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This is a Guide page.
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The Get fixed boi seed, also known as the Everything or Zenith seed, is a Secret world seed that combines most aspects of all other secret world seeds and adds its own challenges. This guide is written with the Legendary Mode difficulty in mind. This seed can be considered the highest world difficulty possible in Terraria.


Many players can become intensely frustrated by this seed if they are not properly prepared, as it combines numerous mechanics from other seeds. One recommendation for those who find the beginning too difficult is to prepare by playing these other seeds, so they can focus on individual changes. These include:

  • Don't dig up: This seed flips the usual order of progression and has the player start in the Underworld. It makes the Surface a completely corrupted, inhospitable region, and moves weather events, Ocean creatures, and fishing to the lower layers of the world. It also shifts around the tiers of several weapons. It has significant changes up to post-Golem. Play this seed if you can't figure out where everything is in Get fixed boi.
  • The Constant: This seed adds Hunger and Darkness mechanics, as well as making Cacti deal damage. Its changes are only relevant in world exploration, so it's not necessary to progress past a few bosses to get an idea of this seed. Play this seed if you frequently die to darkness or hunger in Get fixed boi.
  • No traps: This seed has far more traps and introduces the Bouncy Boulder and Life Crystal Boulder. Get Fixed Boi generates 3x as many traps, while No Traps generates 15x as many, but it can help with forcing the player to consider the risk of traps constantly as they move around. Explosives in Underground Cabins and Geysers in Ruined Houses in particular are relevant in both seeds. Most changes stop being relevant after entering Hardmode. This seed can help the player get used to playing around traps, though it should be noted that No Traps has far more traps than Get Fixed Boi does.
  • Not the bees and Celebrationmk10: These seeds don't strongly benefit the player from playing them. CelebrationMk10 has mostly cosmetic and/or beneficial changes, and primarily the cosmetic changes make it into this seed. Not the bees, on the other hand, completely changes most of the world generation, and little of this is carried over into Get Fixed Boi other than larger Bee Hives and the presence of many Larvae. There is a strip of bee-related blocks near the top of the world, but this layer is unlikely to be encountered often in this game. There are additional bee-related changes unique to this seed, detailed below. The Blood Moon being more common and the buffed properties of the Wizard Hat, allowing an extra minion, are retained from the Celebration seed.
  • The Drunk world seed places the Dungeon under a Living Tree, which makes fighting Skeletron and Lunatic Cultist much more difficult, and it also includes both Evil biomes.
  • For the worthy: This is the only other seed to allow Legendary difficulty. The bosses in this seed are close or identical in difficulty to Get fixed boi, making it a good space to practice dealing with the sheer enemy difficulty without the wrenching world generation changes.

However, it also includes multiple other changes not included with the other seeds. These include:

  • Crispy Honey Blocks will generate throughout the Glowing Mushroom biome layer above the Underworld, and will release lava when mined.
  • The "True Surface" contains both evil biomes, and the two outer 1/6s of the world are converted to distinct evil biomes.
  • Living Trees, the Jungle Temple and Pyramids are painted red or purple.
  • Dungeon enemies do not drop any loot until Skeletron is defeated.
  • Hellbats will drop lava upon death (instead of Lava Slimes).

World generation

This seed is unique in that there is a mini-game during world-generation. Dragging around the smiley-faced moon allows the player to hit shooting stars. Hitting more stars increases the prevalence of beneficial Pots, Heart Crystals, and Chests outside of Underground Cabins, as well as the prevalence of dangerous traps. The overall effect is generally small and can be ignored, though as Pots are generated before Bee Larva, this can reduce the chances of random Queen Bee spawns killing the player.

The beginning

When play begins, the player finds themselves in the Underworld with a large collection of NPCs. These NPCs sell helpful materials, but they will all die at the end of the first day, likely before the player has accumulated enough money to purchase any powerful items. However, especially in larger worlds, the player can often find a Coin Portal or Mimic that will drop large amounts of money. If the player has 10 gold or more, they can buy a Slime Staff from the Princess, and any amount of gold can also be used to buy Pigronatas from the Party Girl. The prior serves as an immediate and solid earlygame weapon that can safely dispatch enemies in the mushroom layer, while Pigronatas can drop Party Bullets, which allow for the Arms Dealer to spawn and sell the Flintlock Pistol or Minishark as an extremely strong earlygame start.

The middle quarter of the underworld is a very large island of Ash, surrounded by two large lakes of Lava. On the island, the only enemies that spawn are Lava Slimes (who are weaker and do not drop Lava). Beyond the surrounding lakes are Ruined Houses and standard Underworld enemies, including Hellbats, who now drop lava upon death. Depending on world generation, normal Underworld enemies may spawn near the edges of the starting island, forcing the player to use blocks to fend them off.

There are no Chests as such in this starting area. Instead, Mimics spawn, a very challenging type of enemy at this stage of the game. They drop the same loot that Underground Chests would contain as well as lots of money. If the player finds a Mimic day 1, they can use platforms to trigger the Mimic without getting hit and bring the Mimic back to spawn, where the Princess can quickly kill it. Alternatively, the player can trap the Mimic above them using platforms or blocks and whittle it down in complete safety with their Shortsword or an Ash Wood Sword.

The first goal is to shake trees to drop bombs and Fruit and break Pots to drop Rope and Fallen Stars. The bombs will destroy trees and give you blocks and platforms, the Fallen Stars can be sold or used for mana crystals, and the Fruit can be sold or used to ward off starvation. Note that you can get more Fruit from shaking trees each day. Ash Wood can be used to make weapons and armor, but on Legendary enemies deal so much damage that the extra defense is miniscule; the armor will also reduce lava damage, but not by enough to let an earlygame character survive. Ash Wood Platforms play a much bigger role in letting you avoid enemies and Lava, letting you explore higher layers.

You will spawn in hungry. At this early point in the game, the only source of food will be Pomegranates and Spicy Peppers. Eating any Food item will decrease hunger. The best medium-term solutions to food are Fishing or cooking Critters, both of which generally require the Bug Net from the Merchant, or Cooked Marshmallows that can be obtained from the Merchant once you find the Snow Biome. Long-term solutions include buying large amounts of Pad Thai from the Traveling Merchant or planting Pumpkin Seeds on Grass for Pumpkin Pies.

Be very careful when mining in the layer above, as this layer contains Crispy Honey Blocks which, in this seed, release lava upon mining. Torches provide more light to recognize and avoid Crispy Honey, and these blocks also take one more hit to mine than the Mud around them. If need be, the player can mine small pockets to drain lava into.

Consider roping up to check the start of the mushroom layer on both ends of the starting island. If you see mud wall in the mushroom layer, the Jungle is directly above, and that portion of the mushroom layer will have very little Crispy Honey and wide open spaces that make it much easier to traverse. This also tells the player where to find the Snow, Desert, and Dungeon Biomes. The downside is that the Jungle is extremely dangerous to explore early on.

Kill a few Lava Slimes for Gel that can be crafted into Torches, as this helps with building Housing and for getting good light in higher layers. Platforms can be used to trap large numbers of Slimes and safely kill them, especially with the Underworld's high spawn rates.

Early exploration

Directly above the Underworld layer is a Glowing Mushroom biome that contains Crispy Honey Blocks and basic ores. Zombies and Demon Eyes spawn on this layer. No Heart Crystals can spawn in this layer, though the player can find Chests with surface loot that greatly helps earlygame and can't be trapped. The player should also consider mining Lead Ore for a better pickaxe and weapons once they get stone.

If the player encounters a massive Crispy Honey barrier, it's a Bee Hive. As safely mining through a Bee Hive is slow and dangerous, the player should find a way around it; even returning to the Underworld in search of another path up is faster and safer.

Pots start dropping Slimes, which can immediately attack the player for huge damage and potentially kill them in two hits. Use Rope or Shuriken to break pots from safety, and make sure to always have space to move away and catch your breath.

If the player finds a Gas Trap in the chest, they can survive by placing a Campfire and using 2 Lesser Health Potions, the first between 40 and 50 HP and the second as soon as possible.

The player should use blocks to avoid having to fight most enemies, as they have too much HP and damage and too little useful loot.

Above this buffer is a false "surface". Here, trees grow and weather occurs. Surface versions of all the regular biomes appear, including the Desert, Snow biome, and Jungle. This is one of the best spots for early players to gather loot, establish bases, and farm creatures. Happiness is not tracked in this seed, making it easier to get pylons.

This is also the layer to find Stone, which does not generate in the Glowing Mushroom layer. If the player spawns directly below the Snow biome or Underground Desert, it will be necessary to travel left or right to get enough stone for a Furnace. If the player enters this layer in the Jungle, they can buy a Furnace directly from the Merchant.

Aside from the very center (i.e. directly above spawn), most of this layer counts as the Ocean biome 50% of the time, allowing the player to fish up Ocean Crates, find the Angler, buy an Ocean Pylon, and potentially find Sharks for Shark Fins.

Players using magic weapons can find Fallen Stars trapped in slimes, allowing them to increase their mana capacity.

There are numerous threats on this level:

Priority should be placed on getting a minion early on such as Abigail's Flower, Flinx Staff, or Slime Staff, as they can damage enemies through walls. Remember that contact damage is multiplied by a large factor on this seed, often resulting in instant death upon contact, so the player should be careful that the minion does not knock the enemy into them.

Crafting an Obsidian Skull can let the player walk on Crispy Honey Blocks without being damaged. Alternatively, the player can use Pylons or a Bed to avoid moving through the mushroom layer again.

Chests can contain Moon Lord Legs and Red Potion, both of which are excellent for early exploration. Red Potions can give the otherwise-unobtainable Lifeforce buff pre-Skeletron, but these potions are far more valuable when drunk immediately to support exploration with their array of long-lasting and powerful buffs.

Early bosses

The Underworld you spawn in actually serves as an excellent bossing arena, as it is generally very wide, flat, and has few obstacles. A bridge of Ash Wood platforms (or two) should be enough to fight King Slime or the Eye of Cthulhu. Consider using bombs to clear trees and Gravedigger's Shovel to quickly flatten the starting ground.

Note that King Slime has a chance to spawn when killing any slime if he has not yet been defeated, meaning that a Slime Rain is not needed for him to spawn. However, due to inopportune spawns while exploring, it can help to kill him once with a Slime Crown to prevent his random spawns elsewhere.

The Eye of Cthulhu can spawn at any world height during the regular day/night cycle. However, it will not despawn at day, allowing for longer fights. This boss now gains a spin attack in the second phase, where it temporarily reflects projectiles and releases numerous Servants of Cthulhu. Using area effect weapons such as the Boomstick or piercing weapons such as the Diamond Staff can help deal with these extra minions.

Due to changes to boss despawning behavior, if the player doesn't want to fight a random Eye of Cthulhu spawn, they should wait far away from their bed for the spawn, wait for the Eye to become visible on-screen, and only then teleport away to safety. Otherwise, the Eye will follow the player all the way back to spawn without despawning properly.

Upon defeating the Eye of Cthulhu, it is recommended to craft the Magiluminescence, which removes the Darkness problem entirely and provides significant boosts to movement.

True surface

The top part of the Underground layer is filled with lava pools as the player approaches the surface, requiring more care in digging.

The surface itself, as well as the leftmost and rightmost parts of the map, are entirely infected by the Corruption and the Crimson. The surface is always night time, and enemies spawn much faster and are stronger.

The surface is incredibly hostile. Much of it is covered with pools of Lava. The player is constantly under the effects of a Featherfall Potion, and leaving the top of the map causes instant death. A grappling hook can be very helpful to players looking for Floating Islands. However, all Skyware Chests are now replaced by Locked Gold Chests.

Building a base on the surface is possible if it is raised high off the ground, away from the evil biome, but Forest pylons do not work there--if desiring to build an artificial surface island for a pylon base, a Mushroom pylon base (particularly one close to the dungeon's entrance) would probably be the best choice. Ocean pylons also work when high enough off the surface. Finding a Magic Conch will aid in quickly reaching the surface.

It also may be useful to create a tunnel that goes from the underworld to the surface, as it allows one to get to the true surface without a need for pylons or the Magic Conch.

Evil biome bosses

The Eater of Worlds and Brain of Cthulhu are very difficult in this seed for two different reasons.

First, summoning them is difficult due to the extreme boosted spawn rate and difficulty of evil biome enemies. Preparing an arena is the most difficult part, as all prehardmode evil biome enemies have extremely high stats, speed, and knockback resistance, letting them kill even late prehardmode players in 2~3 hits. For these reasons, it may be better to create an artificial Corrupt or Crimson biome in the underworld. Ebonsand and Crimsand are readily available at the beaches and can be mined with any pickaxe.

Second, these bosses have received AI changes in this seed. The Brain of Cthulhu now reverses gravity in the second portion of the fight, and has completely opaque mirror images coupled with much higher defense, while the Eater of Worlds releases a buffed Eater of Souls every time one of its segments is destroyed, and shoots Vile Spit even underground.

It is recommended to break a Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart well before the fight and thus allow the Goblin Invasion to spawn, allowing access to the Goblin Tinkerer.

These two bosses are so difficult that it may be necessary to chip away at them through multiple deaths to obtain Tissue Samples or Shadow Scales. Gathering 6 of either enables the player to craft a Nightmare Pickaxe or equivalent and mine Hellstone. The Volcano sword is particulary effective against the Brain of Cthulhu, as its high damage bypasses defense, cuts through several Creepers at once, and sets the true Brain of Cthulhu on fire, allowing the player to easily spot the real one during the second portion of the fight. With such a weapon, the Brain of Cthulhu becomes the easier of the two options.

If trying to chip away at the bosses, the Molotov Cocktail is a cheap weapon with high area damage. Scattering Spiky Balls before or during the fight can also deal intense damage.

Optional pre-Hardmode bosses

The Old One's Army can be summoned now. It is recommended the player fight them in the spawning area. This event allows players to gain the War Table and accessories such as the Apprentice's Scarf which combined allow the player to summon three sentries, which makes a big difference against difficult bosses. Flails or Bows with Jester's Arrows are efficient ways to fight the enemies, using sentries placed high on platforms, or flying minions such as the Imp Staff to defeat Etherian Wyverns.

Deerclops is another optional boss, but one which is much easier than the other pre-Hardmode bosses due its lack of Legendary mode AI changes and the fact that it does not despawn on death. It can be difficult due to not having a wide open area to summon it in. This can be fixed by creating an artificial Snow biome in the Underworld or by excavating a large arena in the Snow biome. The Houndius Shootius it drops is the best sentry in pre-Hardmode, while the Pew-matic Horn is one of the strongest Guns in pre-Hardmode.

Queen Bee is faster, can charge diagonally and shoots stingers much faster in this seed. However, Bee Hives are larger, providing more effective arenas (watch out for low-lying hives that have Hive blocks replaced by Crispy Honey Blocks that burn the player).

End of pre-Hardmode

Skeletron is difficult for several reasons. First, the Dungeon now spawns deep under a Living Tree, leaving the player without a large natural place to fight. Second, the Dungeon is still near the Corruption or Crimson and has boosted enemy spawns. Third, upon losing his hands, Skeletron now spawns many Dark Casters.

Players can make Peace Candles to decrease surrounding spawns while mining out a large arena. This arena can also serve for the Lunatic Cultist later in the game. Using Queen Bee drops such as the Bee Gun can help significantly in this fight, as the seeking bees can defeat the enemy casters.

The Dungeon has an increased number of traps. Finding the mechanic is a priority, as now that Skeletron is defeated, Wire can be seen, resulting in an easier time finding traps. For this reason, players should craft The Grand Design.

The Wall of Flesh is very difficult in this seed, as it has smaller hitboxes, high health and speed, and spawns Fire Imps during the fight.

Fortunately, your starting area provides a Hell Bridge across much of the map, but it will also kill off your NPCs. Make sure to build houses in the Underworld in a way that won't impede your fight.

An Imp Statue can be used to farm Fire Imp Banners for the arena, more than halving Fire Imp damage and letting the player even outright ignore them if they have enough defense.

One option is to build a long Minecart track across the Underworld for this fight, as it will be useful for many future fights. It also prevents Fire Imps from spawning in the player's path. An alternative is using Gravitation Potion to run on the ceiling, also avoiding imps directly in the player's path. It is impossible to destroy the imps' fireballs while the Wall of Flesh is alive.

Players can also guide the path the Wall of Flesh will take by making the ceiling and floor 3 blocks thick and 21 blocks apart. This squeezes the Wall into a tighter space where weapons like Night's Edge can deal loads of damage to it.

The Golf Cart mount is able to outspeed the Wall all the way until it reaches its lowest HP threshold, while also having great jump height to avoid lasers, Hungry, and Imps.

Early Hardmode

When Hardmode starts, the Mimics that offered basic loot now offer standard loot.

The Hallow no longer spawns in a diagonal stripe. Instead, it replaces the Underground layer and lower of the large strip of evil biome on the same side as the Jungle, occupying roughly 20% of the world.

This is a good time to build fishing and potions, establish a new base in the Hallow region, and gain early Hardmode weapons. If the player has built a minecart track as suggested, it can be used to easily fight Biome Mimics.

Generating the strongest Ore requires smashing six Demon Altars or Crimson Altars instead of three, as both types of ore generate. Similarly, both Crimson and Corruption exist in this world, allowing combos such as Cursed Darts with the Dart Pistol. Which type of Mimic spawns when placing a Key of Night in an empty Chest will alternate every day.

Wyverns are especially dangerous due to decreased maneuverability. It can help to fight them as low as possible, or to use minecarts or mounts for fights instead. Mounts can also help with farming Wyverns directly, by simply outspeeding the Wyvern horizontally as the player glides through the world with a Featherfall Potion.

Venom Dart Traps can now be created for efficient farms against events like the Goblin invasion and the Pirate invasion.

Queen Slime and Mechdusa

As described before, a very long minecart track in the Underworld is an excellent way to fight these bosses. Alternatively, using Gravitation Potion in an above-ground arena can help, especially if a roof is built.

If using the minecart track, Teleporters and Pressure Plate Track, as well as tracks hammered into bumpers, can allow safe turnarounds.

Two minecart tracks. The lower has a teleporter with red wire through the center, and a bumper to its left.
The 'receiving' end of the teleporter has a bumper to change the direction of movement.
A teleporter with a Pressure Plate track above, at the end of a long rail. Red wire leads away from the image.
The end of the track has a minecart-stopping track next to a Teleporter with a Pressure Plate Track. This is placed more than a screen's length away from the other end, to allow plenty of space between players and bosses.

Queen Slime has roughly the same speed as the minecart when flying, so this method allows the player to remain safe throughout the fight, with turning around being the most dangerous part. Lilith's Necklace can also keep up with her flying and dodge her stomps, while also benefiting from jumping freely.

There is no way to fight the mechanical bosses individually in this seed. Instead, the three boss-summoning items must be combined into Ocram's Razor, which summons Mechdusa. This boss can be spawned anytime, not just at night.

Mechdusa is a very difficult boss, but has some features that make it not quite as difficult as it first seems. The main points in the player's favor are:

Most strategies revolve around defeating the Destroyer first, as there are many weapons that do intense damage due to piercing (such as the Daedalus Stormbow with Unholy Arrows, the Drippler Crippler, the Dart Rifle, the Nimbus Rod and Clinger Staff, or Whips). This part can often be killed faster than the others, and eliminates the threats of lasers and of Probes. It is useful, if possible, to collect the hearts dropped by Probes. Alternatively, a solid block floor will block almost all of the lasers, and Probes themselves cannot ram the player in this seed.

One interesting feature of this boss is that different parts despawn at different distances, with the Destroyer despawning last. If using the minecart rail in the Underworld, doing fast can cause this, allowing the player to defeat the Destroyer alone. This still unlocks things such as Life Fruit, Hallowed Bars, the Steampunker, and the second tier of Old One's Army.

The minecart can still be used if not trying to despawn, by keeping an eye on how close the boss parts are, especially the Twins. When on the left, Retinazer's lasers can hit hit more easily, but Spazmatism has difficulty attacking the player with cursed flames. The opposite is true on the right side. Killing Skeletron Prime separates the parts, so should be left for last.

The player can achieve enough jump height to simply circle around Mechdusa via Gravitation Potions, Featherfall Potions, and/or a Mount, even in the underworld. Bombing out the ash in the center island can provide large amounts of vertical space for maneuverability. If moving around Destroyer is an issue, Teleporters can quickly let the player change their height.

Plantera, Dungeon, and invasions

The second tier of Old One's Army is now available, and it can reward the player with strong weapons like the Phantom Phoenix and the Ballista Cane. Weapons such as the Dao of Pow or the Hallowed Repeater or the Magical Harp can be useful against large groups. It is recommended to purchase a full set of armor from the Tavernkeep and to save up for a Staff sentry weapon, as this will make Tier 3 Old One's army much easier. The Creeper Egg can replace the Magiluminescence, freeing up an accessory slot.

Be warned that Jungle Mimics spawn in this world. Besides having the same damage and attacks as the Corrupt or Crimson Mimics, they also have a 'stuff cannon' attack that floods the inventory.

Plantera is faster, larger, shoots more rapidly and now releases thorny bushes when its tentacles attach to anything. Having a large arena is essential, and fortunately the large Bee Hives that spawn in this world can be a good start. A long horizontal or vertical tunnel also helps with phase 2 by allowing the player to avoid Plantera's immense lateral acceleration.

The Hardmode Dungeon is relatively unchanged, except for enemies' greatly increased contact damage. Both evil Biome Chests are available in the Dungeon. The surface with its high amount of enemy spawns is an excellent place to farm Biome Keys, especially since Corrupt/Crimson versions of the Snow biome and Desert exist there.

The Pumpkin Moon, Frost Moon and Solar Eclipse can now be summoned. Moon event enemies will spawn anywhere in the world, while Solar Eclipse enemies will only spawn in the cavern layer and underworld; however, Solar Eclipses will still boost spawn rates in every layer for farming.


Golem is far harder in this seed. The Jungle Temple itself is near the center of the surface, inhospitable and difficult to reach. It is much larger than usual, has more traps (including TNT Barrels and Gas Traps), and, most importantly, prevents the player from seeing, using, or cutting Wire within it until Golem is defeated. It is also painted a dark color that is difficult to see in.

The Rod of Discord will make navigating the temple far easier, including entering Golem's chamber directly from the outside. It can also be used to lead Golem from the (possibly small) chamber it spawns in out to a larger, pre-prepared arena. Be warned that Golem will enrage if the outside arena is not considered part of the Underground Jungle.

During the fight, the player's vision will go dark, similar to the Blackout debuff, and Golem will destroy any light source it touches. In addition, Golem has much smaller hitboxes and, in its second form, can jump much higher.

Seeing Golem can be made easier by painting the arena with Illuminant Paint, or, in rematches, by fighting in the Underworld where there is more visibility (although this will enrage Golem).

Optional Hardmode bosses and remaining invasions

With Golem defeated, the player can now buy tier 3 weapons from the Tavernkeep. Although Betsy may be too difficult at this point, farming the first 3 stages can earn the player tier 3 armor that can be used to make Betsy much easier to kill, especially as she receives no AI changes.

Duke Fishron, the Frost Moon, and Martian Madness also do not receive any changes, making them relatively easier compared to the other bosses. The Snowman Cannon is especially useful for making arenas using terrain-destroying Rockets.

The Empress of Light will always be fought in enraged mode if on the surface, and she will despawn at night. However, she can be fought underground in her normal mode (albeit with faster attacks due to AI changes). By far easiest is to just summon and fight her in the Underworld with arenas already made for other bosses. Otherwise, this fight proceeds as normal.

Prismatic Lacewings spawn naturally at all times of day, making them much easier to collect. They also don't despawn even when released outside the Hallow.


The Lunatic Cultist can be fought in the same arena as Skeletron. His attacks are faster, but the biggest danger here are the Prophecy's End and Ancient Vision projectiles, which count as NPCs and have doubled contact damage. These can easily one-shot the unwary player.

The Celestial Pillars spawn scattered throughout the Underground and Cavern layers. It can be difficult to reach them without dying, but it also makes some of them (especially the Solar Pillar) much easier.

The Moon Lord only receives one major change. After using the Phantasmal Deathray, he emits a large group of Moon Boulders from his head, which bounce off of blocks. These can be avoided by luring him above solid blocks, by teleporting away, or by simply flying away quickly. Unlike other bosses and enemies, his contact damage is not increased during this fight, nor is his ranged damage.

It is not necessary to fight the Moon Lord underground; again, though, remember that the top of the world is an instant-kill zone, and fall speed is dramatically reduced above the surface line. While not nearly as large as the space available in a normal world, the starting island and potentially the mushroom layer above it provide a huge area with no reduced gravity to maneuver around the Moon Lord.

If you make it this far, congratulations on defeating the hardest world difficulty in Terraria!