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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.

This page lists all reflectible projectiles. The Selenian, Expert Mode Biome Mimics, the Dreadnautilus, and the Shimmer Slime will be able to reflect any of these projectiles when hit in their respective projectile-reflecting phase. Reflected projectiles will no longer deal damage to enemies and will be able to damage the player instead. They always deal 50% their original damage, can never pierce, and do not inflict debuffs.[1]


Projectile Source
ID Image Name
1-pxWooden Arrow (friendly)Any standard bow/repeater using Wooden Arrows or Endless Quiver, Guide during pre-Hardmode
2-pxFire ArrowAny standard bow/repeater using Flaming Arrows (or Wooden Arrows with Molten Quiver equipped), Guide during Hardmode, Wooden Arrows fired from Molten Fury
3-pxShurikenShuriken (thrown)
4-pxUnholy ArrowAny standard bow/repeater using Unholy Arrows
5-pxJester's ArrowAny standard bow/repeater using Jester's Arrows
15-pxBall of FireFlower of Fire, (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Wizard
20-pxGreen LaserSpace Gun, Zapinator
21-pxBoneBone (thrown), Skeleton Merchant
27-pxWater BoltWater Bolt
36-pxMeteor ShotAny standard gun using Meteor Shots
41-pxHellfire ArrowAny standard bow/repeater using Hellfire Arrows
48-pxThrowing KnifeThrowing Knife (thrown), (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Merchant
51-pxSeedBlowpipe, Blowgun
54-pxPoisoned KnifePoisoned Knife (thrown)
69-pxHoly WaterHoly Water (thrown)
70-pxUnholy WaterUnholy Water (thrown)
76-pxQuarter NoteMagical Harp
77-pxEighth NoteMagical Harp
78-pxTied Eighth NoteMagical Harp
88-pxPurple LaserLaser Rifle
89-pxCrystal BulletAny standard gun using Crystal Bullets
90-pxCrystal ShardCrystal Bullets
91-pxHoly ArrowAny standard bow/repeater using Holy Arrows
93-pxMagic DaggerMagic Dagger (thrown)
94-pxCrystal StormCrystal Storm
95-pxCursed Flame (friendly)Cursed Flames
103-pxCursed ArrowAny standard bow/repeater using Cursed Arrows
104-pxCursed BulletAny standard gun using Cursed Bullets
117-pxBone ArrowMarrow using any type of Arrows
118-pxIce BoltIce Blade
119-pxFrost BoltFrostbrand
120-pxFrost ArrowIce Bow using any type of Arrows
121-pxAmethyst BoltAmethyst Staff
122-pxTopaz BoltTopaz Staff
123-pxSapphire BoltSapphire Staff
124-pxEmerald BoltEmerald Staff
125-pxRuby BoltRuby Staff
126-pxDiamond BoltDiamond Staff
158-pxCopper CoinCoin Gun using Copper Coins
159-pxSilver CoinCoin Gun using Silver Coins
160-pxGold CoinCoin Gun using Gold Coins
161-pxPlatinum CoinCoin Gun using Platinum Coins
162-pxCannonball (friendly)Cannon using Cannonballs, (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Pirate
166-pxSnow Ball (friendly)Snowball (thrown), Snowball Cannon, Snowball Launcher
172-pxFrostburn ArrowAny standard bow/repeater using Frostburn Arrows
195-pxPygmy SpearPygmies
207-pxChlorophyte BulletAny standard gun using Chlorophyte Bullets
225-pxChlorophyte ArrowAny standard bow/repeater using Chlorophyte Arrows
242-pxHigh Velocity BulletAny standard gun using High Velocity Bullets or Uzi, Sniper Rifle, or Venus Magnum using Silver/Tungsten Bullets or Musket Balls
(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Steampunker
248-pxFlower Pow PetalFlower Pow
249-pxStynger ShrapnelStynger
253-pxBall of FrostFlower of Frost
265-pxPoison FangPoison Staff
267-pxPoison DartBlowgun, Blowpipe, Dart Pistol or Dart Rifle using Poison Darts, (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Witch Doctor
278-pxIchor ArrowAny standard bow/repeater using Ichor Arrows
279-pxIchor BulletAny standard gun using Ichor Bullets
282-pxVenom ArrowAny standard bow/repeater using Venom Arrows
283-pxVenom BulletAny standard gun using Venom Bullets
284-pxParty BulletAny standard gun using Party Bullets
285-pxNano BulletAny standard gun using Nano Bullets
286-pxExplosive BulletAny standard gun using Exploding Bullets
287-pxGolden BulletAny standard gun using Golden Bullets
304-pxVampire KnifeVampire Knives
306-pxEater's BiteScourge of the Corruptor
309-pxFrost Blast (friendly)Frost Hydra
311-pxCandy CornCandy Corn Rifle using Candy Corn
312-pxJack 'O LanternJack 'O Lantern Launcher
318-pxRotten EggRotten Egg (thrown)
323-pxStakeStake Launcher using Stakes
330-pxStar AniseStar Anise (thrown)
336-pxPine Needle (friendly)Razorpine
337-pxBlizzardBlizzard Staff
344-pxNorth Pole SnowflakeNorth Pole
355-pxVenom FangVenom Staff
357-pxPulse BoltPulse Bow using any type of Arrows, (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Traveling Merchant during Hardmode
359-pxFrost BoltFrost Staff
374-pxHornet StingerHornet (minion)
376-pxImp FireballFlying Imp (minion)
389-pxMini Retina LaserRetanimini
408-pxMini SharkronTempest
424-pxMeteor 1Meteor Staff
425-pxMeteor 2Meteor Staff
426-pxMeteor 3Meteor Staff
440-pxLaserLaser Machinegun
442-pxElectrosphere MissileElectrosphere Launcher
459-pxCharged Blaster OrbCharged Blaster Cannon
469-pxBee ArrowThe Bee's Knees using any type of Arrows
474-pxBone ArrowAny standard bow/repeater using Bone Arrows
477-pxCrystal DartBlowpipe, Blowgun, Dart Pistol or Dart Rifle using Crystal Darts
478-pxCursed DartBlowpipe, Blowgun, Dart Pistol or Dart Rifle using Cursed Darts
479-pxIchor DartBlowpipe, Blowgun, Dart Pistol or Dart Rifle using Ichor Darts
484-pxSeedler ThornSeedler
485-pxHellwingHellwing Bow using any type of Arrows
495-pxShadowflame ArrowShadowflame Bow using any type of Arrows
497-pxShadowflame KnifeShadowflame Knife
504-pxSparkButcher's Chainsaw
507-pxJavelin (friendly)Javelins (thrown)
510-pxToxic FlaskToxic Flask
520-pxFrost DaggerfishFrost Daggerfish (thrown), Angler
521-pxCrystal Charge 1Crystal Serpent
522-pxCrystal Charge 2Crystal Serpent
532-pxXBoneBone Glove using Bones
587-pxPaintballPainter, Paintball Gun
589-pxChristmas OrnamentSanta Claus
597-pxAmber BoltAmber Staff
599-pxBone DaggerBone Throwing Knife (thrown)
606-pxScutlix LaserScutlix Mount
616-pxVortex RocketVortex Beater
619-pxNebula Arcanum Explosion ShotNebula Arcanum
620-pxNebula Arcanum Explosion Shot ShardNebula Arcanum
621-pxBlood WaterBlood Water (thrown)
634-pxNebula BlazeNebula Blaze
635-pxNebula Blaze ExNebula Blaze
638-pxLuminite BulletAny standard gun using Luminite Bullets
639-pxLuminite ArrowAny standard bow/repeater using Luminite Arrows
640-pxLuminite Arrow TrailLuminite Arrows
645Lunar Flare (projectile).gifLunar FlareLunar Flare
660Sky Fracture (projectile).pngSky FractureSky Fracture
661-pxOnyx BlasterOnyx Blaster
664-pxFlameburst Tower Shot (tier 1)Flameburst Rod
666-pxFlameburst Tower Shot (tier 2)Flameburst Cane
668-pxFlameburst Tower Shot (tier 3)Flameburst Staff
680-pxBallista ShotBallista Rod, Ballista Cane, Ballista Staff
684-pxHearty SlashFlying Dragon
706-pxPhantom PhoenixPhantom Phoenix
709-pxSky Dragon's Fury (alt shot)Sky Dragon's Fury
710-pxAerial BaneAerial Bane
711-pxBetsy's WrathBetsy's Wrath
712-pxTome of Infinite WisdomTome of Infinite Wisdom
728-pxSuper Star CannonSuper Star Shooter
731-pxThunder ZapperThunder Zapper
819-pxBlood RainBlood Rain Bow
837-pxSkullBook of Skulls
876-pxZapinatorGray Zapinator, Orange Zapinator
937-pxVolatile GelatinVolatile Gelatin
954-pxSparkWand of Sparking
955-pxFalling StarStar Cannon
967-pxHoundius Shootius FireballHoundius Shootius
968-pxPew-Matic StuffPew-matic Horn
979-pxFrostWand of Frosting
981-pxBulletSilver Bullet
1006-pxShimmer ArrowShimmer Arrow
1012-pxWaffleWaffle's Iron



  • Desktop 1.4.4:
    • Reflected projectiles now only deal 50% original damage to the player, instead of 100%.
    • Reflected projectiles no longer scale and deal extra damage in Expert/Master Mode.


  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, method ReflectProjectile() in Terraria.NPC.cs.