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This is a Guide page.
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The Torch God is an event that begins once at least 101 Torches of any type are placed in close proximity below the Surface layer in any biome.

Torches attacking the player during The Torch God event.


The Torch God event in a simple arena, with various colors of torches, and Glowsticks to provide lighting.
A basic arena using a loop of Minecart Tracks.

Terrain preparation

  • Open areas are useful as you have a lot of space to move around.
  • Different Torches have different flame colors. While the flames of Crimson TorchCrimson Torches are almost impossible to see, Ultrabright TorchUltrabright Torches will give you an easy time to spot them as they have very bright flames.
  • Creating a loop of Minecart TrackMinecart Tracks around the Torches can be an effective way to dodge the fireballs easily.
  • Circling the flames using RopeRope and Wood PlatformPlatforms is an easy way to avoid being hit.

Gearing up


  • An Ultrabright HelmetUltrabright Helmet can be used for greatly increased vision. Its low defense stat (4), however, may make other helmets that grant more defense more viable.



  • The Slimy SaddleSlime Mount is the only helpful mount that can be obtained at that point in the game but is still useful for dodging the flames.



  • Using Calming PotionCalming Potions will stop extra enemies from spawning, allowing you to focus more on dodging.
  • Vision-increasing potions like the Night Owl PotionNight Owl Potions makes the projectiles easier to spot.
  • The Ironskin PotionIronskin Potion will reduce the damage taken from getting hit by a flame.
  • Swiftness PotionSwiftness Potions increase mobility and facilitate easier dodging.


  • Enabling Autopause will be helpful to dodge the fireballs easily by planning your next move every time you open your inventory.
  • Non-Torch light sources, like lanterns and Campfires, will help you to see better.
  • Using Peace CandlePeace Candles will stop extra enemies from spawning, allowing you to focus more on dodging.

Alternative strategies

  • The projectiles can be easily avoided by placing all the Torches in the center of your arena, building a large open space underground and moving in one direction (near the edges) during the event.
  • Placing the NurseNurse in a house near the event area negates the need to dodge the projectiles at all, so long as you have a hook in order to negate knockback.