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This is a Guide page.
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The Constant is a secret world seed introduced in the 1.4.3 update. It borrows features from Don't Starve Together, including alternate shading, hunger and darkness mechanics, and slightly different world creation and drops.

Survival is difficult in the Constant, but this guide will help.


This is the most challenging feature in this seed. Hunger begins as soon as you spawn, with the Peckish status lasting for five minutes while you search for food, followed by Hungry for another five minutes (which decreases defense, damage and melee speed), followed by Starving, which will kill you in less than a minute.

That means that you have about 11 minutes to find food after you spawn, or you will die.


Your immediate needs may be satisfied by shaking trees (done by hitting them once with an axe). This will uncommonly drop a fruit item which will satisfy your hunger for 5 minutes. Any two fruit items can be combined with a Bottle at a Cooking Pot to produce Fruit Juice, which will last longer.

Another alternative, especially in easier worlds, is to kill several Eater of Souls or Crimson monsters, all of which drop Vertebra which can be crafted into Monster Lasagna at a cooking pot.

Unfortunately, you may die before reaching the point that you can craft a cooking pot. That's why finding the Merchant is essential.

The Merchant

The Merchant is the key to most food options. He arrives when you have at least 50 SC in your possession (which can be obtained through killing slimes or breaking pots in surface caves). He significantly expands your food capabilities in three ways:

  • First, you can place him in the snow biome to sell Marshmallows for 1 SC each, which can be cooked to form Cooked Marshmallows fairly cheaply.
  • Second, in any biome, you can purchase the Bug Net, which allows you to catch and cook critters at a cooking pot.
  • Third, the Bug Net allows you to catch bait for fishing.


This is perhaps the simplest way to assuage your hunger, especially since most players will be fishing anyway for the Angler quests.

Most of the common fish you catch (especially Bass) can be crafted into Cooked Fish at a Cooking Pot. Higher-quality fish like Flounder can be crafted at a workbench into Sashimi, while potion-quality fish like Specular Fish can be crafted into Seafood Dinner, a long-lasting food.

Bait can be easily found in the Jungle or by breaking rocks on the surface, releasing worms. Even before you find the Merchant, you can often find a Can Of Worms in a Living Tree.

Travelling Merchant

The Traveling Merchant often sells high-quality food items, making it worth visiting him when he pops into town.

Halloween and Christmas

During Halloween, Pumpkins grow all over the ground, which can be crafted using just a Furnace to make Pumpkin Pie. This makes Halloween an excellent time to play the Constant seed.

Similarly, in Christmas enemies drop Presents which can contain a variety of food-based options.


When in complete darkness, the player will be attacked for 50 damage at a time, resulting in a swift death. This can be alleviated on holding a torch as you walk or by placing numerous light-giving items. However, there are multiple problems with this, such as letting go to fight enemies. Darkness at night is much worse in this seed, too. There are a variety of options to deal with this.

Placed Torches

This will be your easiest option in the early game. However, Rain will put out Torches, Campfires and Tiki Torches eventually on the surface, which means you'll need to re-place them frequently. Crafted items made from rarer materials (like Lamps) will not be put out.

Shine Potions

Shine Potions are frequently found in surface chests, and are a great option for early cave exploration. They can be crafted by placing a Bottle on a Table and using the commonly-available Daybloom and Glowing Mushroom ingredients.

Armor and accessories

Several armor pieces and accessories will remove your need for light entirely:

Spider Nests

These spawn on the surface in the Constant. Due to the high strength of the spiders, blocking them up is advised. They prove to be a strength in early Hardmode, as they make it easy to farm for spider-related summoning gear like the Spider Staff.

Benefits of the Constant

Enemy drops

Many special drops are more common in this seed. Farming enemies in the Crimson or the Corruption can get you a Tentacle Spike, a great early melee weapon that does lingering damage to enemies. Similarly, the Bat Bat drops more often from bats.

In Hardmode, you can fight Pigrons to get the Ham Bat with a very high drop chance. This is an excellent weapon for exploration (not so much for bosses).


Many statues will spawn on the surface in this seed, which is useful for those looking for item farms or specialized statues.