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Halloween-Only Content
Halloween-Only Content
The content described on this page will only appear during the Halloween event.
A Halloween-themed logo.
Not to be confused with the Pumpkin Moon, a Halloween-themed event.

Halloween is a seasonal event which lasts from around mid-October until around the start of November. During this time, several enemies wear costumes that change their appearance, unique enemies spawn, and new items become available via enemy drops or via purchase. Goodie Bags also drop, offering random Halloween-themed items, mostly decorative or vanity. Pumpkins grow naturally on grass during Halloween.

The duration of the event depends on the game platform:

Platform Duration
Desktop version Desktop
Console version Console
Mobile version Mobile
October 10th November 1st
Old-gen console version Old-gen console October 20th November 10th
3DSNintendo 3DS version October 1st November 10th

Reaching the end of the Pumpkin Moon starts one in-game day of the Halloween event, regardless of the date.


Unique Drops
From any enemy:
From weak enemies
(see table below for explanation)
From Forest grass:
From harvesting Pumpkins:
From shaking trees :
For Sale

A "weak enemy" is defined as any enemy that drops at least 1, but has a maximum health, defense and base amount of dropped coins less than the following:[2]

Classic ModeClassic
Journey ModeJourney
Expert ModeExpert Master ModeMaster
Damage < 40 < 80 < 120
Defense < 20 < 20 < 20
Coins < 5 < 1250 < 1250

Note that these values are unaffected by the Enemy Difficulty Slider in Journey Mode.


  • Halloween can be "activated" by setting the device's date to any date within the respective Halloween timespan.
    • Desktop version Change the computer's date to any day between October 10th and November 1st.
    • Console version Disconnect from Xbox One Xbox Live / PlayStation 4 PSN and change the console time.
    • Mobile version Disconnect from automatic date/time updates and change the time manually. Note that this does not work for some devices.
    • Nintendo 3DS version Go to "System Settings" and set the date there.
    • Nintendo Switch Go to "System Settings" and go to "system", click on "Date and Time" and set the time there.
If a change of the device's time is undesired, applications like RunAsDate allow launching Terraria with a changed time and date.


  • The tree in the Halloween logo appears to be made of Spooky Wood, an item which drops in bulk during the similarly-themed Pumpkin Moon event.


  • Desktop
    • Halloween period begins on October 10th instead of October 20th.
    • Reaching the end of the Pumpkin Moon unlocks one in-game day of the Halloween event.
    • Merchant no longer sells Tax Collector's set during Halloween.
    • Weak enemy requirements now scale depending on the difficulty.
  • Desktop 1.3.4: Halloween period finishes on November 1st instead of November 10th.
  • Desktop Fixed a bug causing the game to not check for Halloween dates in multiplayer.


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  2. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, method CanDrop() in Terraria.GameContent.ItemDropRules.HalloweenWeapons.cs.