Guide:Surviving in the Ocean

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This is a Guide page.
This is a Guide page.
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  • The main threat of the Ocean biome is the very water it is composed of, which players can drown in.

    Recommended gear




    • TridentTrident greatly enhances underwater movement speed and jump height while held
    • FlipperFlipper allows the player to swim upwards by repeatedly pressing Jump
    • Breathing ReedBreathing Reed doubles the time the player can spend underwater
    • Inner TubeInner Tube(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) allows the player to rapidly float to the surface by equipping it

    These items can be found in the Ocean's own Water Chests, as well as in fished Ocean Crates. They will make diving into the Ocean much safer.

    Other useful items include the following, which can be found commonly as part of normal Chest loot:

    Exploration and plundering

    Map view of an Ocean Cave on the left side of the world.

    The Ocean contains Water Chests and Corals along the seabed. Some Oceans extend into a cave-like structure which contains additional Water Chests.

    • Consider building a platform across the surface of the Ocean, which will make it easier to stay at the surface without falling back in. Construct lines of Ropes to quickly return to this platform if none of the items that allow swimming are available.
    • Diving into the Ocean without any preparation is possible as well, since the player's breath usually lasts long enough to loot at least one or two Water Chests. Autopause helps with this, and Glowsticks improve the visibility of the Chests. Recall with a Recall Potion or Magic/Ice Mirror when breath runs out.

    Sharks, Pink Jellyfish, and Crabs will threaten the player in the Ocean. The Pink Jellyfish can become a problem if they swarm the player, but their glow reveals them from far away, which makes avoiding them easier. They are also easily knocked back by most early-game weapons. Sharks, however, often ambush the player with their high speed and damage, and are not as susceptible to knockback.

    Visibility is also a concern down at the Ocean depths. While Pink Jellyfish give off light, Sharks and Crabs do not, and can strike unexpectedly from the darkness at any time. The most readily source of aquatic lighting available are the Glowsticks dropped by Pink Jellyfish, as Torches do not work underwater. The Mining Helmet or Shine Potion can help provide light, as well as the rarer Jellyfish Necklace dropped by Pink Jellyfish. A Hunter Potion can be used to clearly see the locations of enemies. The Starfury swords works as an alternative way to light up the Ocean.