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The Terraria logo is a part of the main menu.



In the transition to, the Terraria Logo was resprited, following a trend in the recent updates of respriting various assets in the game. The new logo first appeared on the Console box art for Terraria and was used in much of the promotional art for Terraria 1.4. In between these two events, the tree corresponding to the updated logo became the icon for the Mobile version Mobile version after the Mobile 1.3 reset.

In later reveals of both the Terraria Journey's End trailer at E3 and a multitude of promotional merchandise, only the logo with the new maple tree and font are used—both of which boast more depth in artwork than their original counterparts.

Dragging the sun/moon on the title screen will cause the logo to revert to the original version below, as well as change the music to the original title screen music.

In both the and 1.4.1 release art, the Terraria Logo is accompanied by a banner. Other than the cactus and "1.3.3" text for the 1.3.3 update, this is the only other time the logo has been appended with additional promotional pixel art to commemorate an update.

Old Logos

On the Terraria trailer other logos appear, like the Jungle logo and The Corruption logo. Furthermore, on Bandcamp, another logo can be found. On the official forums, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Desert, and Christmas logos appear. On the Bandcamp page, an Underworld-styled logo can be found. The Fall logo was posted on Twitter by Pipeworks.





Desktop, Mobile, and Console

These splash screens designed for the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, and Mobile version Mobile version were introduced in the Console 1.0.750.0 patch prior to the update, featuring different backgrounds previously unused in the console version.

Desktop (pre-1.4)

Mobile (pre-1.4)

Mobile app icons


  • Desktop
    • Title sprite updated.
    • Introduced splash screens from Console.