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Not to be confused with Ambient objects.

Ambient entities are objects that appear and move around in the background, and cannot be interacted with in any way. They are displayed depending on the time of day, biome, and weather. While some can be seen regularly, others are only displayed rarely. Clouds can be considered background entities although they are not affected by biomes. Ambient entities' motion speeds up with time.

List of ambient entities

Entity Image Display condition
Meteor Ambience Meteor.gif Shortly prior to a meteor crash
Birds Ambience BirdsVShape.gif Forest and Hallow during the day
Wyvern Ambience Wyvern.gif Hardmode during the day
Airship Ambience FlyingShip.gif Windy Day
Air Balloon Ambience AirBalloons Large 0.png Ambience AirBalloons Large 1.png Ambience AirBalloons Large 2.png Ambience AirBalloons Large 3.png Ambience AirBalloons Large 4.png
Ambience AirBalloons Small 0.png Ambience AirBalloons Small 1.png Ambience AirBalloons Small 2.png Ambience AirBalloons Small 3.png Ambience AirBalloons Small 4.png
Forest and Hallow during the day
Balloons Extra 71 0.gif Extra 71 0.gif Extra 71 0.gif
Extra 70 0.gif Extra 70 1.gif Extra 70 2.gif
Extra 69 0.gif Extra 69 1.gif Extra 69 2.gif
Sky Lanterns Extra 134 0.png Extra 134 1.png Extra 134 2.png Lantern Night
Falling Slimes Sky Slime 1.gif Sky Slime 2.gif Sky Slime 3.gif Sky Slime 4.gif Slime Rain
Eye of Cthulhu Ambience EOC.gif Night
Butterfly swarm Ambience ButterflySwarm1.gif Ambience ButterflySwarm2.gif Forest and Hallow during the day, based on the spawn rate of butterflies that day.
Lost Kite Ambience LostKite.gif Windy Day
Vulture Ambience Vulture.gif Desert during the day
Bat Ambience Bat1.gif Ambience Bat2.gif Ambience Bat3.gif Jungle during the night in large swarms
Pixie posse Ambience PixiePosse1.gif Ambience PixiePosse2.gif Hallow
Seagull Ambience Seagull.gif Ocean during the day
Slime Balloon Ambience SlimeBalloons 0.png Ambience SlimeBalloons 1.png Ambience SlimeBalloons 2.png Ambience SlimeBalloons 3.png Ambience SlimeBalloons 4.png Ambience SlimeBalloons 5.png Ambience SlimeBalloons 6.png Windy Day in swarms
Gastropod Ambience Gastropod.png Hallow during the night in swarms
Winged Unicorn Ambience Pegasus.gif Hallow during the day
Eater of Souls Ambience EOS1.gif Ambience EOS2.gif Ambience EOS3.gif Corruption
Crimera Ambience Crimera1.gif Ambience Crimera2.gif Ambience Crimera3.gif Crimson
Hellbat Ambience HellBat1.gif Ambience HellBat2.gif Underworld in large swarms
Bone Serpent Ambience Bone Serpent.gif Underworld
Martian Saucers Extra 6.gif Extra 5.gif Martian Madness

List of clouds

"Clouds" redirects here. For the placeable block, see Cloud.

Normal clouds

Rare clouds

Every time a cloud is displayed, there is a 1/150 (0.67%) chance it will instead be one of these rare clouds.


  • The meteor ambient entity will only be displayed if the condition for the Meteorite biome to spawn was fulfilled between dusk (7:30 PM) and 11:40 PM, which includes the random chance each night. It will always start falling in the background at 11:40 PM.[1]
    • Even if circumstances would prevent meteorite landings (i.e., no new meteorite biome would actually be generated), the meteor ambient entity will still appear when the conditions are fulfilled.


  • The bats more accurately represent the bats from the Bat Scepter rather than the bat enemy.


  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, method HandleMeteorFall() in Terraria.Main.cs.