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Glass Walls are transparent walls that can be used to make windows that let in natural light, while preventing monster spawns. They are crafted from Glass and also spawn naturally in houses on Floating Islands. They can be crafted into Stained Glass.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Glass WallGlass Wall4Work BenchWork Bench

Used in

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Blue Stained GlassBlue Stained Glass20Work BenchWork Bench
Green Stained GlassGreen Stained Glass20
Multicolored Stained GlassMulticolored Stained Glass50
Orange Stained GlassOrange Stained Glass(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)20
Purple Stained GlassPurple Stained Glass20
Red Stained GlassRed Stained Glass20
Yellow Stained GlassYellow Stained Glass20


  • Placed Glass Walls can change to a different sprite upon exiting and re-entering a world.
  • (3DS version) All Stained Glasses sell for 5 SC, which is an efficient way to make money.
  • (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) All Stained Glasses sell for a price proportionate to their gem values.


  • Prior to the 1.1 patch, Glass was only able to be placed like any other block, so it was not possible to place it in the background. Before Glass Walls were introduced, players could make holes in the background of their Home, but the size of those was limited due to housing requirements.


  • Desktop 1.2.4:
    • Sprite tweaked a bit, the new one is a bit larger.
    • Fixed a bug where Glass Walls were not drawing to the map properly.