Moon Lord Legs

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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Moon Lord Legs
  • Moon Lord Legs item sprite
  • Moon Lord Legs equipped
  • Moon Lord Legs equipped (female)
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Body slotPants
TooltipSlightly increases mobility
'These might be Steve's'
RarityRarity level: 2
Sell2 GC
Research1 required
  • Internal Item ID: 5001 (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
  • Internal Armor ID: 217
The walking animation.

The Moon Lord Legs are an armor item for the pants slot. They have a 1/15 (6.67%) chance to be found in Chests in drunk worlds.

The Moon Lord Legs replace the player's legs with Moon Lord-themed tentacles which produce a unique walking animation, a purely visual effect. In addition to providing 3 defense, the item has the following effects:


  • Any Chest type can spawn this item and it will generate alongside any loot already generated in that Chest.


  • This item is an excellent starting armor option which provides equivalent defense to a full set of Wood armor, increases base jump reach from 6.27 to 10.02 tiles, and has 5 times the speed boost of an Aglet.
  • The Moon Lord Legs can safely substitute the leg parts of some early armor sets, providing a mobility boost as well as a defense bonus in some cases:
    • Armors crafted from any type of wood (excluding Ash Wood armor) only have +1 defense as a set bonus, with the greaves having either 1 defense as well or, in the case of regular Wood Greaves, no defense at all. As a result, replacing them with Moon Lord Legs gives a net defense bonus of +1 or +2 respectively.
    • Replacing the leg parts of Copper armor or Tin armor (both have 2 defense set bonus, while the corresponding greaves only have 1 defense) gives no net bonus to defense, but still may be useful because of improved mobility.
    • Doing the same with Iron armor will result in 1 less defense, because the Iron Greaves and the set bonus give a total of 4 defense, but this can be compensated with a Shackle, potentially allowing to save enough Iron Bars for both a Pickaxe and a Broadsword.
    • For the Lead armor, the total loss is 2 defense, and for the higher-tier metal armors it only gets bigger. However, the Moon Lord Legs are made less useful this far into the game by such mobility accessories as Cloud in a Bottle and Hermes Boots, as well as Hooks.
    • The Moon Lord Legs provide an excellent synergy for early game mages using the Wizard Set, as those sets' bonuses are not inhibited by equipping leg slot armor. Some experimentation may be required to find an ideal combination, but the right Wizard Set variant coupled with the Moon Lord Legs could potentially be preferable over Meteor or even Jungle armor.
      • The Moon Lord Legs can also pair well with Rain armor due to it also lacking leg armor.
    • If one wishes to keep the original set’s visuals while wearing the Moon Lord Legs, they can equip the corresponding armor’s leg piece in a social slot.


Moon Lord Legs equipped with Moon Lord Mask.png
Moon Lord Legs equipped with the Moon Lord Mask.
  • The Moon Lord's legs are a recurring in-joke in the Terraria community. This item was introduced by Redigit as a joke answer to a petition to add the Moon Lord's legs to the game as a boss.
  • The tooltip "'These might be Steve's'" is a reference to the fact that Arkhayla jokingly claimed the Moon Lord to be named Steve and to be Cthulhu's brother.[1]
  • The Creeper Pants and the Moon Lord Legs are the only pieces of clothing to have more than two visible legs.


  • Desktop Fixed an issue where wearing the Moon Lord Legs and Frog Leg at the same time would give the player no legs at all.