasing multiple Safes will not offer the player more inventory slots, as each Safe accesses the same shared 40-slot portable storage space, but having multiple Safes will afford the player more points of access to the Safes' shared 40-slot contents. The same rule applies to Piggy Banks and the Defender's Forge: each item type has a separate 40-slot inventory space shared by all duplicate items of that type. If the player has purchased the Defender's Forge, a Safe, a Piggy Bank, and crafted a Void Vault, they will have a total of 160 Portable Storage slots, which is the maximum Portable Storage that any one character can have. By contrast, if the player has only purchased four Piggy Banks, they will just have one 40-slot portable storage space, though they can access the space from any of the Piggy Banks.
  • Portable Storage contents are saved with your Character data, as opposed to the World data. You take their contents with you from World to World, and from Server to Server. On multiplayer servers, other players accessing a piggy bank you placed will see their Portable Storage, rather than yours. Other players will never have access to items in your Portable Storage.
  • On multiplayer servers, multiple players can access the same Portable Storage item at the same time.
  • Moving coins you gather into Portable Storage periodically is useful, especially when exploring new or hazardous areas. Coins stored there will not be lost in case of death, even if the Portable Storage device containing them is in your character's inventory at the time.
  • Portable Storage items cannot be renamed.
  • You can purchase items using all money in your character storage — including money in your inventory, Piggy Bank, Safe, Void Vault, and Defender's Forge.
  • Quick stack to nearby chests stacks into both types of storage. Portable storages will always be prioritized when quick stacking.
  • The slots of portable storage inventories are a slightly lighter pink in color, as opposed to the maroon color of stationary storage slots. This helps in quickly identifying which type of storage you're accessing.
  • Portable Storage items can be placed inside other types of storage, including inside other Portable Storage. For example, the Safe can be carried around inside the Piggy Bank. This does not permit access to the stored Portable Storage while it is stored. In the example, to use the Safe, the player would have to place the Piggy Bank (or use a Money Trough), remove the Safe from it, and then place the Safe to access its contents.
  • If a Hardcore character dies, all items in their Portable Storage will be deleted with the character (and lost forever).

The Piggy Bank, Money Trough, and the Eye Bone share the same storage space. The main differences are that the Money Trough does not need a solid block to be placed on, and when used summons a Flying Piggy Bank that can exist over any block and be accessed by right clicking on it, similarly to the Piggy Bank; the Eye Bone will summon a pet that acts as a portable Piggy Bank.

List of portable storage items
Placed item Corresponding summoning item Pet
Piggy BankPiggy Bank Money TroughMoney Trough Eye BoneEye Bone
SafeSafe n/a n/a
Defender's ForgeDefender's Forge n/a n/a
Void VaultVoid Vault Void BagVoid Bag n/a

Showcase Storage

Showcase storage
Hat RackHat Rack
Weapon RackWeapon Rack
Item FrameItem Frame


  • There is a maximum limit of 8000 storage items (Excluding portable and showcase storage items) in each world. Attempts to place additional storage items will result in the item immediately dropping to the ground as an item rather than being placed.


  • Two of the four items for portable storage can be purchased from the Merchant, the Piggy Bank (1) and the Safe (20).


  • Desktop Significantly increased the range of quick stack to nearby portable storages.
  • Desktop 1.4.4:
    • Quick Stack to Nearby Chests now has a visual effect, showing the items which are being quick stacked moving towards the chests they go into.
    • Significantly increased the range of quick stack to nearby chests.
  • Desktop
    • Increased Quick Stack range.
    • Added Void Bag and Void Vault.
  • Desktop Fixed 'quick stack to all chests' potentially eating loot in old/modded worlds.
  • Desktop
    • Added Item Frames and new Chests.
    • Dressers can now act as chests.
    • Quick stack now creates new stacks in your chests for items you have in inventory if applicable.
    • NPCs now avoid sitting near chests.
    • Chests open/close is now animated.
    • Added ability to favorite items by pressing Alt+Left Click. Favorited items cannot be quick-trashed, quick-stacked, or deposited.
    • Added an inventory button to Quick Stack to All Nearby Chests, making inventory management much quicker.
    • You can now craft items from a chest while it is open without having to place its contents in the player inventory beforehand.
    • You can now purchase items using all money in your character storage - including money in your inventory, Piggy Bank, and Safe.
  • Desktop Fixed bug where coins would disappear during Quick Stack. Fixed an exploit where you could duplicate coins with Quick Stack.
  • Desktop 1.2:
    • Now require a Pickaxe to remove instead of a Hammer.
    • Storage slots increased from 20 to 40.
    • Added Multiple new chest types
  • Desktop 1.0.6: Loot All, Deposit All, and Quick Stack functions added.