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The 1.1 patch was the largest update to date in terms of new content before the 1.2 update. It introduced Hardmode, the Wall of Flesh, and the mechanical bosses.

New additions

Blocks and Items




New features

(Be aware though, using any other lighting modes than retro will cut off 17 blocks on each side of the map.)


  • Bunnies, Birds and Goldfish can now be damaged by a player's attacks.
  • Star Cannon - shoots faster.
  • Sandgun - does more damage, shoots faster.
  • Blowpipe - listed as ranged.
  • Goblins no longer drop Rocket Boots during an invasion. Instead they are sold by the Goblin Tinkerer who can be rescued underground after the player has defeated the Goblin Army.
  • Boomerangs are listed as melee.
  • The crafting requirements for Molten armor and Jungle armor have been reduced.
  • Dynamites, Bombs and Grenades have their stack limit raised to 5, 50 and 99 respectively.
  • Made several lighting and display optimizations to increase game performance, introduced different colors of lighting from the regular Plain and Blue and Green to the extra colors such as Red, Purple, Yellow etc.
  • Fixed a problem with item syncing for newly connected players.
  • Fixed a bug that caused graphical issues for player’s using automatic weapons.
  • Added a limit to how often the server can broadcast NPC update packets. This prevents NPC’s from trying to update every cycle which would cause massive amounts of lag.
  • Reduced the amount of data needed to transmit tiles down to 25%.
  • The server now only broadcasts tile data to the players who need it.
  • The server now withholds some NPC, player, and projectile packets based on player distance from them.
  • Removed obsolete lighting code, reducing both RAM usage and world save file sizes.
  • Tweaked the Glowing Mushroom biome.
  • Different styles of wall can now be placed next to one another without showing the background between them.
  • Cacti no longer damage players.

Bug fixes

  • Water is consumed when a player cures Corruption with Purification Powder while standing in water.
  • The server will no longer think a player is dead if they reach 1 HP without dying.
  • Players can now craft from the ammo slot.
  • The game will no longer crash when player tries to draw water outside the bounds of the world.
  • Mana regeneration will no longer ignore stat bonuses given by armor or accessories.
  • The game will now no longer crash when Underground Jungle grass is grown.
  • Wood Platforms no longer attach to non-solid objects.
  • Placing and removing items during the placing animation will no longer destroy the item when it is collected.
  • Graphical abnormalities will no longer appear when the lighting changes dramatically.
  • The FPS display (F10) now shows the correct number.
  • The lighting of players' pants and head armor will no longer switch.
  • Water will no longer settle in strange positions.
  • Objects with transparency will no longer appear darker than they should.
  • Ironskin Potion now gives 8 defense boost correctly.