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Style guide
  • Style guide item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
RarityRarity level: 0
Grants Buff
Buff tooltip25% increased movement speed
Duration2 minutes

This is the article's intro. General information about the item goes here, with the first mention (and only the first mention) of the item in bold. For armor/vanity sets, their stats should be listed here as well. For potion items, {{potionlength}} should be transcluded here. For dropped items, their drop rate (using {{chance}}) should be stated here. Also see the common intro guidelines.

For bar and ore items, the amount of items required to craft all items craftable from them (or a sensible subset of that, like excluding stackable items such as ammunition) may be stated in a separate paragraph here.

For weapon and tool items, {{modifier}} should be transcluded as a separate, last paragraph here.


Armor and vanity sets only display information about the whole set in the infobox at the top. Each set piece gets an individual infobox in this section, ordered by body slot (head-chest-legs), then item ID. If there are variations for a body slot, all infoboxes for slots without variations should be at the top, and the variable pieces in a separate Helmet/Chest/Leg variants subsection.


Pages about a group of items, like Pickaxes or Kites, display information about each item of the group here, usually utilizing a table of {{item infobox}}es.


The contents of the item are displayed here, e.g. for grab bags or Chests, utilizing {{loot}}. The section heading should be Drops for grab bags and Loot for Chests.



This is where each recipe for making the item or set of items in question is found, using {{recipes}} with the |result=<item name> parameter. If the item cannot be crafted, this section is simply omitted. For consistency reasons, the title of this section should always be in plural. This also avoids an awkward singular when an item gets updated to have several recipes.

Crafting tree

If the item has a crafting tree (Terra Blade, for example), that subpage can be transcluded here using {{/Crafting tree}}. If there is none, this section is omitted.

Used in

This section lists the crafting recipes for which this item is a component, using {{recipes}} with the |ingredient=<item name> parameter. Again, if this section is not applicable, it is omitted.

Used to craft

This section only applies to crafting stations. It lists the items that can be crafted at the crafting station. The individual Recipes subpages are transcluded here. If the list is particularly long, it should be put in a collapsible box.


  • Crucial gameplay information (i.e., info that players need in order to understand how the item works) and other noteworthy facts are to be listed here.
  • Always make sure to differentiate Notes from Tips and Trivia.
  • If they are acceptable under the bug policy, bugs may be listed here as well. Historical bugs or bugs with very little impact on gameplay belong in History or Trivia.
  • Also see the common Notes guidelines.


List any achievements that the item is related to here, using {{achievement}}.


  • Clever uses of the item should go here.
  • Information on its utility in very specific situations fits especially well in this section.
  • Tips may also include comparisons to other items – if they are relevant for gameplay decisions.
  • For weapons, mentioning specific enemies or bosses that the weapon is useful against is to be avoided, because that would quickly result in very long lists. Instead, weapon recommendations belong on the respective enemy's or boss's page.
    • However, readers should still be informed about the most effective use cases of the weapon. Therefore, it is acceptable to include broader categories of enemies (e.g. segmented enemies like worms or fast-moving enemies) or outstanding effects against certain enemies or bosses (e.g. Daedalus Stormbow with Holy Arrows against The Destroyer).
  • Also see the common Tips guidelines.



The item's history is noted here using {{history}}. Exemplary usage:

** Sprite updated.
** Damage increased from 88 to 95.}}
{{history|Desktop 1.2|Introduced.}}
{{history|Console 1.02|Introduced.}}
{{history|Switch 1.0.711.6|Introduced.}}
{{history|Mobile 1.2.6508|Introduced.}}

Also see the common History guidelines.

One of the navigational master templates for items should be used ({{Master Template Consumables}}, {{Master Template Equipables}}, {{Master Template Furniture}}, {{Master Template Luminite}}, {{Master Template Tiles}}, {{Master Template Tools}}, or {{Master Template Weapons}}), if appropriate.