Spiky Ball Trap

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Spiky Ball Trap
  • Spiky Ball Trap item spriteold Spiky Ball Trap item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
  • Pickaxe icon.png 210%
Placeable✔️ (1 wide × 1 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 0
Research5 required
Projectile created
  • Spiky Ball
    Spiky Ball

Spiky Ball Traps are a type of trap that can be found naturally in the Jungle Temple.

When activated, the traps dispense orange spiky balls that bounce several times, dealing around 90 damage to players (for which the damage is doubled) and around 40 for enemies. They have a cooldown of 5 / 4 seconds.

Spiky Ball Traps can be rotated 90° with a hammer.

Spawn limits

Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionLegacy tModLoader version
Desktop/Console/Mobile/Legacy tModLoader-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Desktop, Console, Mobile, and Legacy tModLoader versions of Terraria.

Before the trap spawns a spiky ball, the game goes through every spiky ball in the world, and adds up their "effect" on the trap based on the pixel distance between the trap's center and the spiky ball's center (a tile is 16×16 pixels). A spiky ball's effect is:

Effect Distance
in pixels
50 0–50
15 50–100
10 100–200
8 200–300
6 300–400
5 400–500
4 500–700
3 700–900
2 900–1200
1 >1200

Add the "effect" up and if the sum is less than 200 (not equal), the spiky ball can spawn.[1]

The Spiky Ball Trap with Super Dart Traps and Spear Traps


  • Damage to players is doubled, stack with the double effect of Expert Mode, yielding 4 times of damage.
  • If there are at least two blocks directly under the trap, the ball will be ejected up rather than dropping down.
  • Only bounces off solid blocks, not platforms.
  • If there is just one block beneath a Trap, the ball will go straight through the block. Therefore, you can set up two rows of Spiky Ball Traps on top of each other and double the number of balls falling down on every activation.
  • In 1.3 there is a cap for Spiky Balls being allowed at once. It is not a definite value, but rather like the mechanics for the Statue spawns (at most 3 spawns in a small region, 6 in a medium region and 10 in the whole world), although it is more complicated.


  • Effective for home defense, especially while using enemy-triggered Pressure Plates.
  • While not as effective as Spear Traps, they are still very effective for farming enemies.


  • Desktop 1.3.1:
    • Sprite updated, old sprite was Spiky Ball Trap (placed) (old).png
    • Can now be hammered to rotate 90 degrees at a time.


  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, method HitWireSingle() in Terraria.Wiring.cs. There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version Desktop version is