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An example of an Obsidian Brick Ruined House.

Ruined Houses are structures in The Underworld, generated at world creation. They appear as towers built from Obsidian Bricks (with Obsidian Brick Walls) or, less frequently, Hellstone Bricks (with Hellstone Brick Walls). They have several rooms each, causing them to somewhat resemble apartment buildings, and are often partially (or sometimes even completely) flooded with lava. Ruined Houses occur frequently, but only in the middle 50% of the Underworld; there are no Ruined Houses at the final 25% of the left and right of the Underworld.

Ruined Houses commonly contain several Pots, Hellforges, Demon Torches, Obsidian furniture items, paintings, and decorative banners. They also often contain locked Shadow Chests (nearly all Shadow Chests are found within or on top of Ruined Houses). Hellstone is commonly found among the Ash Blocks beside Ruined Houses.


Through plundering:


  • The furniture found in Ruined Houses, with the exception of Demon Torches, is not dislodged by contact with lava, unlike most other furniture. These items can still be destroyed by throwing them into lava in item form.
  • Due to the fact that Hellstone Bricks cause the Burning debuff, Ruined Houses made of Hellstone Bricks are much harder to navigate without taking damage until an Obsidian Skull is obtained. There is no other significant difference between the Hellstone Brick and Obsidian Brick variants.


  • As the furniture found in Ruined Houses is not destroyed when in contact with lava, the Obsidian Brick that makes up most Ruined Houses can be harvested and subsequently crafted into platforms, which can be used to make a bridge across the Underworld that will not be accidentally damaged or destroyed by lava.


A Ruined House prior to update 1.0.6, which revamped Ruined Houses.
  • Despite the name, Ruined Houses do not look particularly ruined – the name is a remnant from older versions of Terraria in which Ruined Houses had random holes in the walls and background walls. Current Ruined Houses will still occasionally feature lacking horizontal walls, but these holes are more strategically placed to allow entry into rooms. The holes are furthermore harder to notice with the background walls lining up. There is also the occasional half-block creating lavafalls.