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This page lists various entries that for one reason or another are not accessible during normal Terraria gameplay. Inaccessible entries are categorized as Unobtainable, Unimplemented, or Removed.

  • Unobtainable refers to fully functional (or partially functional) features which for some reason are unavailable during normal gameplay. Features in this category may or may not delete themselves upon being placed into a player's inventory. They are only accessible through third-party software like inventory editors, or by using glitches. Features may also be labelled as unobtainable due to being only partially obtainable - for example, Bone Blocks can be interacted with, and even created during normal gameplay, but cannot be obtained as an item without using inventory editors.
  • Unimplemented refers to features that are only partially present in the game files. Due to incomplete coding or forced deletion, they cannot be accessed in-game, even with software like inventory editors.
  • Removed refers to features that have been completely removed from the game for various reasons, ranging from copyright liability to former-exclusivity. There is no longer any data related to them present in the game's files, and their data IDs are typically replaced by something else.

Note that this page does not include features that have never appeared in the game assets of a given version. For example, the Horned God set has only ever existed as assets (and obtainable items) on the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version, and does not count as an Unobtainable or Unimplemented feature on other versions despite being inaccessible on them. This means version-exclusive features will not be listed here unless falling under any of the above categories.

List of unobtainable, unimplemented, and removed features

Desktop version Desktop version

  • Console version Console version

  • Unobtainable
    Equippable Items

  • Mobile version Mobile version

  • Unobtainable

    See Achievements#Old Mobile version for more info.


    • All enemies are marked as a white circle on the minimap.
    • In singleplayer, pinching fingers together but keep touching the screen will not auto-pause the game and the enemies still move. The AI type of the enemies can then be identified by watching how they interact with surrounding terrain.
    • Players and all NPCs will use their head as minimap icon, with the exception of the Old Man which will appear as a enemy circle.
    • Bosses appear as a large skull icon, except for the Eater of Worlds which appears as lots of enemy circles. The Destroyer is a lot of enemy circles with a skull for the head.
    • Worm-type enemies appear as lots of medium enemy circles in a line, due to each body segment being classified as a single enemy.
    • Tapping on a player/NPC's head icon will display their name.
    • If any player is attacked with the minimap open, the unmapped spots on the screen will flash red.
    • Short, dynamic nights in pre-Hardmode. In order to accommodate the shorter play times that mobile game sessions tend to entail, day and night last for shorter overall periods, and boss or event fights can cause the day or night period to extend in order to offer players more time to complete them.[2] However once Hardmode begins, the day and night cycle will progress at the same speed as in other versions. Pre-Hardmode daytime is 15 minutes whereas nighttime is 9 minutes.[3]
  • Old-gen console version Old-gen console version

  • Windows Phone Windows Phone version

  • Unobtainable

    Note: The Ocram Mask should have been obtainable on the pre- Mobile version (which includes Windows Phone Windows Phone), but is unobtainable even with inventory editors (info taken from Ocram page). It is unknown if this means it was never added to Mobile at all.


  • Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version

  • Unobtainable

    Icemourne will have the description of the Boreal Wood Work Bench, and Scythe will have the description of the Boreal Wood Table, but the sprites will remain as their respective original sprites. Both have their swing animations but no damaging hit boxes, and may also place as Angel Statues.

    Equippable Items

    Although the Red Potion shows the correct name and description, it cannot be consumed and still acts like an Angel Statue

  • Notes

    • Power-up items (Heart, Star, their derivatives, Mana Cloak(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) stars, and Nebula armor(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) boosters) all appear during normal gameplay, but cannot be added to the player's inventory without inventory editors. However, unlike items like the Bone Block, which well could have been a storable item, there would be little point in storable power-ups as their purpose is to provide spontaneous benefits. In this sense, power-ups are not unobtainable items.
    • Many tiles do not exist in item form. While some tiles can be placed via other means (such as ambient objects being placed with the Rubblemaker, or Acorns becoming Trees), other tiles, such as Altars are unable to be player-placed in any capacity.
    • The unobtainable weapons are not available even with an inventory editor. The game must be edited to prevent it from deleting the items from the inventory.

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    • Console 1.17: Added several unobtainable items related to the Old One's Army and the Pixel Box.
    • Console 1.0.750.0: PlayStation 4
      • Removed all exclusive features except Horned God vanity set.
      • Dragon, Titan, and Spectral armor are now vanity sets.
      • Added all unobtainable 1.3 features.