Cobalt Ore

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Cobalt Ore
  • Cobalt Ore item spriteold Cobalt Ore item sprite
  • Cobalt Ore placed
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  • Pickaxe icon.png 100%
Placeable✔️ (1 wide × 1 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 3
Research100 required

Cobalt Ore is the lowest tier of Hardmode Ore, and can spawn on the first breaking of an Altar. More will spawn on the 4th, 7th, 10th, etc destroyed Altars, albeit in decreasing amounts. Mining Cobalt Ore requires at least a Molten Pickaxe. It is immune to all types of explosions.

Palladium Ore may generate in place of Cobalt Ore. It is slightly more valuable, and the tools and weapons it crafts have slightly better stats.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Cobalt OreCobalt OreChlorophyte ExtractinatorChlorophyte Extractinator Conversion
ShimmerShimmer Transmutation

Used in

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Palladium OrePalladium OreChlorophyte ExtractinatorChlorophyte Extractinator Conversion
Cobalt BarCobalt BarFurnaceFurnace
Desktop versionConsole versionMobile version only:
Cobalt BrickCobalt Brick5
Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS version only:
Cobalt BrickCobalt Brick
Platinum OrePlatinum OreShimmerShimmer Transmutation



Achievement Extra Shiny!.png
Extra Shiny! • Mine a powerful ore that has been newly blessed upon your world.
Mine your first Hardmode ore.


  • Actual Cobalt is a poisonous, magnetic metal (though it is actually a key part of vitamin B12, which is necessary for living beings and has extremely low toxicity). It is named after the Kobold, at that time thought of as a mischievous spirit; this is because smelting its ores were difficult and would often release toxic fumes. Pure cobalt is an element found on the periodic table just after iron, and is actually silver-like in color, however it is never found pure in nature. Its primary historic use was as a pigment used especially in glass or porcelain, as it turns a rich "cobalt blue" when in the compound form of smaltite, made of cobalt, iron, and nickel combined with arsenic. This made cobalt, along with lapis lazuli, one of the few mineral blue pigments, and therefore was an extremely valuable commodity.
  • Several Cobalt items in the game are Japanese-themed, namely the Cobalt Naginata, Cobalt Armor and the Cobalt Sword which resembles a katana.
  • Cobalt Ore's inventory sprite is the same as the one for Adamantite Ore, except rotated and colored blue.
  • Despite being named after (and resembling) the material, the Cobalt Shield cannot be made from ore/bars.

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  • Desktop Placed Cobalt has a new texture. The previous placed sprite was Cobalt Ore (placed) (old).png