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The patch added several new accessories, fixed many bugs and made various game changes.

Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer see enemy players on the map during PvP
  • Jack 'O Lanterns no longer show up as Chandeliers on the map
  • Costumed Zombies will now only open doors during a Blood Moon.
  • Costumed Demon Eyes will now correctly leave at night's end.
  • Rifle Scope now works with Candy Corn Rifle and Stake Launcher
  • Rifle Scope no longer zooms when moused over interactable objects
  • Added save file validation before overwriting previous worlds (to prevent file corruption)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing monsters to only show one debuff on multiplayer
  • Changed the requirement for the Demolitionist to sell Land Mines to defeating Plantera
  • Fixed a bug that could cause aggro reduction to not work correctly
  • Skeletron now spawns on the Clothier when using a Clothier Voodoo Doll
  • Flame and Frozen Wings now fade when stealthed
  • Monsters that transform now correctly keep their debuffs
  • Frost Staff will now trigger Spectre's set bonus
  • Actuators no longer work on doors
  • You can no longer teleport into the Jungle Temple using the Rod of Discord.
  • Added some checks to ensure multiple NPCs of the same type don’t spawn
  • Improved tile handling performance (Thanks Solsund!)
  • Bat Hook now correctly drops from Goodie Bags
  • Witch Doctor now correctly sells Cauldrons during Halloween
  • You can now correctly step up all types of platforms
  • Opening a chest can no longer grab items from it automatically on a small screen
  • Water Fountains are now sold after defeating Plantera
  • Using Rod of Discord near the end of the map will no longer cause you to crash


  • Using the Rod of Discord now gives a debuff that takes life when it’s used again
  • There is now a buff icon for Campfire and Water Candle
  • Plantera now enrages when taken out of the Jungle or to the surface
  • The Destroyer is now immune to all debuffs
  • Some enemies will no longer chase players depending on level of stealth and distance
  • Shroomite Armor no longer loses stealth when using items
  • Critical Strike increase on accessory reforges have been doubled
  • Tabi and Master Ninja Gear now bring the player to full speed instead of stopping
  • Piranha Gun now hits monsters more times per second


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