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This page lists the IDs of the individual armor graphics in Terraria.

ID Head Body Legs
0Familiar Wig.png Familiar WigFamiliar Shirt.png Familiar ShirtFamiliar Pants.png Familiar Pants
1Copper Helmet.png Copper HelmetCopper Chainmail.png Copper ChainmailCopper Greaves.png Copper Greaves
2Iron Helmet.png Iron HelmetIron Chainmail.png Iron ChainmailIron Greaves.png Iron Greaves
3Silver Helmet.png Silver HelmetSilver Chainmail.png Silver ChainmailSilver Greaves.png Silver Greaves
4Gold Helmet.png Gold HelmetGold Chainmail.png Gold ChainmailGold Greaves.png Gold Greaves
5Shadow Helmet.png Shadow HelmetShadow Scalemail.png Shadow ScalemailShadow Greaves.png Shadow Greaves
6Meteor Helmet.png Meteor HelmetMeteor Suit.png Meteor SuitMeteor Leggings.png Meteor Leggings
7Necro Helmet.png Necro HelmetNecro Breastplate.png Necro BreastplateNecro Greaves.png Necro Greaves
8Jungle Hat.png Jungle HatJungle Shirt.png Jungle ShirtJungle Pants.png Jungle Pants
9Molten Helmet.png Molten HelmetMolten Breastplate.png Molten BreastplateMolten Greaves.png Molten Greaves
10Goggles.png GogglesTuxedo Shirt.png Tuxedo ShirtTuxedo Pants.png Tuxedo Pants
11Mining Helmet.png Mining HelmetPlumber's Shirt.png Plumber's ShirtPlumber's Pants.png Plumber's Pants
12Sunglasses.png SunglassesHero's Shirt.png Hero's ShirtHero's Pants.png Hero's Pants
13Empty Bucket.png Empty BucketArchaeologist's Jacket.png Archaeologist's JacketArchaeologist's Pants.png Archaeologist's Pants
14Wizard Hat.png Wizard HatNinja Shirt.png Ninja ShirtNinja Pants.png Ninja Pants
15Top Hat.png Top HatRobe.png RobeThe Doctor's Pants.png The Doctor's Pants
16Summer Hat.png Summer HatThe Doctor's Shirt.png The Doctor's ShirtCobalt Leggings.png Cobalt Leggings
17Bunny Hood.png Bunny HoodCobalt Breastplate.png Cobalt BreastplateMythril Greaves.png Mythril Greaves
18Plumber's Hat.png Plumber's HatMythril Chainmail.png Mythril ChainmailAdamantite Leggings.png Adamantite Leggings
19Hero's Hat.png Hero's HatAdamantite Breastplate.png Adamantite BreastplateMining Pants.png Mining Pants
20Fish Bowl.png Fish BowlMining Shirt.png Mining ShirtMoon Charm.png Moon Charm
21Archaeologist's Hat.png Archaeologist's HatMoon Charm.png Moon CharmNeptune's Shell.png Neptune's Shell
22Ninja Hood.png Ninja HoodNeptune's Shell.png Neptune's ShellClown Pants.png Clown Pants
23n/aClown Shirt.png Clown ShirtHallowed Greaves.png Hallowed Greaves
24Red Hat.png Red HatHallowed Plate Mail.png Hallowed Plate MailSanta Pants.png Santa Pants
25Robot Hat.png Robot HatSanta Shirt.png Santa ShirtRed's Leggings.png Red's Leggings
26Gold Crown.png Gold CrownRed's Breastplate.png Red's BreastplateFrost Leggings.png Frost Leggings
27Diving Helmet.png Diving HelmetFrost Breastplate.png Frost BreastplateTin Greaves.png Tin Greaves
28Mime Mask.png Mime MaskTin Chainmail.png Tin ChainmailLead Greaves.png Lead Greaves
29Cobalt Hat.png Cobalt HatLead Chainmail.png Lead ChainmailTungsten Greaves.png Tungsten Greaves
30Cobalt Helmet.png Cobalt HelmetTungsten Chainmail.png Tungsten ChainmailPlatinum Greaves.png Platinum Greaves
31Cobalt Mask.png Cobalt MaskPlatinum Chainmail.png Platinum ChainmailWood Greaves.png Wood Greaves
32Mythril Hood.png Mythril HoodWood Breastplate.png Wood BreastplateEbonwood Greaves.png Ebonwood Greaves
33Mythril Helmet.png Mythril HelmetEbonwood Breastplate.png Ebonwood BreastplateRich Mahogany Greaves.png Rich Mahogany Greaves
34Mythril Hat.png Mythril HatRich Mahogany Breastplate.png Rich Mahogany BreastplatePearlwood Greaves.png Pearlwood Greaves
35Adamantite Headgear.png Adamantite HeadgearPearlwood Breastplate.png Pearlwood BreastplateCrimson Greaves.png Crimson Greaves
36Adamantite Helmet.png Adamantite HelmetRune Robe.png Rune RobeSnow Pants.png Snow Pants
37Adamantite Mask.png Adamantite MaskCrimson Scalemail.png Crimson ScalemailSteampunk Pants.png Steampunk Pants
38Moon Charm.png Moon CharmSnow Coat.png Snow CoatBee Pants.png Bee Pants
39Neptune's Shell.png Neptune's ShellSteampunk Shirt.png Steampunk ShirtMummy Pants.png Mummy Pants
40Clown Hat.png Clown HatBee Shirt.png Bee ShirtCowboy Pants.png Cowboy Pants
41Hallowed Helmet.png Hallowed HelmetPrincess Dress.png Princess DressPirate Pants.png Pirate Pants
42Hallowed Headgear.png Hallowed HeadgearPharaoh's Robe.png Pharaoh's RobeCactus Leggings.png Cactus Leggings
43Hallowed Mask.png Hallowed MaskMummy Shirt.png Mummy ShirtShadewood Greaves.png Shadewood Greaves
44Santa Hat.png Santa HatCowboy Jacket.png Cowboy JacketAncient Shadow Greaves.png Ancient Shadow Greaves
45Red's Helmet.png Red's HelmetPirate Shirt.png Pirate ShirtAncient Cobalt Leggings.png Ancient Cobalt Leggings
46Frost Helmet.png Frost HelmetCactus Breastplate.png Cactus BreastplatePink Snow Pants.png Pink Snow Pants
47Tin Helmet.png Tin HelmetShadewood Breastplate.png Shadewood BreastplateChlorophyte Greaves.png Chlorophyte Greaves
48Lead Helmet.png Lead HelmetAncient Shadow Scalemail.png Ancient Shadow ScalemailTiki Pants.png Tiki Pants
49Tungsten Helmet.png Tungsten HelmetAncient Cobalt Breastplate.png Ancient Cobalt BreastplatePalladium Leggings.png Palladium Leggings
50Platinum Helmet.png Platinum HelmetPink Snow Coat.png Pink Snow CoatOrichalcum Leggings.png Orichalcum Leggings
51Platinum Crown.png Platinum CrownChlorophyte Plate Mail.png Chlorophyte Plate MailTitanium Leggings.png Titanium Leggings
52Wood Helmet.png Wood HelmetRain Coat.png Rain CoatSailor Pants.png Sailor Pants
53Ebonwood Helmet.png Ebonwood HelmetTiki Shirt.png Tiki ShirtWhite Tuxedo Pants.png White Tuxedo Pants
54Rich Mahogany Helmet.png Rich Mahogany HelmetPalladium Breastplate.png Palladium BreastplateTurtle Leggings.png Turtle Leggings
55Pearlwood Helmet.png Pearlwood HelmetOrichalcum Breastplate.png Orichalcum BreastplateSpectre Pants.png Spectre Pants
56Rune Hat.png Rune HatTitanium Breastplate.png Titanium BreastplateShroomite Leggings.png Shroomite Leggings
57Crimson Helmet.png Crimson HelmetSailor Shirt.png Sailor ShirtCenx's Leggings.png Cenx's Leggings (female)
58Snow Hood.png Snow HoodAmethyst Robe.png Amethyst RobeCrowno's Leggings.png Crowno's Leggings
59Steampunk Hat.png Steampunk HatTopaz Robe.png Topaz RobeWill's Leggings.png Will's Leggings
60Bee Hat.png Bee HatSapphire Robe.png Sapphire RobeJim's Leggings.png Jim's Leggings
61Pharaoh's Mask.png Pharaoh's MaskEmerald Robe.png Emerald RobeAaron's Leggings.png Aaron's Leggings
62Tiara.png TiaraRuby Robe.png Ruby RobeD-Town's Leggings.png D-Town's Leggings
63Green Cap.png Green CapDiamond Robe.png Diamond RobeCenx's Dress Pants.png Cenx's Dress Pants
64Mushroom Cap.png Mushroom CapWhite Tuxedo Shirt.png White Tuxedo ShirtPumpkin Leggings.png Pumpkin Leggings
65Tam O' Shanter.png Tam O' ShanterTurtle Scale Mail.png Turtle Scale MailNurse Pants.png Nurse Pants
66Mummy Mask.png Mummy MaskSpectre Robe.png Spectre RobeCyborg Pants.png Cyborg Pants
67Cowboy Hat.png Cowboy HatShroomite Breastplate.png Shroomite BreastplateCreeper Pants.png Creeper Pants
68Pirate Hat.png Pirate HatCenx's Breastplate.png Cenx's BreastplateCat Pants.png Cat Pants
69Viking Helmet.png Viking HelmetCrowno's Breastplate.png Crowno's BreastplatePumpkin Pants.png Pumpkin Pants
70Cactus Helmet.png Cactus HelmetWill's Breastplate.png Will's BreastplateRobot Pants.png Robot Pants
71Shadewood Helmet.png Shadewood HelmetJim's Breastplate.png Jim's BreastplateUnicorn Pants.png Unicorn Pants
72Ancient Iron Helmet.png Ancient Iron HelmetAaron's Breastplate.png Aaron's BreastplateVampire Pants.png Vampire Pants
73Ancient Gold Helmet.png Ancient Gold HelmetD-Town's Breastplate.png D-Town's BreastplateLeprechaun Pants.png Leprechaun Pants
74Ancient Shadow Helmet.png Ancient Shadow HelmetCenx's Dress.png Cenx's DressPixie Pants.png Pixie Pants
75Ancient Necro Helmet.png Ancient Necro HelmetPumpkin Breastplate.png Pumpkin BreastplateWitch Boots.png Witch Boots
76Ancient Cobalt Helmet.png Ancient Cobalt HelmetNurse Shirt.png Nurse ShirtKarate Tortoise Pants.png Karate Tortoise Pants
77Pink Snow Hood.png Pink Snow HoodDye Trader Robe.png Dye Trader RobeScarecrow Pants.png Scarecrow Pants
78Chlorophyte Mask.png Chlorophyte MaskCyborg Shirt.png Cyborg ShirtFox Pants.png Fox Pants
79Chlorophyte Helmet.png Chlorophyte HelmetCreeper Shirt.png Creeper ShirtSpooky Leggings.png Spooky Leggings
80Chlorophyte Headgear.png Chlorophyte HeadgearCat Shirt.png Cat ShirtSpace Creature Pants.png Space Creature Pants
81Rain Hat.png Rain HatGhost Shirt.png Ghost ShirtWolf Pants.png Wolf Pants
82Tiki Mask.png Tiki MaskPumpkin Shirt.png Pumpkin ShirtTreasure Hunter Pants.png Treasure Hunter Pants
83Palladium Mask.png Palladium MaskRobot Shirt.png Robot ShirtDryad Loincloth.png Dryad Loincloth
84Palladium Helmet.png Palladium HelmetUnicorn Shirt.png Unicorn ShirtMrs. Claus Heels.png Mrs. Claus Heels (female)
85Palladium Headgear.png Palladium HeadgearVampire Shirt.png Vampire ShirtTree Trunks.png Tree Trunks
86Orichalcum Mask.png Orichalcum MaskLeprechaun Shirt.png Leprechaun ShirtParka Pants.png Parka Pants
87Orichalcum Helmet.png Orichalcum HelmetPixie Shirt.png Pixie ShirtElf Pants.png Elf Pants
88Orichalcum Headgear.png Orichalcum HeadgearPrincess Dress2.png Princess DressRobe.png Robe (bottom)
89Titanium Mask.png Titanium MaskWitch Dress.png Witch DressRune Robe.png Rune Robe (bottom)
90Titanium Helmet.png Titanium HelmetBride of Frankenstein Dress.png Bride of Frankenstein DressPharaoh's Robe.png Pharaoh's Robe (bottom)
91Titanium Headgear.png Titanium HeadgearKarate Tortoise Shirt.png Karate Tortoise ShirtAmethyst Robe.png Amethyst Robe (bottom)
92Umbrella Hat.png Umbrella HatScarecrow Shirt.png Scarecrow ShirtTopaz Robe.png Topaz Robe (bottom)
93Skull.png SkullReaper Robe.png Reaper RobeEmerald Robe.png Emerald Robe (bottom)
94Balla Hat.png Balla HatFox Shirt.png Fox ShirtSapphire Robe.png Sapphire Robe (bottom)
95Gangsta Hat.png Gangsta HatSpooky Breastplate.png Spooky BreastplateRuby Robe.png Ruby Robe (bottom)
96Sailor Hat.png Sailor HatSpace Creature Shirt.png Space Creature ShirtDiamond Robe.png Diamond Robe (bottom)
97Eye Patch.png Eye PatchWolf Shirt.png Wolf ShirtPrincess Dress.png Princess Dress (bottom)
98Skeletron Mask.png Skeletron MaskTreasure Hunter Shirt.png Treasure Hunter ShirtBeetle Leggings.png Beetle Leggings
99Turtle Helmet.png Turtle HelmetDryad Coverings.png Dryad CoveringsGi.png Gi (female extension)
100Beanie.png BeanieMrs. Claus Shirt.png Mrs. Claus ShirtKimono.png Kimono (female extension)
101Spectre Hood.png Spectre HoodTree Shirt.png Tree ShirtMystic Robe.png Mystic Robe (male extension)
102SWAT Helmet.png SWAT HelmetParka Coat.png Parka CoatMystic Robe.png Mystic Robe (female extension)
103Shroomite Headgear.png Shroomite HeadgearUgly Sweater.png Ugly SweaterBee Greaves.png Bee Greaves
104Shroomite Mask.png Shroomite MaskElf Shirt.png Elf ShirtAngler Pants.png Angler Pants
105Shroomite Helmet.png Shroomite HelmetBeetle Scale Mail.png Beetle Scale MailSpider Greaves.png Spider Greaves
106Cenx's Tiara.png Cenx's TiaraBeetle Shell.png Beetle ShellMermaid Tail.png Mermaid Tail
107Crowno's Mask.png Crowno's Maskn/aFish Costume Finskirt.png Fish Costume Finskirt
108Will's Helmet.png Will's Helmetn/aBoreal Wood Greaves.png Boreal Wood Greaves
109Jim's Helmet.png Jim's Helmetn/aPalm Wood Greaves.png Palm Wood Greaves
110Aaron's Helmet.png Aaron's Helmetn/aVortex Leggings.png Vortex Leggings
111D-Town's Helmet.png D-Town's Helmetn/aNebula Leggings.png Nebula Leggings
112Pumpkin Helmet.png Pumpkin Helmetn/aSolar Flare Leggings.png Solar Flare Leggings
113Nurse Hat.png Nurse Hatn/aMartian Costume Pants.png Martian Costume Pants
114Wizard's Hat.png Wizard's Hatn/aMartian Uniform Pants.png Martian Uniform Pants
115Guy Fawkes Mask.png Guy Fawkes Maskn/aSolar Cultist Robe.png Solar Cultist Robe (bottom)
116Steampunk Goggles.png Steampunk Gogglesn/aLunar Cultist Robe.png Lunar Cultist Robe (bottom)
117Cyborg Helmet.png Cyborg Helmetn/aDryad Loincloth.png Dryad Loincloth (male extension)
118Creeper Mask.png Creeper Maskn/aGi.png Gi (male extension)
119Cat Mask.png Cat Maskn/aKimono.png Kimono (male extension)
120Ghost Mask.png Ghost Maskn/aMrs. Claus Heels.png Mrs. Claus Heels (male)
121Pumpkin Mask.png Pumpkin Maskn/aDye Trader Robe.png Dye Trader Robe (bottom)
122Robot Mask.png Robot Maskn/aGladiator Leggings.png Gladiator Leggings
123Unicorn Mask.png Unicorn Maskn/aLazure's Valkyrie Cloak.png Lazure's Valkyrie Cloak (female bottom)
124Vampire Mask.png Vampire Maskn/aTax Collector's Pants.png Tax Collector's Pants
125Witch Hat.png Witch Hatn/aClothier's Pants.png Clothier's Pants
126Leprechaun Hat.png Leprechaun Hatn/aBuccaneer Pantaloons.png Buccaneer Pantaloons
127Princess Hat.png Princess Hatn/aObsidian Pants.png Obsidian Pants
128Bride of Frankenstein Mask.png Bride of Frankenstein Maskn/aFallen Tuxedo Pants.png Fallen Tuxedo Pants
129Karate Tortoise Mask.png Karate Tortoise Maskn/aFossil Greaves.png Fossil Greaves
130Scarecrow Hat.png Scarecrow Hatn/aStardust Leggings.png Stardust Leggings
131Reaper Hood.png Reaper Hoodn/aWedding Dress.png Wedding Dress (bottom)
132Fox Mask.png Fox Maskn/aYoraiz0r's Skirt.png Yoraiz0r's Skirt (female)
133Cat Ears.png Cat Earsn/aSkiphs' Bear Butt.png Skiphs' Bear Butt
134Spooky Helmet.png Spooky Helmetn/aLoki's Greaves.png Loki's Greaves
135Space Creature Mask.png Space Creature Maskn/aLazure's Valkyrie Cloak.png Lazure's Valkyrie Cloak (male bottom)
136Wolf Mask.png Wolf Maskn/aYoraiz0r's Skirt.png Yoraiz0r's Skirt (male)
137Jack 'O Lantern Mask.png Jack 'O Lantern Maskn/aCenx's Leggings.png Cenx's Leggings (male)
138Giant Bow.png Giant Bown/aSilly Sunflower Bottoms.png Silly Sunflower Bottoms
139Reindeer Antlers.png Reindeer Antlersn/aPedguin's Trousers.png Pedguin's Trousers
140Mrs. Claus Hat.png Mrs. Claus Hatn/aDjinn's Curse.png Djinn's Curse
141Tree Mask.png Tree Maskn/aAncient Slacks.png Ancient Slacks
142Parka Hood.png Parka Hoodn/aForbidden Treads.png Forbidden Treads
143Snow Hat.png Snow Hatn/aLamia Tail.png Lamia Tail
144Elf Hat.png Elf Hatn/aApprentice's Trousers.png Apprentice's Trousers
145Fez.png Fezn/aSquire's Greaves.png Squire's Greaves
146Brain of Cthulhu Mask.png Brain of Cthulhu Maskn/aHuntress's Pants.png Huntress's Pants (male)
147Wall of Flesh Mask.png Wall of Flesh Maskn/aHuntress's Pants.png Huntress's Pants (female)
148Twin Mask.png Twin Maskn/aMonk's Pants.png Monk's Pants
149Skeletron Prime Mask.png Skeletron Prime Maskn/aApprentice's Robe.png Apprentice's Robe (extension)
150Queen Bee Mask.png Queen Bee Maskn/aSquire's Plating.png Squire's Plating (extension)
151Plantera Mask.png Plantera Maskn/aHuntress's Jerkin.png Huntress's Jerkin (extension)
152Golem Mask.png Golem Maskn/aValhalla Knight's Greaves.png Valhalla Knight's Greaves
153Eater of Worlds Mask.png Eater of Worlds Maskn/aDark Artist's Leggings.png Dark Artist's Leggings
154Eye of Cthulhu Mask.png Eye of Cthulhu Maskn/aRed Riding Leggings.png Red Riding Leggings (female)
155Destroyer Mask.png Destroyer Maskn/aRed Riding Leggings.png Red Riding Leggings (male)
156Spectre Mask.png Spectre Maskn/aShinobi Infiltrator's Pants.png Shinobi Infiltrator's Pants
157Beetle Helmet.png Beetle Helmetn/aArkhalis' Tights.png Arkhalis' Tights (male)
158Peddler's Hat.png Peddler's Hatn/aArkhalis' Tights.png Arkhalis' Tights (female)
159Magic Hat.png Magic Hatn/aLeinfors' Fancypants.png Leinfors' Fancypants
160Bee Headgear.png Bee Headgearn/aLeinfors' Excessive Style.png Leinfors' Excessive Style (bottom)
161Angler Hat.png Angler Hatn/aShinobi Infiltrator's Torso.png Shinobi Infiltrator's Torso (extension)
162Spider Mask.png Spider Maskn/aForbidden Robes.png Forbidden Robes (extension)
163Seashell Hairpin.png Seashell Hairpinn/aGladiator Breastplate.png Gladiator Breastplate (extension)
164King Slime Mask.png King Slime Maskn/aBee Breastplate.png Bee Breastplate (extension)
165Fish Costume Mask.png Fish Costume MaskGi.png GiReaper Robe.png Reaper Robe (bottom)
166Boreal Wood Helmet.png Boreal Wood HelmetKimono.png KimonoBride of Frankenstein Dress.png Bride of Frankenstein Dress (bottom)
167Palm Wood Helmet.png Palm Wood HelmetMystic Robe.png Mystic RobeWitch Dress.png Witch Dress (bottom)
168Duke Fishron Mask.png Duke Fishron MaskBee Breastplate.png Bee BreastplatePrincess Dress2.png Princess Dress (bottom)
169Vortex Helmet.png Vortex HelmetAngler Vest.png Angler VestGhost Shirt.png Ghost Shirt (bottom)
170Nebula Helmet.png Nebula HelmetSpider Breastplate.png Spider BreastplateD-Town's Breastplate.png D-Town's Breastplate (extension)
171Solar Flare Helmet.png Solar Flare HelmetMermaid Adornment.png Mermaid AdornmentRain Coat.png Rain Coat (male extension)
172Moon Mask.png Moon MaskFish Costume Shirt.png Fish Costume ShirtRain Coat.png Rain Coat (female extension)
173Sun Mask.png Sun MaskBoreal Wood Breastplate.png Boreal Wood BreastplateObsidian Longcoat.png Obsidian Longcoat (extension)
174Martian Costume Mask.png Martian Costume MaskPalm Wood Breastplate.png Palm Wood BreastplateDark Artist's Robes.png Dark Artist's Robes (extension)
175Martian Uniform Helmet.png Martian Uniform HelmetVortex Breastplate.png Vortex BreastplateTiki Shirt.png Tiki Shirt (male extension)
176Solar Cultist Hood.png Solar Cultist HoodNebula Breastplate.png Nebula BreastplateTiki Shirt.png Tiki Shirt (female extension)
177Lunar Cultist Hood.png Lunar Cultist HoodSolar Flare Breastplate.png Solar Flare BreastplateMaid Dress.png Maid Dress (female extension)
178HiTek Sunglasses.png HiTek SunglassesMartian Costume Shirt.png Martian Costume ShirtMaid Dress.png Maid Dress (male extension)
179Night Vision Helmet.png Night Vision HelmetMartian Uniform Torso.png Martian Uniform TorsoMaid Shoes.png Maid Shoes (female)
180Gladiator Helmet.png Gladiator HelmetSolar Cultist Robe.png Solar Cultist RobeMaid Shoes.png Maid Shoes (male)
181Lazure's Valkyrie Circlet.png Lazure's Valkyrie CircletLunar Cultist Robe.png Lunar Cultist RobeMaid Dress.png Maid Dress (female extension alt)
182Tax Collector's Hat.png Tax Collector's HatGladiator Breastplate.png Gladiator BreastplateMaid Dress.png Maid Dress (male extension alt)
183Dye Trader's Turban.png Dye Trader's TurbanLazure's Valkyrie Cloak.png Lazure's Valkyrie CloakPink Maid Shoes.png Pink Maid Shoes (female)
184Buccaneer Bandana.png Buccaneer BandanaTax Collector's Suit.png Tax Collector's SuitPink Maid Shoes.png Pink Maid Shoes (male)
185Obsidian Outlaw Hat.png Obsidian Outlaw HatClothier's Jacket.png Clothier's JacketCountry Club Trousers.png Country Club Trousers
186Lunatic Cultist Mask.png Lunatic Cultist MaskBuccaneer Tunic.png Buccaneer TunicWitch Dress.png Witch Dress (extension)
187Moon Lord Mask.png Moon Lord MaskObsidian Longcoat.png Obsidian LongcoatAmber Robe.png Amber Robe (bottom)
188Fossil Helmet.png Fossil HelmetFallen Tuxedo Shirt.png Fallen Tuxedo ShirtMaster Gamer's Pants.png Master Gamer's Pants
189Stardust Helmet.png Stardust HelmetFossil Plate.png Fossil PlateStar Princess Dress.png Star Princess Dress (bottom)
190Wedding Veil.png Wedding VeilStardust Plate.png Stardust PlateChef Pants.png Chef Pants
191Yoraiz0r's Recolored Goggles.png Yoraiz0r's Recolored GogglesWedding Dress.png Wedding DressSuperhero Tights.png Superhero Tights (male)
192Skiphs' Mask.png Skiphs' MaskYoraiz0r's Uniform.png Yoraiz0r's UniformSuperhero Tights.png Superhero Tights (female)
193Loki's Helmet.png Loki's HelmetSkiphs' Skin.png Skiphs' SkinPretty Pink Stockings.png Pretty Pink Stockings (male)
194Engineering Helmet.png Engineering HelmetLoki's Breastplate.png Loki's BreastplatePretty Pink Stockings.png Pretty Pink Stockings (female)
195Party Hat.png Party HatSilly Sunflower Tops.png Silly Sunflower TopsPretty Pink Dress.png Pretty Pink Dress (bottom)
196Silly Sunflower Petals.png Silly Sunflower PetalsPedguin's Jacket.png Pedguin's JacketGravedigger Coat.png Gravedigger Coat (bottom)
197Pedguin's Hood.png Pedguin's HoodAncient Garments.png Ancient GarmentsFuneral Pants.png Funeral Pants (male)
1980x33's Aviators.png 0x33's AviatorsForbidden Robes.png Forbidden RobesFuneral Pants.png Funeral Pants (female)
199Ancient Headdress.png Ancient HeaddressLamia Wraps.png Lamia WrapsVictorian Goth Dress.png Victorian Goth Dress (extension)
200Forbidden Mask.png Forbidden MaskApprentice's Robe.png Apprentice's RobeGhostar's Garb.png Ghostar's Garb (female extension)
201Lamia Mask.png Lamia Mask (male)Squire's Plating.png Squire's PlatingGhostar's Garb.png Ghostar's Garb (male extension)
202Lamia Mask.png Lamia Mask (female)Huntress's Jerkin.png Huntress's JerkinGhostar's Tights.png Ghostar's Tights (female)
203Apprentice's Hat.png Apprentice's HatMonk's Shirt.png Monk's ShirtGhostar's Tights.png Ghostar's Tights (male)
204Squire's Great Helm.png Squire's Great HelmValhalla Knight's Breastplate.png Valhalla Knight's BreastplateDr. Man Fly's Lab Coat.png Dr. Man Fly's Lab Coat (extension)
205Huntress's Wig.png Huntress's WigDark Artist's Robes.png Dark Artist's RobesButcher's Bloodstained Pants.png Butcher's Bloodstained Pants
206Monk's Bushy Brow Bald Cap.png Monk's Bushy Brow Bald CapRed Riding Dress.png Red Riding DressSafeman's Sun Dress.png Safeman's Sun Dress (extension)
207Betsy Mask.png Betsy MaskShinobi Infiltrator's Torso.png Shinobi Infiltrator's TorsoSafeman's Pink Leggings.png Safeman's Pink Leggings (female)
208Dark Mage Mask.png Dark Mage MaskArkhalis' Bodice.png Arkhalis' BodiceSafeman's Pink Leggings.png Safeman's Pink Leggings (male)
209Ogre Mask.png Ogre MaskLeinfors' Excessive Style.png Leinfors' Excessive StyleFoodBarbarian's Savage Greaves.png FoodBarbarian's Savage Greaves
210Valhalla Knight's Helm.png Valhalla Knight's HelmMaid Dress.png Maid DressGrox The Great's Greaves.png Grox The Great's Greaves
211Dark Artist's Hat.png Dark Artist's HatPink Maid Dress.png Pink Maid DressMushroom Pants.png Mushroom Pants
212Red Riding Hood.png Red Riding HoodCountry Club Vest.png Country Club VestAncient Hallowed Greaves.png Ancient Hallowed Greaves
213Shinobi Infiltrator's Helmet.png Shinobi Infiltrator's HelmetAmber Robe.png Amber RobeCrystal Assassin Pants.png Crystal Assassin Pants
214Arkhalis' Hood.png Arkhalis' HoodMaster Gamer's Jacket.png Master Gamer's JacketBlue Graduation Gown.png Blue Graduation Gown (extension)
215Leinfors' Hair Protector.png Leinfors' Hair ProtectorStar Princess Dress.png Star Princess DressMaroon Graduation Gown.png Maroon Graduation Gown (extension)
216Ultrabright Helmet.png Ultrabright HelmetChef Uniform.png Chef UniformBlack Graduation Gown.png Black Graduation Gown (extension)
217Maid Bonnet.png Maid BonnetSuperhero Costume.png Superhero CostumeMoon Lord Legs.png Moon Lord Legs
218Pink Maid Bonnet.png Pink Maid BonnetPretty Pink Dress.png Pretty Pink DressPlaguebringer's Treads.png Plaguebringer's Treads
219Country Club Cap.png Country Club CapGravedigger Coat.png Gravedigger CoatWandering Geta.png Wandering Geta (male)
220Country Club Visor.png Country Club VisorFuneral Coat.png Funeral CoatWandering Geta.png Wandering Geta (female)
221Gold Fish Bowl.png Gold Fish BowlVictorian Goth Dress.png Victorian Goth DressWandering Yukata.png Wandering Yukata (extension)
222Star Princess Crown.png Star Princess CrownGhostar's Garb.png Ghostar's GarbTimeless Traveler's Footwear.png Timeless Traveler's Footwear
223Demon Horns.png Demon HornsDr. Man Fly's Lab Coat.png Dr. Man Fly's Lab CoatTimeless Traveler's Cloak.png Timeless Traveler's Cloak (extension)
224Bunny Ears.png Bunny EarsButcher's Bloodstained Apron.png Butcher's Bloodstained ApronFloret Protector Pants.png Floret Protector Pants
225Devil Horns.png Devil HornsSafeman's Sun Dress.png Safeman's Sun DressCapricorn Hooves.png Capricorn Hooves
226Fedora.png FedoraFoodBarbarian's Wild Wolf Spaulders.png FoodBarbarian's Wild Wolf SpauldersCapricorn Tail.png Capricorn Tail
227Chef Hat.png Chef HatGrox The Great's Chestplate.png Grox The Great's ChestplatePinstripe Pants.png Pinstripe Pants
228Star Hairpin.png Star HairpinMushroom Vest.png Mushroom VestRoyal Dress.png Royal Dress (bottom)
229Heart Hairpin.png Heart HairpinAncient Hallowed Plate Mail.png Ancient Hallowed Plate MailFlinx Fur Coat.png Flinx Fur Coat (extension)
230Superhero Mask.png Superhero MaskCrystal Assassin Shirt.png Crystal Assassin ShirtPrince Pants.png Prince Pants
231Gravedigger Hat.png Gravedigger HatBlue Graduation Gown.png Blue Graduation GownGentleman's Trousers.png Gentleman's Trousers
232Pretty Pink Ribbon.png Pretty Pink RibbonMaroon Graduation Gown.png Maroon Graduation GownFirestarter's Skirt.png Firestarter's Skirt (male)
233Funeral Hat.png Funeral HatBlack Graduation Gown.png Black Graduation GownFirestarter's Skirt.png Firestarter's Skirt (female)
234Victorian Goth Hat.png Victorian Goth HatDead Man's Sweater.png Dead Man's SweaterAsh Wood Greaves.png Ash Wood Greaves
235Ghostar's Soul Jar.png Ghostar's Soul JarPlaguebringer's Cloak.png Plaguebringer's CloakRaynebro's Pants.png Raynebro's Pants
236Dr. Man Fly Mask.png Dr. Man Fly MaskWandering Yukata.png Wandering Yukatan/a
237Butcher Mask.png Butcher MaskTimeless Traveler's Cloak.png Timeless Traveler's Cloakn/a
238Safeman's Sunny Day.png Safeman's Sunny DayFloret Protector Shirt.png Floret Protector Shirtn/a
239FoodBarbarian's Horned Helm.png FoodBarbarian's Horned HelmCapricorn Chestplate.png Capricorn Chestplaten/a
240Grox The Great's Horned Cowl.png Grox The Great's Horned CowlLazer Blazer.png Lazer Blazern/a
241Rock Golem Head.png Rock Golem HeadFlinx Fur Coat.png Flinx Fur Coatn/a
242Dog Ears.png Dog EarsRoyal Blouse.png Royal Blousen/a
243Fox Ears.png Fox EarsPrince Uniform.png Prince Uniformn/a
244Lizard Ears.png Lizard EarsGentleman's Vest.png Gentleman's Vestn/a
245Panda Ears.png Panda EarsFirestarter's Sweater.png Firestarter's Sweatern/a
246Dog Ears.png Dog Ears (back)Ash Wood Breastplate.png Ash Wood Breastplaten/a
247Fox Ears.png Fox Ears (back)Raynebro's Hoodie.png Raynebro's Hoodien/a
248Lizard Ears.png Lizard Ears (back)n/an/a
249Panda Ears.png Panda Ears (back)n/an/a
250Mushroom Hat.png Mushroom Hatn/an/a
251Empress of Light Mask.png Empress of Light Maskn/an/a
252Cat Ears.png Cat Ears (back)n/an/a
253Bunny Ears.png Bunny Ears (back)n/an/a
254Hallowed Hood.png Hallowed Hoodn/an/a
255Ancient Hallowed Mask.png Ancient Hallowed Maskn/an/a
256Ancient Hallowed Helmet.png Ancient Hallowed Helmetn/an/a
257Ancient Hallowed Headgear.png Ancient Hallowed Headgearn/an/a
258Ancient Hallowed Hood.png Ancient Hallowed Hoodn/an/a
259Rabbit Perch.png Rabbit Perchn/an/a
260Queen Slime Mask.png Queen Slime Maskn/an/a
261Crystal Assassin Hood.png Crystal Assassin Hoodn/an/a
262Blue Graduation Cap.png Blue Graduation Capn/an/a
263Maroon Graduation Cap.png Maroon Graduation Capn/an/a
264Black Graduation Cap.png Black Graduation Capn/an/a
265Badger's Hat.png Badger's Hatn/an/a
266Plaguebringer's Skull.png Plaguebringer's Skulln/an/a
267Wandering Jingasa.png Wandering Jingasan/an/a
268Timeless Traveler's Hood.png Timeless Traveler's Hoodn/an/a
269Floret Protector Helmet.png Floret Protector Helmetn/an/a
270Capricorn Helmet.png Capricorn Helmetn/an/a
271Video Visage.png Video Visagen/an/a
272Royal Tiara.png Royal Tiaran/an/a
273Garland.png Garlandn/an/a
274Vulkelf Ears.png Vulkelf Earsn/an/a
275Eyebrella.png Eyebrellan/an/a
276Deerclops Mask.png Deerclops Maskn/an/a
277Goblorc Ears.png Goblorc Earsn/an/a
278Ash Wood Helmet.png Ash Wood Helmetn/an/a
279Jim's Cap.png Jim's Capn/an/a
280Dizzy's Rare Gecko Chester.png Dizzy's Rare Gecko Chestern/an/a
281Raynebro's Hood.png Raynebro's Hoodn/an/a