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The poster for the "Undeluxe Edition".

The patch is more focused on fixing bugs from 1.0.6, rather than on new content, and is the last update for 1.0.

Desktop version This version was made permanently available separately on Steam as the "Undeluxe Edition" of Terraria on April 1, 2024.[2] It can be accessed by right-clicking on "Terraria" in the game library, selecting "Properties...", and then "Betas".

New additions


Bug fixes

  • Chests no longer contain stacks of empty items.
  • The crafting list now correctly updates after using the container loot buttons.
  • The direction Bathtubs face when placed is now correctly sent to the server. This prevents Bathtub duplication issues.
  • Smashing Obsidian Walls no longer gives Obsidian.
  • Walls that are automatically placed to fill small gaps are now correctly taken from the player’s Inventory.
  • Green Slimes no longer get stuck in the ground and start sinking.
  • Player ghosts no longer move when typing.
  • Mana now regenerates properly when the player has 0 mana.
  • Slimes no longer chase the player in water when they are not in aggressive mode.
  • Changed the way the value of stacked items is rounded to fix selling/buyback inconsistencies.
  • Some items can now again be placed in lava, this includes Clay Pots and Fireblossom Seeds.
  • Shadow Orbs will no longer be smashed during world generation.
  • Generated dirt walls now correctly blend with player placed dirt walls.
  • Boomerangs now reset correctly when you use your Magic Mirror while they are still flying.
  • Mediumcore characters now correctly drop ammo on death.
  • “Misc” has been reworded to say “Shoes” on the character creation menu.