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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
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TooltipKites can be flown on windy days
Reel it in with Open / Activate
RarityRarity level: 1
Sell40 SC
Research1 required

Kites are miscellaneous novelty items that can be held by the player.

A kite can be flown during Windy Days or if the player runs fast enough while holding it. It can be raised higher with Use / Attack and lowered with Open / Activate. Lowering a kite back to the player will make them put it away.

There are 24 different kites, either dropped by certain enemies on Windy Days or purchased from NPCs.


Kite Held image Source
Blue Kite Blue KiteInternal Item ID: 4367
Blue Kite (projectile).png
Windy BalloonWindy Balloon1.39%
Blue and Yellow Kite Blue and Yellow KiteInternal Item ID: 4368
Blue and Yellow Kite (projectile).png
Windy BalloonWindy Balloon1.39%
Red Kite Red KiteInternal Item ID: 4369
Red Kite (projectile).png
Windy BalloonWindy Balloon1.39%
Red and Yellow Kite Red and Yellow KiteInternal Item ID: 4370
Red and Yellow Kite (projectile).png
Windy BalloonWindy Balloon1.39%
Yellow Kite Yellow KiteInternal Item ID: 4371
Yellow Kite (projectile).png
Windy BalloonWindy Balloon1.39%
Goldfish Kite Goldfish KiteInternal Item ID: 4674
Goldfish Kite (projectile).png
Windy BalloonWindy Balloon1.39%
Bunny Kite Bunny KiteInternal Item ID: 4612
Bunny Kite (projectile).png
Windy BalloonWindy Balloon1.39%
Corrupt Bunny Kite Corrupt Bunny KiteInternal Item ID: 4670
Corrupt Bunny Kite (projectile).png
Corrupt BunnyCorrupt Bunny4%
Crimson Bunny Kite Crimson Bunny KiteInternal Item ID: 4671
Crimson Bunny Kite (projectile).png
Vicious BunnyVicious Bunny4%
Man Eater Kite Man Eater KiteInternal Item ID: 4648
Man Eater Kite (projectile).png
Man EaterMan Eater4%
Blue Jellyfish Kite Blue Jellyfish KiteInternal Item ID: 4649
Blue Jellyfish Kite (projectile).png
Blue JellyfishBlue Jellyfish2%
Pink Jellyfish Kite Pink Jellyfish KiteInternal Item ID: 4650
Pink Jellyfish Kite (projectile).png
Pink JellyfishPink Jellyfish2%
Shark Kite Shark KiteInternal Item ID: 4651
Shark Kite (projectile).png
Bone Serpent Kite Bone Serpent KiteInternal Item ID: 4610
Bone Serpent (projectile).png
Bone SerpentBone Serpent6.67%
Wandering Eye Kite Wandering Eye KiteInternal Item ID: 4683
Wandering Eye Kite (projectile).png
Wandering EyeWandering Eye4%
Unicorn Kite Unicorn KiteInternal Item ID: 4684
Unicorn Kite (projectile).png
World Feeder Kite World Feeder KiteInternal Item ID: 4611
World Feeder Kite (projectile).png
World FeederWorld Feeder4%
Sand Shark Kite Sand Shark KiteInternal Item ID: 4669
Sand Shark Kite (projectile).png
Sand SharksSand Sharks4%
Wyvern Kite Wyvern KiteInternal Item ID: 4379
Wyvern Kite (projectile).png
Pigron Kite Pigron KiteInternal Item ID: 4613
Pigron Kite (projectile).png
Angry Trapper Kite Angry Trapper KiteInternal Item ID: 4675
Angry Trapper Kite (projectile).png
Angry TrapperAngry Trapper4%
Koi Kite Koi KiteInternal Item ID: 4676
Koi Kite (projectile).png
ZoologistZoologist2 GC
Crawltipede Kite Crawltipede KiteInternal Item ID: 4677
Crawltipede Kite (projectile).png
ZoologistZoologist2 GC (only after defeating the Solar Pillar)
Spectrum Kite Spectrum KiteInternal Item ID: 4681
Spectrum Kite (projectile).png
Party GirlParty Girl2 GC

Kites that are obtained from enemies can only be dropped on Windy Days.


  • Kites can pass through solid blocks.
  • Kites can be used on non-Windy Days if the user maintains enough speed, but are more difficult to keep afloat.
  • Kites can be used while riding a mount, or while flying. However, the player will appear backwards while the kite is in use.
  • The Pigron Kite will be a random color based on the biomes in the world.
  • Kites can be used in reversed gravity, but will retain their normal orientation.


Achievement A Rather Blustery Day.png
A Rather Blustery Day • Fly a kite on a windy day.
Fly a kite on a Windy Day. (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Category: Challenger Challenger




  • Desktop 1.4.1:
    • Increased drop rate for kites that drop from Windy Balloons from 1/260 (0.38%) to 1/72 (1.39%).
    • Increased drop rate for the Bone Serpent Kite from 1/25 (4%) to 1/15 (6.67%).