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The patch fixed various issues with the 1.2.1 update.

Bug Fixes

  • Merchant now correctly sells the Sickle
  • Fixed several graphical issues with the new Halloween costumes
  • Pumpkin Seeds now have a price
  • All the new Halloween weapons can now be reforged
  • Hellbats now drop Magma Stones instead of Giant Fungi Bulbs
  • Rotten Eggs now correctly damage friendly NPCs
  • The duration of Pumpking’s scythe attack has been reduced
  • Fixed a graphical bug with Spear Traps
  • Fixed a graphical bug with the height of drawn tiles
  • Mechanical Bosses will no longer spawn during Pumpkin Moons
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to not check for Halloween dates in multiplayer
  • The spelling of Marshmallow was fixed (Was incorrectly spelt "Marshmellow")