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An example of fall damage

Fall damage refers to the damage a player character sustains upon falling a large distance. It is one of the basic game mechanics. Fall damage occurs only if the "fall distance" exceeds a fixed threshold, beyond which the damage amount varies linearly with the distance traveled past said threshold. If the damage amount is greater than or equal to the player's current health, the player dies upon impact. Like all kinds of other damage, it can be reduced by the player's defense and damage reduction.

Fall damage works the same way for all solid surfaces, but it does not occur when submerged in water, lava or honey, nor is it applied in certain circumstances, e.g. when landing on the surface of a liquid while wearing an accessory such as Lava Waders or landing on Minecart Track in a Minecart. Fall damage can also be affected by certain buffs and debuffs, such as Stoned. See Interaction for all things that interacts with fall damage.


In the basic case—falling through air directly onto a solid surface, without the use of special accessories or buffs—fall damage is affected by fall distance. No damage is sustained if the fall distance is less than or equal to 25 tiles. Beyond this distance, 10 additional damage is sustained for each tile traveled. Thus, assuming fall distance is greater than 25 tiles, the formula for calculating fall damage is: fall damage = 10×(fall distance - 25).

The 25-tile height threshold is increased to 40 if the Frog Leg is equipped, or 35 if the Moon Lord Legs are equipped.

When the player is inflicted with Stoned, the fall damage seems to use the following formula: fall damage= 20×(fall distance- 2).

The final damage taken will be affected by defense and damage reduction in the same way as other source of damage.



Item Effect
Grappling Hook Hooks Resets fall damage after grappling to a tile.
Minecart Minecarts No fall damage when landing on Minecart Tracks.
Umbrella Umbrella Negates fall damage when held.
Tragic Umbrella Tragic Umbrella
Magic Mirror Magic Mirror
(and its upgrades/equivalents)
Resets fall damage on teleport.
Recall Potion Recall Potion
Potion of Return Potion of Return
Teleportation Potion Teleportation Potion
Wormhole Potion Wormhole Potion
Magic Conch Magic Conch
Demon Conch Demon Conch
Djinn's Curse Djinn's Curse Negates fall damage.


Accessory Effect
Lucky Horseshoe Lucky Horseshoe
(and its upgrades)
Negates fall damage.
Wings Wings
Frog Leg Frog Leg Increases tiles the player can fall before taking fall damage from 25 tiles to 40 tiles.
Moon Lord Legs Moon Lord Legs Increases tiles the player can fall before taking fall damage from 25 tiles to 35 tiles.
Climbing Claws Climbing Claws Resets fall damage after grabbing to the side of blocks.
Shoe Spikes Shoe Spikes
Tiger Climbing Gear Tiger Climbing Gear
Master Ninja Gear Master Ninja Gear
Water Walking Boots Water Walking Boots Negates fall damage when landing on water or honey.
Obsidian Water Walking Boots Obsidian Water Walking Boots
Lava Waders Lava Waders Negates fall damage when landing on liquids.
Hellfire Treads Hellfire Treads
Terraspark Boots Terraspark Boots
Rocket Boots Rocket Boots
(and its upgrades)
Resets fall damage after activating flying.
Flying Carpet Flying Carpet Resets fall damage after activating.
Cloud in a Bottle Extra jump accessories Resets fall damage after jumping.


Mount Effect
Slimy Saddle Slimy Saddle Halves fall damage.
Golf Cart Keys Golf Cart Keys Reduces fall damage.
Mollusk Whistle Mollusk Whistle
Pogo Stick Pogo Stick
Blessed Apple Blessed Apple Reduces fall damage by 80%.
Ancient Horn Ancient Horn
Goat Skull Goat Skull
Brain Scrambler (item) Brain Scrambler (item) Reduces fall damage to 1.
Superheated Blood Superheated Blood
Toy Tank Toy Tank
Fuzzy Carrot Fuzzy Carrot Negates fall damage.
Honeyed Goggles Honeyed Goggles
Scaly Truffle Scaly Truffle
Gelatinous Pillion Gelatinous Pillion
Reindeer Bells Reindeer Bells
Dark Mage's Tome Dark Mage's Tome


Tile Effect
Cobweb Cobweb Negates fall damage when landing on it.
Pink Slime Block Pink Slime Block
Cloud Cloud
Rain Cloud Rain Cloud
Snow Cloud Snow Cloud
LiquidsLiquidsLiquids Liquids
(more than 1 tile deep)
Negates fall damage when fell into them.


Buff/Debuff Effect
Featherfall Featherfall Negates fall damage.
Water Walking Water Walking Negates fall damage when landing on liquids.
Stoned Stoned Increases fall damage and ignores the effect of accessories that grant immunity to fall damage.


On the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, and Mobile version Mobile version, if the player is knocked back or slowed down by an enemy, the fall damage will be reset.

On the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version, Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, and Legacy tModLoader version Legacy tModLoader version, enemies will not reset the player's fall damage.


Achievement Lucky Break.png
Lucky Break • Survive a long fall with just a sliver of health remaining.
Survive a fall with not much health left.
Achievement Safe Fall.png
Safe Fall • “You have landed safely.”
Survive a fall using a Lucky Horseshoe or Cloud in a Bottle.


  • It is possible to build an invincibility machine using fall damage by utilizing hoiks.
  • The player should be careful when falling down long shafts such as hellevators without fall damage or knockback protection, as enemies will not reset the player's fall damage.


  • The maximum amount of fall damage the player can take on a Small world with 0 defense is 10090, from top of the world to the bottom of Underworld.
    • On a Large world, the maximum fall damage is 43620.