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  • Poo item sprite
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Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Placeable✔️ (1 wide × 1 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 0
Research100 required
Inflicts Debuff
Debuff tooltipYou smell terrible
Duration3 seconds
Obtained from Obtained from
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
Jungle MimicJungle Mimic2.pngJungle Mimic133%

Poo is a type of decorative block obtained by sitting on a toilet while any tier of the Well Fed buff is active. The time until Poo is produced is random, though it averages to 10 seconds.[1] Producing Poo will remove the food buff, and the number of blocks dropped increases with the type of the buff and its remaining duration. The maximum number of Poo blocks acquirable at once is 141, from a Golden Delight with 47 minutes of buff time remaining.

When Poo is placed down, small flies will continuously fade in and out around it as a visual effect. The quantity of flies scales with the amount of Poo blocks placed in one area. Additionally, Poo blocks apply 3 seconds of the Stinky debuff to all players standing on them. Poo tiles will create a squelchy sound when stepped on, and landing on top of them will also not inflict fall damage.


Used in

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
FertilizerFertilizer(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Placed BottlePlaced Bottle
Alchemy TableAlchemy Table(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Poo WallPoo Wall(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)4
  • PooPoo(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Work BenchWork Bench


  • If Echo Coating is applied on Poo, only the block itself is affected. The visual flies will still be visible.
  • The number of Poo blocks dropped is equal to the remaining duration of the food buff (in minutes, rounded down, but never lower than 1) multiplied by the buff's factor (Well Fed 1, Plenty Satisfied 2, or Exquisitely Stuffed 3).[1] The table below lists the maximum possible number of Poo blocks produced from each food item.
  • Food item Food buff /
    Maximum duration
    Number of
    Poo blocks
    Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied7 minutes 14
    Christmas PuddingChristmas Pudding Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed3 minutes 9
    Sugar CookieSugar Cookie Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed3 minutes 9
    Gingerbread CookieGingerbread Cookie Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed3 minutes 9
    Pad ThaiPad Thai Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied7 minutes 14
    PhoPho Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied9 minutes 18
    Cooked FishCooked Fish Well FedWell Fed7 minutes 7
    Cooked ShrimpCooked Shrimp Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied9 minutes 18
    SashimiSashimi Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied7 minutes 14
    Grub SoupGrub Soup Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied13 minutes 26
    BaconBacon Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed23 minutes 69
    Bowl of SoupBowl of Soup Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied7 minutes 14
    AppleApple Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    Apple PieApple Pie Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed15 minutes 45
    Banana SplitBanana Split Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied9 minutes 18
    BBQ RibsBBQ Ribs Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed23 minutes 69
    Bunny StewBunny Stew Well FedWell Fed9 minutes 9
    BurgerBurger Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed7 minutes 21
    Chicken NuggetChicken Nugget Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied13 minutes 26
    Chocolate Chip CookieChocolate Chip Cookie Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied19 minutes 38
    Cream SodaCream Soda Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied15 minutes 30
    EscargotEscargot Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied9 minutes 18
    Fried EggFried Egg Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied13 minutes 26
    FriesFries Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied9 minutes 18
    Golden DelightGolden Delight Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed47 minutes 141
    GrapesGrapes Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied15 minutes 30
    Grilled SquirrelGrilled Squirrel Well FedWell Fed9 minutes 9
    HotdogHotdog Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed11 minutes 33
    Ice CreamIce Cream Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied13 minutes 26
    MilkshakeMilkshake Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed15 minutes 45
    NachosNachos Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied15 minutes 30
    PizzaPizza Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed7 minutes 21
    Potato ChipsPotato Chips Well FedWell Fed24 minutes 24
    Roasted BirdRoasted Bird Well FedWell Fed9 minutes 9
    Roasted DuckRoasted Duck Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied9 minutes 18
    Sauteed Frog LegsSauteed Frog Legs Well FedWell Fed9 minutes 9
    Seafood DinnerSeafood Dinner Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied13 minutes 26
    Shrimp Po' BoyShrimp Po' Boy Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied17 minutes 34
    SpaghettiSpaghetti Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed7 minutes 21
    SteakSteak Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed15 minutes 45
    ApricotApricot Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    BananaBanana Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    BlackcurrantBlackcurrant Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    Blood OrangeBlood Orange Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    CherryCherry Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    CoconutCoconut Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    Dragon FruitDragon Fruit Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied4 minutes 8
    ElderberryElderberry Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    GrapefruitGrapefruit Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    LemonLemon Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    MangoMango Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    PeachPeach Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    PineapplePineapple Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    PlumPlum Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    RambutanRambutan Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    Star FruitStar Fruit Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied4 minutes 8
    Lobster TailLobster Tail Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied9 minutes 18
    Shucked OysterShucked Oyster Well FedWell Fed9 minutes 9
    Apple JuiceApple Juice Well FedWell Fed9 minutes 9
    Grape JuiceGrape Juice Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed15 minutes 45
    Frozen Banana DaiquiriFrozen Banana Daiquiri Well FedWell Fed14 minutes 14
    Peach SangriaPeach Sangria Well FedWell Fed9 minutes 9
    Piña ColadaPiña Colada Well FedWell Fed19 minutes 19
    Tropical SmoothieTropical Smoothie Well FedWell Fed19 minutes 19
    Bloody MoscatoBloody Moscato Well FedWell Fed19 minutes 19
    Smoothie of DarknessSmoothie of Darkness Well FedWell Fed19 minutes 19
    Prismatic PunchPrismatic Punch Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied19 minutes 38
    Fruit JuiceFruit Juice Well FedWell Fed14 minutes 14
    Fruit SaladFruit Salad Well FedWell Fed24 minutes 24
    TeacupTeacup Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    Carton of MilkCarton of Milk Well FedWell Fed19 minutes 19
    CoffeeCoffee Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied9 minutes 18
    Monster LasagnaMonster Lasagna Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied7 minutes 14
    Froggle BunwichFroggle Bunwich Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied5 minutes 10
    Joja ColaJoja Cola Well FedWell Fed1 minute 1
    Spicy PepperSpicy Pepper Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    PomegranatePomegranate Well FedWell Fed4 minutes 4
    MarshmallowMarshmallow Well FedWell Fed0 minutes 1
    Cooked MarshmallowCooked Marshmallow Well FedWell Fed9 minutes 9
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