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The patch fixed many bugs related to 1.2.

Bug Fixes

  • The game will no longer look for the square root of zero.
  • Chlorophyte Drill can no longer be used to break into the Jungle Temple nor mine Chlorophyte
  • Projectiles and harpoon should no longer cause out of memory exception
  • The guide will no longer say you need a hammer to break life crystals
  • The guide will no longer say you need 10 fallen stars to make a mana crystal
  • Dungeon platform item icons will now display the right color
  • Clay pot dupe no longer works
  • Snipers will now drop sniper rifles
  • Opening doors will no longer cause a room to be unsuitable
  • Hardmode summon items will no longer drop from monsters that have been spawned from statues
  • Chests, crystal hearts, and statues should no longer spawn on ice
  • Crafting recipe for sticky glowsticks has been fixed
  • Pumping honey will no longer turn honey into water
  • Fixed trashing coin dupe
  • Shadow orb and fairy bell no longer show a duration
  • If you place a bed somewhere that would cause you to not spawn without breaking through blocks you will now get a message when trying to set your spawn point letting you know the bed is not in a suitable position.
  • Fixed a bug with cooking marshmallows with your mouse
  • Blackout debuff can no longer be removed by right clicking it
  • Slightly reduced how much memory the map requires on large worlds
  • You can no longer use actuators to deactivate temple blocks before killing Plantera
  • The flare gun will no longer light up when you are out of torches
  • You can now craft battle potions with vertebrae
  • Lihzahrd altar should now spawn and use power cells properly
  • Minimum particle display has been increased for certain conditions
  • Switch duplication no longer works
  • Notes from the magical harp now count as magic and should trigger the spectre set bonus
  • Bombs will no longer blow up chlorophyte
  • You can no longer break into Jungle Temple with chlorophyte drill
  • You can no longer use the music box dupe glitch