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The Guide Rewrite Project

Main goal

Rewrite all 95 Guides to fit an accepted quality standard.


Most Guides have been created several years ago and have since then received little to no update of content, even less so a guarantee of quality. However, Terraria has received numerous updates and playstyles, strategies, and common understanding of certain aspects of the game have changed accordingly. Nowadays, most of the content dealt with in Guides is highly outdated and requires rethinking. This issue is even more pressing taking into account that Guides are a source of information frequented by many (new and experienced) players who rely on the accuracy of the information provided. Guides are a vital part of the Terraria Wiki and this project aims at giving them the same attention all other pages usually receive.


  • Use {{guide header}} to mark the page as a guide and display the status of a Guide.
  • On guides that have their subheaders in collapsibles, remove these. Make sure to add links to the next section for skippable subheaders. Kwonunn (talk) 17:36, 23 March 2019 (UTC)
  • Some guides are proposed to be moved, merged, or split. Make sure to check Pages to be moved, merged and split to know what are these pages. - Murrayzero (talk) 11:08, 24 March 2019 (UTC)
  • With the release of 1.4(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), most guides have become outdated again. Therefore, their {{grp status}} was reset back to 1 by bot today. Re-increment if appropriate, but as with all information, remember not to delete pre-1.4 content; use {{eicons}} and {{eversions}}. --Rye Greenwood (talk) 19:37, 27 May 2020 (UTC)

Project progress

Guides subject to revision

47 Guides (49.47%) are subject to revision (Status 1).

  • Guides under revision

    28 Guides (29.47%) are under revision (Status 2).

  • Revised Guides

    25 Guides (26.32%) have been revised (Status 3).

  • Status of all Guides

    Guide Status
    Armor progression 3
    Armor progression/cs 1
    Artificial biomes 1
    Bases 1
    Beating the Tutorial 2
    Blood Moon strategies 1
    Brain of Cthulhu strategies 2
    Capture the Gem 1
    Class setups 2
    Completing the Bestiary 3
    Crafting 101 1
    Crafting 101/es 1
    Crafting 101/id 1
    Crafting Frostspark Boots 3
    Crafting Terraspark Boots 3
    Crafting a Night's Edge 3
    Crafting a Shellphone 3
    Crafting a Terra Blade 3
    Crafting a Zenith 3
    Crafting an Ankh Shield 2
    Crafting quick reference 1
    Deerclops strategies 2
    Don't dig up 3
    Duke Fishron strategies 2
    Dungeon Guardian strategies 2
    Eater of Worlds strategies 3
    Empress of Light strategies 2
    Enemy farming 1
    Expert Mode 1
    Eye of Cthulhu strategies 3
    Farming Biome Keys or Key Molds 1
    Farming resources 1
    Frost Moon strategies 2
    Game progression 1
    Game progression graph 1
    Get fixed boi 3
    Getting started 2
    Getting started with Hardmode 1
    Getting started/cs
    Getting started/id 2
    Getting started/ja 2
    Getting started/tr 2
    Goblin Army strategies 3
    Golem strategies 1
    Hardcore 2
    Hardcore master mode for the worthy
    Ideas 1
    Inventory management
    King Slime strategies 3
    Lepus strategies 2
    Lunar Events strategies 1
    Lunatic Cultist strategies 1
    Maintaining world purity 3
    Making money 2
    Martian Madness strategies 1
    Mechdusa strategies 2
    Mining techniques 2
    Moon Lord strategies 2
    NPC Happiness 1
    Not the bees 3
    Obtaining a Terraprisma 1
    Ocram strategies 1
    Old One's Army strategies 2
    Pirate Invasion strategies 1
    Plantera strategies 3
    Practical tips 3
    Pumpkin Moon strategies 1
    PvP 1
    Queen Bee strategies 3
    Queen Slime strategies 2
    Setting up Steam Multiplayer 1
    Setting up a Terraria server 1
    Skeletron Prime strategies 1
    Skeletron strategies 3
    Skipping ahead 1
    Surviving in the Corruption 1
    Surviving in the Crimson 3
    Surviving in the Desert 1
    Surviving in the Dungeon 3
    Surviving in the Hallow 1
    Surviving in the Jungle 1
    Surviving in the Jungle Temple 2
    Surviving in the Ocean 2
    Surviving in the Underworld 1
    Teleporter network 2
    The Constant 3
    The Destroyer strategies 1
    The Torch God strategies 1
    The Twins strategies 2
    Travel 1
    Turkor the Ungrateful strategies 2
    Vanity 2
    Walkthrough 1
    Walkthrough/Hardmode 1
    Wall of Flesh strategies 3
    Weapon playthroughs 3
    Wiring 1