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"Projectile" redirects here. For enemies that act like projectiles, see Category:Projectile NPCs.
For projectile-related damage calculations, see Damage § Projectiles. For a list of all projectiles, see Projectile IDs.

Projectiles are entities that serve various purposes in Terraria. Many projectiles deal damage and are created by either the player (e.g. when using most weapons) or enemies with ranged attacks. Minions, sentries, pets, and light pets are also projectiles. Some projectiles are not directly discernible as such, and are frequently used for visual effects, e.g. the "Lightning Ritual" of the Lunatic Cultist (ID 490) or the "Wire Kite" from The Grand Design (ID 651).

A few entities behave like comparable projectiles, but are NPCs (i.e. enemies) instead. For instance, the Fire Imp's Burning Sphere has all the characteristics of an enemy (health, defense, knockback resistance, etc.), unlike actual projectiles, even though it merely serves as the Fire Imp's ranged attack "projectile". See Category:Projectile NPCs for the full list.


  • The number of projectiles that can exist at the same time is capped at 1001.[1]
  • If a player dies from a projectile, its name will be included in the death message, e.g.: "<Player name> was slain by Flaming Scythe."
  • (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Some projectiles fired by the player, e.g. bullets, arrows, and darts, can be reflected by certain enemies and will then deal damage to the player. See List of reflected projectiles for the complete list.
  • Teal Pressure Pads(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) are activated by all projectiles that "belong" to the player (like those from weapons, as well as minions, sentries, pets, and light pets) and cannot go through blocks, in addition to certain other projectiles (like Falling Stars).


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