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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
This article is about the mini-biome. For the painting, see Paintings § Desert Underground Cabins.

The Oasis is a naturally spawning mini-biome that can be found on the Surface layer of the Desert biome. It consists of a sizable body of water surrounded by multiple palm trees and shrubbery such as mini cacti, ferns, and flowers. Cattail plants grow in the lake and there are often multiple Dragonflies flying around and above the surface of the water.

The water of the Oasis is a turquoise color, just like that of regular surface Desert water. An Oasis Water Fountain can be purchased in order to replicate this water color at a location of choice.

As a mini-biome, the Oasis is not considered to be a separate biome from the Desert: the Oasis counts as a Desert in terms of an NPC's preferred biome, the Oasis will spawn Desert-exclusive critters and enemies, and fishing in an Oasis will yield the same results as fishing in a Desert. Thus, it is possible to create an artificial Oasis by placing water in the surface layer of a Desert biome.


Unique Drops
From fishing:
  • Palm WoodPalm Wood(Desktop, Console, Old-gen console and Mobile versions)


  • Animal skulls may spawn in the Oasis biome as a type of background object (they will not respawn once destroyed).
  • Several Oasis biomes may spawn in a single world: up to two in small worlds, three in medium worlds, and four in large worlds. However, it is also possible that none will spawn.
  • An Oasis may generate on top of any kind of Desert biome, including those with the Underground Desert biome underneath. Although unusual, multiple Oasis biomes can generate in the same Desert.
  • In the case of the Desert above the Underground Desert, other structures may generate instead of an Oasis. See Underground Desert § Surface Desert for more information.




  • Desktop 1.4.4: When fishing in a Hallowed Oasis, it is now possible to obtain both Hallowed or Oasis fish. This same rule does not apply to the more invasive Corruption/Crimson.