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This is a Guide page.
This is a Guide page.
This means the page will walk you through a specific task, strategy, or enemy/boss fight.
Status: Subject to revision (This Guide does not meet certain quality standards and may be heavily outdated.)
For a more detailed walk through of the game, see Guide:Walkthrough.

Terraria is a huge world which reveals its content to the players in discrete chunks. Unlocking additional parts of the game is often described as game progression.

This guide is a graph that summarizes the bulk of the game as chunks with dependency lines indicating mandatory steps to unlock them. Depending on the difficulty of the challenge, players may also have an implicit need to finish other (lateral) parts of the game before proceeding.

The boxes below are color-coded depending on whether they contain a biome, (lesser) boss, or other entity, with occasional additional emphasizing of crucial steps in bold.

Floating Island
Cavern Dig for Ore
OceanJungleDesertCorruption / Crimson Smash Shadow Orbs / Crimson HeartsTungsten Pickaxe Gold Pickaxe Pickaxe with at least 50% Pickaxe powerLife CrystalLife Crystals NurseNurse(Healing)Glowing Mushroom biomeMarble Cave(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) / Granite Cave(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
(Old-gen console and 3DS versions)
AnglerAnglerBee HiveSkeletronSkeletronEater of WorldsEater of Worlds / Brain of CthulhuBrain of CthulhuSlime Rain(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Req. Health: 160
Heart.png × 8
Blood Moon Req. Health: 140
Heart.png × 7
Goblin Army Req. Health: 200
Heart.png × 10
Eye of CthulhuEye of Cthulhu Req. Health: 200
Heart.png × 10
(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Queen BeeQueen BeeDungeonNightmare Pickaxe Deathbringer Pickaxe Pickaxe with at least 65% Pickaxe powerKing SlimeKing SlimeGoblin TinkererGoblin Tinkerer ReforgingReforging
Witch DoctorWitch DoctorMechanicMechanic WireWiringThe Underworld Template:HellstoneHellstone gearMeteoriteMeteorite
Wall of FleshWall of Flesh
HARDMODEWyvern Soul of FlightSouls of FlightWings
Surface Glowing Mushroom biomeUnderground Glowing Mushroom biome Truffle WormTruffle WormUnderground Corruption/Crimson Soul of NightSouls of NightUnderground Hallow Soul of LightSouls of LightBlizzardSmash AltarsSandstorm(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Duke FishronDuke FishronThe DestroyerThe DestroyerSkeletron PrimeSkeletron PrimeThe TwinsThe TwinsThe TwinsIce Golem Frost CoreFrost Cores(Desktop, Console, Old-gen console and Mobile versions)Sand Elemental(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Forbidden FragmentForbidden Fragments(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
TruffleTruffle AutohammerAutohammerUnderground Jungle Plantera's BulbPlantera's Bulb

Cobalt Bar Palladium Bar Mythril Bar Orichalcum Bar
Adamantite Bar Titanium Bar

Hardmode ore gear
Chlorophyte Bar Chlorophyte gearPlanteraPlantera
Frost armorFrost armorForbidden armorForbidden armor(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Shroomite BarShroomite gearHardmode Dungeon EctoplasmEctoplasm
( Frost MoonFrost Moon Pumpkin MoonPumpkin Moon )
Jungle Temple Solar Tablet FragmentSolar Tablet Fragments(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Empress of LightEmpress of Light(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Spectre BarSpectre gearGolemGolemSolar Eclipse
Beetle armorBeetle armorLunatic CultistLunatic Cultist(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Martian Madness(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Lunar Events(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Martian SaucerMartian Saucer(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Moon LordMoon Lord(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)