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Critical hits occur randomly when striking enemies. By default, each successful hit on an enemy has a 4% chance of being a "critical hit", dealing approximately double the usual damage of the weapon in use with 40% more knockback. A small number of weapons have a base critical strike chance that is higher than the default 4%. In addition, certain modifiers, armor bonuses, accessories, and buffs can boost the player's effective critical strike chance.

Visually, critical hits are displayed as slightly exaggerated bold damage numbers that linger on-screen for a longer period, have deeper color, and travel slightly higher than damage numbers from ordinary hits.


  • Minions cannot normally deal critical hits, only by wearing a full set of Monk armor (16.7%) or Shinobi Infiltrator armor (25%) with any of the Lightning Aura sentry summons or by using a Morning Star (5%) or Kaleidoscope (10%) with any minion can crits be dealt at a fixed rate depending on which is used.
    • Because sentries do not benefit from whip effects, these two factors cannot be stacked, meaning that the maximum critical hit rate of any summon weapon is 25%.
  • Players attacking other players in PvP will also not deal critical hits.

Weapons with non-standard base critical strike chance

Weapon Base
Critical Chance
Internal Item ID: 96
Internal Item ID: 220
11% / 4%
Poisoned KnifePoisoned Knife
Internal Item ID: 287
Ice BoomerangIce Boomerang
Internal Item ID: 670
6% / 4%
Internal Item ID: 671
17% / 4%
Internal Item ID: 682
Ice BladeIce Blade
Internal Item ID: 724
Sniper RifleSniper Rifle
Internal Item ID: 1254
29% / 19%
Staff of EarthStaff of Earth
Internal Item ID: 1296
24% / 4%
Internal Item ID: 1553
14% /
Candy Corn RifleCandy Corn Rifle
Internal Item ID: 1782
Jack 'O Lantern LauncherJack 'O Lantern Launcher
Internal Item ID: 1784
Stake LauncherStake Launcher
Internal Item ID: 1835
Pulse BowPulse Bow
Internal Item ID: 2223
Internal Item ID: 2269
Internal Item ID: 2273
Obsidian SwordfishObsidian Swordfish
Internal Item ID: 2331
Shadowflame BowShadowflame Bow
Internal Item ID: 3052
Shadowflame Hex DollShadowflame Hex Doll
Internal Item ID: 3053
Shadowflame KnifeShadowflame Knife
Internal Item ID: 3054
Wand of SparkingWand of Sparking
Internal Item ID: 3069
14% / 4%
Slap HandSlap Hand
Internal Item ID: 3258
Internal Item ID: 3291
14% / 4%
Paintball GunPaintball Gun
Internal Item ID: 3350
Internal Item ID: 3389
Sky FractureSky Fracture
Internal Item ID: 3787
Aerial BaneAerial Bane
Internal Item ID: 3859
Stellar TuneStellar Tune
Internal Item ID: 4715
First FractalFirst Fractal
Internal Item ID: 4722
Internal Item ID: 4923
Internal Item ID: 4956
Lucy the AxeLucy the Axe
Internal Item ID: 5095

Boost gear


Item Critical Chance
Solar Flare HelmetSolar Flare Helmet +26% / +17%
Moon CharmMoon Charm +2% (during night)
AleAle +2%
Mythril HelmetMythril Helmet +5%
Adamantite HelmetAdamantite Helmet +7%
Titanium MaskTitanium Mask +8%
Hallowed MaskHallowed Mask +10%
Chlorophyte MaskChlorophyte Mask +6%
Turtle Scale MailTurtle Scale Mail +8%
Turtle LeggingsTurtle Leggings +4%
Beetle Scale MailBeetle Scale Mail +8%
Beetle ShellBeetle Shell +5%
Frost BreastplateFrost Breastplate +11%
Squire's GreavesSquire's Greaves +15%
Monk's PantsMonk's Pants +15%
Valhalla Knight's GreavesValhalla Knight's Greaves +20%
Shinobi Infiltrator's PantsShinobi Infiltrator's Pants +20%


Item Critical Chance
Fossil HelmetFossil Helmet ( only) +3%
Fossil PlateFossil Plate ( only) +3%
Fossil GreavesFossil Greaves ( only) +3%
Cobalt MaskCobalt Mask +6%
Mythril HatMythril Hat +7%
Adamantite MaskAdamantite Mask +8%
Palladium HelmetPalladium Helmet +9%
Orichalcum HelmetOrichalcum Helmet +15%
Titanium HelmetTitanium Helmet +7%
Hallowed HelmetHallowed Helmet +8%
Shroomite Headpiece (All helmets) +5%
Shroomite BreastplateShroomite Breastplate +13%
Shroomite LeggingsShroomite Leggings +7%
Vortex HelmetVortex Helmet +7%
Vortex BreastplateVortex Breastplate +12%
Vortex LeggingsVortex Leggings +8%
Cloak from Shroomite armor Up to +10%
Cloak from Vortex armor Up to +20%
Frost BreastplateFrost Breastplate +11%
Huntress's WigHuntress's Wig +10%
Red Riding HoodRed Riding Hood +10%
Sniper ScopeSniper Scope +10%
Recon ScopeRecon Scope +10%
Titan HelmetTitan Helmet (Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS version only) +10%
Titan MailTitan Mail (Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS version only) +10%
Ninja HoodNinja Hood ( only) +3%
Ninja ShirtNinja Shirt ( only) +3%
Ninja PantsNinja Pants ( only) +3%


Item Critical Chance
Crystal BallCrystal Ball +2%
Gypsy RobeGypsy Robe +6%
Magic HatMagic Hat +7%
Jungle armorJungle armor +12% / 9%
Cobalt HatCobalt Hat +9%
Adamantite HeadgearAdamantite Headgear +11%
Palladium HeadgearPalladium Headgear +7%
Orichalcum HeadgearOrichalcum Headgear +18%
Titanium HeadgearTitanium Headgear +7%
Hallowed HeadgearHallowed Headgear +12%
Spectre MaskSpectre Mask +5%
Spectre RobeSpectre Robe +7%
Wizard HatWizard Hat with a Robe +10%
Apprentice's TrousersApprentice's Trousers +20%
Dark Artist's LeggingsDark Artist's Leggings +25%
Spectral HeadgearSpectral Headgear (Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS version only) +15%
Spectral ArmorSpectral Armor (Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS version only) +10%
Nebula BreastplateNebula Breastplate +9%


Item Critical Chance
Well FedWell Fed +2%
Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied +3%
Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed +4%
Brain of ConfusionBrain of Confusion
(Cerebral Mindtrick)
( only)
Rage PotionRage Potion +10%
GiGi +5%
Cobalt BreastplateCobalt Breastplate +5%
Mythril GreavesMythril Greaves +3%
Adamantite LeggingsAdamantite Leggings +4%
Palladium BreastplatePalladium Breastplate +2%
Palladium LeggingsPalladium Leggings +1%
Orichalcum BreastplateOrichalcum Breastplate +6%
Titanium BreastplateTitanium Breastplate +3%
Titanium LeggingsTitanium Leggings +3%
Hallowed Plate MailHallowed Plate Mail +7%
Chlorophyte Plate MailChlorophyte Plate Mail +7%
Chlorophyte GreavesChlorophyte Greaves +8%
Precise or Lucky modifier on accessories +2% or +4%
Destroyer EmblemDestroyer Emblem +8%
Eye of the GolemEye of the Golem +10%
Putrid ScentPutrid Scent +5%
Celestial StoneCelestial Stone +2%
Celestial ShellCelestial Shell +2%
Sun StoneSun Stone +2%
Moon StoneMoon Stone +2%
Reforged weapons Max +5%
Dragon MaskDragon Mask (Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS version only) +15%
Dragon BreastplateDragon Breastplate (Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS version only) +10%


  • Damage is doubled after being reduced by defense.
  • When held, weapon modifiers affect all outgoing critical hits from that class's projectiles. Weapon modifiers will cease affecting critical chance when not selected.
  • While ammo might seem to be affected by crit bonuses, crit chance actually entirely depends on weapon stats.
  • It is generally best to attempt to equalize total accessory crit chance bonus and total accessory damage bonus, as this will maximize the overall DPS.

Maximizing critical hits

  • Maximum critical strike chance is 167%, attained by combining the following:
  • Any accessory with the Lucky modifier can be equipped in the remaining 2 accessory slots.
  • Although the Psycho KnifePsycho Knife will increase critical strike chance by 30% at its stealth mode, the critical strike chance shown in the tooltip will be 100% when the actual critical strike chance is higher than 100%.
  • Maximum critical strike chance is 146%, attained by combining the following at night:
  • Maximum critical chance is 121%, attained by combining the following:
  • Maximum critical strike chance is 178%, attained by combining the following:
  • Maximum critical strike chance is 154%, attained by combining the following:
  • Maximum critical strike chance is 124%, attained by combining the following:
  • As this chance caps at 100%, minor bonus items like Celestial StoneCelestial Stone (-2) or Moon StoneMoon Stone (-2) can be swapped, and switch the armor to full Shroomite armorShroomite armor (-10) and still have 100% chance. It is even possible to use a different weapon (-15) as the stealth effect from the Shroomite armor will add an extra 10% back when necessary.
  • Maximum critical strike chance is 160%, attained by combining the following:
  • Any accessory with the Lucky modifier can be equipped in the remaining 2 accessory slots.
  • Any of these weapons can be used: Sky Fracture, Staff of Earth, or Stellar Tune.
  • Maximum critical strike chance is 148%, attained by combining the following:
  • Either the Sky Fracture or Staff of Earth can be used.
  • Maximum critical strike chance is 94%, attained by combining the following with any Mythical weapon and any Lucky accessory:
  • Maximum critical strike chance is 89%, attained by combining the following:


  • Desktop Critical Strike increase on accessory reforges have been doubled. Example: The Lucky Reforge was boosted from 2% to 4%.