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Extra jumps allow the player to perform one or more extra mid-air jumps and are granted by five different accessories and four different mounts.

Example of 3 types of jumps using the Bundle of Balloons.

Each extra jump has a certain type, dictated by the accessory or mount. Jumps of the same type will not stack with each other but will stack with other types, allowing for more than two consecutive jumps. For example, equipping a Cloud in a Bottle and a Tsunami in a Bottle will grant two additional jumps, while combining a Cloud in a Bottle with a Cloud in a Balloon will only grant one extra jump. Each type displays a unique particle effect when used, which always occur in the same order: Summoned mount's jump first, followed by Sandstorm, Blizzard, Fart, Tsunami, and Cloud.

An extra jump uses the same jump speed as the base jump but with a different jump duration. For example, with default jump speed, a sustained jump from a Sandstorm in a Bottle lasts 3 times longer than a base jump, reaching a maximum height of 21.18 tiles, which is an increase of 237.8% compared to the base jump reach of 6.27 tiles.


Extra jumps are granted by the five types of bottle accessories and their upgrades, listed in the following table. As described above, while it is possible to stack multiple jumps of different types (i.e. different rows), it is not possible to stack multiple jumps of the same type (i.e. within the same row).

Jump type Items Jump
jump reach[2]
Cloud 75% 11.46 tiles (+82.78%)
19.97 tiles (+218.5%)
Blizzard 150% 14.7 tiles (+134.45%)
25.69 tiles (+309.73%)
Sandstorm 300% 21.18 tiles (+237.8%)
37.15 tiles (+492.5%)
Fart 200% 16.86 tiles (+168.9%)
29.51 tiles (+370.65%)
125% 13.62 tiles (+117.22%)
23.79 tiles (+279.43%)


There are four mounts that allow an additional jump mid-air.

Mount Jump
Unicorn Mount Unicorn Mount(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) 200%
Basilisk Mount Basilisk Mount(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) 75%
Santank Mount Santank Mount(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) 200%
Goat Mount Goat Mount(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) 200%


  • Jumping underwater with Flippers will count as an extra jump, preventing that jump from being used after breaching the water's surface.



  1. In relation to jump duration of the first jump.
  2. Assuming gravity is default, no other boosts are in effect, only the jump type from the respective row is used, and the second jump is activated immediately after the first one is completed. The increase in percent is referring to the increase from base jump reach (6.27 tiles).
  3. In relation to jump duration of the first jump with the mount.