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Style guideHardmode exclusive
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Inflicts debuff
Inflicts debuff
Inflicts debuff
Debuff tooltipYou can't move!
Duration30 seconds

This is the article's intro. General information about the enemy goes here, with the first mention (and only the first mention) of the enemy in bold. Add defining characteristics, a brief description of its behavior, and under what circumstances it can be encountered here. Also see the common intro guidelines.


Enemies with multiple segments, like worms, and enemies with different variants, like Zombies, display information about each segment/variant here, usually utilizing a table of {{npc infobox}}es.


Add a separate Attacks or Behavior section for enemies that have intricate and important attack patterns. This usually applies to bosses; the behavior of regular enemies can usually be described sufficiently in the intro.

At first, describe the movement patterns of the boss (e.g. "Plantera moves through blocks slowly, using long vines to grapple foreground blocks, similar to multi-hooks"). Then, all the attacks and attack patterns of the boss (all projectiles, close-range attacks) should be mentioned. If the boss has several phases, the transition conditions and all changes in the behavior of the boss should be added. Each phase should be written in a separate subsection. Expert-exclusive behavior should also be in a separate {{eil|Expert Mode}} subsection.



List any achievements that the enemy is related to here, using {{achievement}}.


  • Give a rundown of a few strategies to defeat this enemy. This section should be relatively short and coherent. A quick rundown of which attacks work well and which do not will suffice.
  • Full or thorough strategies, discussions about approaches, or generally in depth analysis should be placed in a guide, which is linked at the top of the section using {{strategies}}.
  • Also see the common Tips guidelines.



Enter the enemy's update history here, using {{history}}. Exemplary usage:

** Sprite updated.
** Health increased from 200 to 250.}}
{{history|Desktop 1.2|Introduced.}}
{{history|Console 1.02|Introduced.}}
{{history|Switch 1.0.711.6|Introduced.}}
{{history|Mobile 1.2.6508|Introduced.}}

Also see the common History guidelines.

Use the navigational master template for characters, {{Master Template Characters}}.