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This is a Guide page.
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Queen SlimeFirst FormHardmode exclusive
Queen Slime.png
Map Icon Queen Slime.png
Map Icon
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeQueen Slime AI
Damage60120180 (contact)
80160240 (Queenly Smash)
60120180 (Regal Gel)
Max Life18000/28800/36720
KB Resist100%
Immune toShimmeringConfusedPoisoned
  • Queenly Smash
    Queenly Smash
  • Regal Gel
    Regal Gel
Queen SlimeSecond FormHardmode exclusive
Queen Slime (Second form).png
Map Icon Queen Slime.png
Map Icon
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeQueen Slime AI
Damage60120180 (contact)
80160240 (Queenly Smash)
60120180 (Regal Gel)
Max Life9000/1800014400/2880018360/36720
KB Resist100%
Immune toShimmeringConfusedPoisoned
Coins6 GC15 GC
  • Queenly Smash
    Queenly Smash
  • Regal Gel
    Regal Gel
Queen Slime Trophy.png"The sovereign of all that jiggles."Queen Slime Trophy.png

Queen Slime is an optional early Hardmode boss fought in The Hallow. She is the Hardmode counterpart of King Slime.

Spawn Conditions

Queen Slime can be summoned by using a Gelatin CrystalGelatin Crystal in The Hallow, which is found in the Underground Hallow in the same places that Crystal ShardCrystal Shards spawn.

The Fight

In her first phase, Queen Slime jumps around in a similar fashion to King Slime, though much faster. Upon being damaged, she summons Crystal SlimeCrystal Slimes, Heavenly SlimeHeavenly Slimes, or Bouncy SlimeBouncy Slimes. Crystal Slimes will fire several crystal spikes upward, Heavenly Slimes will fly towards the player and Bouncy Slimes will fire bouncing shots towards the player. After a few jumps, she does one of two things, chosen at random:

  • Will stay in one place for a few seconds, before jumping very quickly towards the player and attempt to stomp them, dealing high damage.
  • Will stay in one place for a few seconds, before firing 6 Regal GelRegal Gel that bounce twice before breaking. Sometimes, she will perform this attack multiple times in a row.

Killing the smaller slimes should be a priority during this phase, as they can quickly overwhelm the player.

When at 50% health, Queen Slime will grow wings and begin to fly like a Slimer. Her AI also changes:

  • She will occasionally shoot Regal Gel in 10 directions.
  • She will occasionally attempt to fly above and drop down onto the player.

General Strategies

This content is transcluded from Guide:Practical tips § Combat.

  • Boss battles can be won or lost before the battle ever starts. Choose your equipment and have it ready; find and/or make potions and placed buffs; use the highest-tier food you have available; set up an arena appropriate to the boss; learn the strategies for the boss you're facing.
  • Prepare your Boss-fighting arena with adequate lighting, CampfireCampfires and Heart LanternHeart Lanterns for health regeneration, and Star in a BottleStars in Bottles for mana regeneration if you use magic. Bast StatueBast Statues(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) will provide a significant defensive boost. Garden GnomeGarden Gnomes(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) and (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) (if underground) proper torch placement will reduce damage taken and increase damage dealt due to the luck. The Torch God's Favor(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) helps with this. HoneyHoney pools can also be used for extra health regeneration.
  • (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) SunflowerSunflowers provide the Happy!Happy!(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) buff to nearby players, which grants a +10% movement speed bonus and 17% reduction in enemy spawn rate.
  • Always carry around a stack of the highest-tier healing potion available, as relying only on natural Health Regeneration is not a good idea. Depending on the game stage, this can include items such as Lesser Healing PotionLesser Healing Potions or HoneyfinHoneyfins. On the Desktop version Desktop, Console version Console, and Mobile version Mobile versions, Restoration PotionRestoration Potions are healing potions with a shorter cooldown.
  • It is suggested to build houses for the DryadDryad and the NurseNurse NPCs in your arena. The former casts the Dryad's BlessingDryad's Blessing(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) buff, which increases your defense and provides you with a thorns-like effect, while the latter can heal and remove debuffs instantly, at the cost of some Silver Coincoins.
  • Bosses are displayed on the Minimap: Follow the boss's icon to track it when you're struggling to find it. You can identify the boss icons by checking their respective wiki pages.
  • Once you have freed the MechanicMechanic in the Dungeon, you can use WireWire to enhance your arena with Dart TrapTraps and helpful Heart StatueHeart and Star StatueStar Statues. The former helps to damage the enemies, though be careful to set them up correctly in order not to hurt yourself during the battle. The latter will spawn heart and star pickups, respectively. Connect these devices to 1 Second Timertimers to activate them infinitely.
  • In Hardmode, the Brand of the InfernoBrand of the Inferno(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) and Sergeant United ShieldSergeant United Shield(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) can be used to parry incoming contact damage.
  • It may be useful to summon and kill the Eye of Cthulhu or King Slime before summoning any harder boss in order to spawn an extra one-use pool of Hearts. Note that this will prevent any Heart Statues from spawning new Hearts.
  • Remember to use the Sharpening StationSharpening Station(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), Ammo BoxAmmo Box(Desktop, Console, Old-gen console and Mobile versions), Crystal BallCrystal Ball, Bewitching TableBewitching Table(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), War TableWar Table(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), and Slice of CakeSlice of Cake(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) before you go to explore or battle bosses/invasions. These will give boosts that are useful to have, with the first five being class-specific. They give SharpenedSharpened(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), Ammo Box (buff)Ammo Box(Desktop, Console, Old-gen console and Mobile versions), ClairvoyanceClairvoyance, BewitchedBewitched(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), StrategistStrategist(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), and Sugar RushSugar Rush(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), respectively.

Terrain Preparation

Queen Slime shoots out bouncing projectiles that can be a challenge to dodge, especially in the second stage. Fighting in an off-ground arena with platforms on the bottom will allow the projectiles to fall out safely. For example, a Sky Bridge consisted of platforms is extremely recommended. If you have Lava Waders or its upgrades, it may be a good idea to use bubble and lava instead of platforms, as the neither the Queen Slime in the first phase nor the slimes she summons can stand on them. This will come at the cost of slowing down each time the player moves through the lava. Alternatively, setting up a basic arena, and using the gravity strategy (Under specific strategies) is perfectly suitable.

Gearing Up


  • Titanium armorTitanium armorTitanium armorTitanium armor provides solid stat bonuses and the powerful Titanium Barrier.
  • Adamantite armorAdamantite armorAdamantite armorAdamantite armor forgoes the special set bonus for higher stats. Melee and ranged users can swap to Frost BreastplateFrost Breastplate and Mythril GreavesMythril Greaves/Spider GreavesSpider Greaves for even higher stats.
  • Frost armorFrost armor provides roughly the same melee/ranged bonuses as Adamantite or Titanium, and inflicts a useful Frostbite debuff that is often strong enough to kill spawned slimes with only a single scratch.
  • Orichalcum armorOrichalcum armorOrichalcum armorOrichalcum armor provides acceptable stats with a set bonus that helps killing the spawned slimes.
  • Palladium armorPalladium armorPalladium armorPalladium armor provides lower stat bonuses, but the Rapid HealingRapid Healing greatly increases natural regeneration.
  • Hallowed armorHallowed armorHallowed armorHallowed armorHallowed armor becomes a great choice if you have already defeated a mechanical boss, since the Holy ProtectionHoly Protection buff does wonders for survivability.
  • Spider armorSpider armor is a good choice for Summoners due to the increased minion slots.
  • Obsidian armorObsidian armor is a useful alternative for whip users due to its increases to whip speed and range.
  • Forbidden MaskForbidden armor is a viable armor set for both summoners and mages due to the efficiency of its set bonus.


It is important to have weapons that can deal with the crowd of slimes that she summons, as well as weapons that can reach her in her winged form.

For Melee users
  • The Shadowflame KnifeShadowflame Knife is good because of its accuracy and bouncing projectiles.
  • The Sergeant United ShieldSergeant United Shield is extremely effective at taking out the Queen's minions during her first phase, however it has trouble keeping up in the second phase.
  • Flails such as the Drippler CripplerDrippler Crippler, Chain GuillotinesChain Guillotines or Dao of PowDao of Pow are useful in this fight for their high amount of damage and reach.
  • The FrostbrandFrostbrand is also good as its projectiles deal decent damage and long range.
  • The AmarokAmarok or Hel-FireHel-Fire (or YeletsYelets if you already defeated a mechanical boss) are good weapons as well.
For Ranged users
For Magic users
  • The Meteor StaffMeteor Staff is a high damage weapon that can be used for most bosses at this point in the game, but it uses a lot of mana very quickly, so a lot of mana potions will be required.
  • The Crystal StormCrystal Storm also deals respectable DPS, especially if using the Blessed Apple mount in the second phase, as Queen Slime will ram into all of the projectiles.
  • The Life DrainLife Drain is extremely useful for killing large groups of slimes with little aiming required. It also provides a noticeable increase to regeneration, but it should be used primarily for healing due to its lackluster performance against single targets and high mana drain.
  • The Nimbus RodNimbus Rod can provide some additional DPS against all targets. Casting it immediately before starting the fight is a decent option, as it does not constantly drain mana and its clouds linger for a significant duration.
  • The Sky FractureSky Fracture is a decent choice all around, being able to hit Queen Slime herself easily as well as effectively deal with her slime minions, although it is a bit harder to aim properly in the second phase.
  • The Spirit FlameSpirit Flame deals very high damage, but is only really useful in the second phase: During phase one, it is too hard to control which enemy it targets, often hitting a slime minion instead of Queen Slime herself (or vice-versa). In phase two, it becomes useful against Queen Slime if you can follow her closely, as the minion slimes are far less likely to be right next to her when she is flying.
  • The Crystal SerpentCrystal Serpent can deal high damage to the Queen Slime because of her large size, but it will not deal with the smaller slimes well.
  • The Golden ShowerGolden Shower is useful in this fight, as with most Hardmode boss fights, for its defense-lowering ability, although as a penetrating weapon, it is also reasonably useful on its own for clearing out the slime minions.
  • If you have fought The Twins beforehand, the Rainbow RodRainbow Rod crafted from the souls is one of the best options for fighting Queen Slime, due to the AoE damage and piercing in addition to it has homing capabilities, letting you kill all the minions quickly while constantly dealing damage to the Queen Slime.
  • Some weapons which are best suited for close-quarters are less useful in this fight, as keeping a safe distance from Queen Slime is paramount for Magic users:
    • The Poison StaffPoison Staff cannot poison the boss nor her slime minions, and while it deals respectable damage still, its limited range makes it an unwise choice for use against the boss, and its inaccurate spread makes it hard to use against the small minion slimes.
    • The Crystal Vile ShardCrystal Vile Shard dropped by Hallowed MimicHallowed Mimics can deal good damage to Queen Slime and the slimes she summons because of its piercing ability. However, its short range makes it extremely dangerous to try to use against the boss herself, as it leaves the player too open to her melee attacks.
For Summoners
  • The Sanguine StaffSanguine Staff is the best staff for this fight, due to its high drop rate, damage and aerial tracking, which allows it to consistently hit Queen Slime through out the second phase. Keep in mind that the DreadnautilusDreadnautilus is a rare and formidable enemy in its own right.
  • Abigail's FlowerAbigail's Flower, despite being a pre-Hardmode summon weapon, receives a buff in Hardmode that makes it viable for Queen Slime, especially when paired with the FirecrackerFirecracker.
  • Whips, primarily the DurendalDurendal Spinal TapSpinal Tap and SnapthornSnapthorn, while not very reliable as primary weapons, greatly increase minions' damage with their damage tags. Their effectiveness increases with the use of Flasks, especially Ichor Flasks.
    • The FirecrackerFirecracker has very high DPS when used as a main weapon if both the player and their minions are attacking the same target. However its short range makes it a risky choice unless using Obsidian armor.
    • The Cool WhipCool Whip's snowflake effect and long range can be useful for clearing out minions in Phase 1. In Phase 2, if minions such as the Spider Staff cannot hit Queen Slime, then whips may be your only damage source; in this situation, Cool Whip does the most damage.
    • Using Firecracker for the first phase and Cool Whip for the second phase, with Obsidian armor, is better than using either one alone when using weaker minions such as the Spider Staff and Imp Staff.
  • The Pirate StaffPirate Staff and Spider StaffSpider Staff provide high damage during the first part of the fight, but struggle to catch up to Queen Slime during her second phase.
  • The Queen Spider StaffQueen Spider Staff can help quite a lot with dealing with the many minion slimes, depending on where you place its sentries.


There are many great accessories available at this point.

  • Frozen WingsFrozen Wings, Fairy WingsFairy Wings, Harpy WingsHarpy Wings or Fin WingsFin Wings are the best wings available at this stage. Lightning BootsLightning Boots or better will provide better ground movement. Amphibian BootsAmphibian Boots can also be used because they increase the ascent speed of wings. Those two accessories will allow you to move almost freely through the air and on the ground.
  • The Cobalt ShieldCobalt Shield or its upgrades prevents knockback, which can be useful in the second phase as projectiles can cover the screen.
  • The Frozen Turtle ShellFrozen Turtle Shell is a defensive accessory that reduces damage if your health starts getting low. The Expert mode exclusive Worm ScarfWorm Scarf is also effective.
  • The Cross NecklaceCross Necklace (or Star VeilStar Veil) will make rapid hits more survivable.
  • The Charm of MythsCharm of Myths enhances survivability by providing regeneration and reducing the duration of Potion Sickness. To reduce the potion cooldown, it only needs to be equipped during the instant a health potion is drunk.
  • An Emblem provides additional damage for your primary damage type;
  • Yoyo fighters should use a Yoyo BagYoyo Bag, as it doubles a yoyo's damage output, as well as providing 2 extra counterweights that can do a bit more damage.
  • Magic QuiverMagic Quiver should be used if using a Daedalus StormbowDaedalus Stormbow or any Repeater with Jester's ArrowJester/Unholy ArrowUnholy Arrows.
  • Magic users who wish to rely less on Mana Potions can equip a pair of Magic CuffsMagic Cuffs/Celestial CuffsCelestial Cuffs. Slimes drop mana stars frequently.
  • Putrid ScentPutrid Scent provides a generic increase to DPS and is a decent filler accessory.
  • Summoners should be wearing the Pygmy NecklacePygmy Necklace for the extra minion slot and damage.
  • The Berserker's GloveBerserker's Glove(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) is an excellent accessory for Summoners, due to its defense increase, bonuses to whip speed and size, as well as enabling whip autoswing. Its recommended to reforge this to Warding rather than Menacing due to the massive defensive boost it provides (+12 Defense on Warding), which helps patch up Summoner armors generally low Defense.

As with most situations in general, it is best to reforge your accessories with damage, critical strike chance or defense increasing modifiers.


Specific & Most Effective Strategies

Gravitation Potions

Due to her flight allowing her to keep up with you but out of range of her attacks, which are affected by gravity, makes maneuvering with the Gravitation PotionGravitation Potion an extremely effective strategy in the 2nd phase. Use a strong weapon with range, or flying summons such as the Imp or Sanguine staves, and you should fairly easily dodge all her attacks while flipping gravity and falling while hitting her in return. The Slime Mount is recommended for this in order to boost your falling speed in space and quick fall out of range of her if she approaches too closely. This, paired with the Shield of CthulhuShield of Cthulhu can make her second phase a breeze.


Fighting on a long skybridge can make avoiding the spawned slimes much easier. Queen Slime is fairly slow in her first stage, but her winged form can keep up with the mounts summoned by the Goat Skull and Blessed Apple. Be careful if you reverse directions as all previously summoned slimes will still be alive.

Alternatively, during the second stage, Queen Slime follows a fairly predictable pattern. The player can run back and forth on the skybridge, jumping over projectiles, and Queen Slime will remain at roughly the same height the entire time, making targeting easier.

Minecart Track

A long Minecart track makes this boss very easy to defeat, as it can keep up with her fastest speed and outpaces most of the minions. It is similar to using a mount on a skybridge.

Water Walking on the Ocean

Using Water Walking Boots or its tinkers or Water Walking Potion, Queen Slime can be fought over the Ocean. Her projectiles will sink into the ocean, and 2/3 of the slimes she summon cannot shoot while they are floating.

Make sure to keep moving with this strategy as Queen Slime will repeatedly sink into the ocean and then teleport to your position in the first phase.

Lava Layer

Like nearly all bosses, the Queen Slime is immune to lava, but her minions are not. A thin layer of lava can be used to take out most of her minions. Combined with Lava Waders, Terraspark Boots, Water Walking Potions, or Obsidian Skin Potion, you can easily decimate her.

  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, RegisterBoss_QueenSlime() in Terraria.GameContent.ItemDropRules.ItemDropDatabase.cs. There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version Desktop version is