Mushroom Cap

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Mushroom Cap
  • Mushroom Cap item spriteold Mushroom Cap item sprite
  • Mushroom Cap equipped
  • Mushroom Cap equipped (female)
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Body slotSocial Helmet
RarityRarity level: 1
Buy2 GC
Sell40 SC
Research1 required

The Mushroom Cap is a vanity hat purchased from the Truffle for 2 GC. It greatly resembles a Glowing Mushroom without the stalk.


  • A mushroom's pileus (or top) is commonly referred to as a mushroom cap, hence this item's name.
  • The Mushroom Cap may be a reference to the hat worn by Toads, a mushroom-like species from the Mario franchise.
    • Toads are also referenced in a full set of vanity equipment (See Mushroom set).


  • Desktop Now displays hair underneath when equipped, changing their equipped appearance from Mushroom Cap (equipped) (old).png Mushroom Cap (equipped) female (old).png to Mushroom Cap (equipped).png Mushroom Cap (equipped) female.png.