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The page should begin with a biome banner.

A map view of the biome is a great means of visualization.

This is the article's intro. General information about the biome goes here, with the first mention (and only the first mention) of the biome in bold. Add a general description of the biome and where/how it is located. Also see the common intro guidelines.


For biomes that have an underground version, like The Corruption, use a {{dablink}} as follows:

See Underground Corruption for the content found during Hardmode in and under the Cavern layer.

Use the {{infocard}} template for the content overview:

Note that this is not meant to be an in-depth table. Exact drop rates for all items or other detailed intricacies take away from its usefulness as a broad overview.

NPC happiness (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)

This section lists all town NPCs whose happiness is affected by the biome. It solely consists of a single line transcluding {{living preferences}}.





Include the biome's update history here, using {{history}}. Exemplary usage:

{{history|Desktop 1.2.3|
** Added biome-specific stalactite variations.
** Now has its own specific theme music.}}
{{history|Desktop 1.2|Introduced.}}
{{history|Console 1.02|Introduced.}}
{{history|Switch 1.0.711.6|Introduced.}}
{{history|Mobile 1.2.6508|Introduced.}}

Also see the common History guidelines.

Use the navigational template for biomes, {{Biomes}}.