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Gravity applies a constant downwards force to the player, affecting vertical speed and how quickly the maximum falling speed is reached. The default gravitational acceleration is 30 tiles/s/s (18.28 m/s/s)Verify, with falling speed capping at 37.5 tiles/s (51 mph) . Certain sources may add modifiers to both gravity and the maximum falling speed to increase or decrease their effects.


Source Effects
Water Lava Water / Lava 50% default max fall speed and 20% default gravity.
Honey Honey 30% default max fall speed and 25% default gravity.
Slimy Saddle Slimy Saddle 200% default max fall speed.
Trident Trident(in water) 60% default max fall speed and 62.5% default gravity (20% and 25% while holding ▲ Up).
Effects are exclusive to Desktop version Desktop, Console version Console, and Mobile version Mobile.
Merfolk (buff) Merfolk(in water) 70% default max fall speed and 75% default gravity.
Featherfall Featherfall 33% (1/3) of current gravity and max fall speed (10% while holding ▲ Up).
No effects while holding ▼ Down.
Djinn's Curse Djinn's Curse
Space Gradual decrease in gravity the closer the player is to the upper map limit, down to 25% default gravity.
Portal Gun Portal Gun 350% default max fall speed.

Reversing gravity

The player's gravity can be reversed by using a Gravitation Potion or Gravity Globe. When used, they allow the holder to flip gravity, so that the player falls up instead of down, and toggle gravity back to normal afterward. Once used, pressing the ▲ Up key toggles the gravity direction. This only affects the player with the item used. Other notable observations include:

  • Hitting the upper limit of the map while gravity is reversed will cause gravity to revert to normal. This will not reset the flight timer.
  • The Wisp in a Bottle, as well as its controls, remain upside down in reversed gravity.
  • Fishing is possible in reverse gravity; the fishing bobber will fall "upward" into the water.
  • In the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version, there is the option to turn off "World Flips Upside Down", making it so only the player flips.

Being in reversed gravity may also apply certain restrictions:

  • Mounts cannot be summoned.
  • Platforms will not stop players falling upwards, and they will instead fall through them. Hammering a platform three times will allow the player to "land" on it upside down and reset the flight time.
  • Golf cannot be done on reverse gravity; the player will not even be able to swing the club.
  • The Gravity Globe does not change gravity while grappled, even if gravity is already flipped.

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  • Desktop
    • Fixed (again) an issue where Celestial Pillar shields would fly into the sky when reversing gravity.
    • Fixed an issue where pressing UP to flip Gravity would dismount the player from flying mounts. Now, it simply does not flip Gravity when in mounts.
    • Fixed a reverse gravity issue where the Floating Piggy Bank's mouseover detection would be in the wrong direction.
    • Fixed a reverse gravity issue where Blizzard Staff-style weapons would converge in the opposite direction of where the player aimed.
    • Fixed a reverse gravity issue where the player would get stuck on hammered platforms.
    • Fixed an issue where Forbidden Set's ring did not flip properly in reverse gravity.
    • Fixed a reverse gravity issue where some weapons wouldn't flip with the player.
    • Fixed a reverse gravity issue where cobwebs did not correctly slow inverted players.