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Movement speed is one of the player's stats and affects how quickly they can travel around. Many features can affect movement speed, such as Movement Accessories, Wings, Mounts, Minecarts and Liquids, along with certain Buffs, Debuffs, Armor and other hazards such as Ice Blocks and Cobwebs. Movement speed can be broken down into horizontal movement, which is the most affected component by most sources, and vertical movement, which is mostly affected by Wings and Movement Accessories.

Horizontal movement

All characters start with a horizontal movement speed of 11 tiles/second, or 15 mph (shown by the Stopwatch). While moving, the character will automatically climb any one-block high ledge or hill, and horizontal movement speed is not impeded by doing so (climbing over a pyramid is just as fast as tunneling through it). These values are ignoring the small amount of time it takes to accelerate from a standing position.

Horizontal movement speed is capped at 1.6 × base speed, or +60%.

  • Hooks reel in the player at a constant speed regardless of speed boosting accessories. The more movement speed boosts a player has, the less noticeable the speed boost a hook provided is.
  • Sprinting accessories increase the player's max speed to a fixed value. Using other movement boosts with any of the accessories only increases one's acceleration.
Object Effect
(% increase)
Nothing from below 100% 11.36 22.72
Adamantite LeggingsAdamantite Leggings +5% +0.57 +1.14
Chlorophyte GreavesChlorophyte Greaves +5% +0.57 +1.14
Titanium LeggingsTitanium Leggings +6% +0.684 +1.368
Beetle Scale MailBeetle Scale Mail +6% +0.684 +1.368
Beetle LeggingsBeetle Leggings +6% +0.684 +1.368
Cobalt HelmetCobalt Helmet +10% +0.798 +1.596
Orichalcum MaskOrichalcum Mask +7% +0.798 +1.596
Orichalcum HelmetOrichalcum Helmet +8% +0.912 +1.824
Hallowed GreavesHallowed Greaves +8% +0.912 +1.824
Frost LeggingsFrost Leggings +8% +0.912 +1.824
Spectre PantsSpectre Pants +8% +0.912 +1.824
GiGi +10% +1.14 +2.28
Cobalt LeggingsCobalt Leggings +10% +1.14 +2.28
Nebula LeggingsNebula Leggings +10% +1.14 +2.28
Vortex LeggingsVortex Leggings +10% +1.14 +2.28
Orichalcum LeggingsOrichalcum Leggings +11% +1.254 +2.508
Shroomite LeggingsShroomite Leggings +12% +1.368 +2.736
Shadow armorShadow armor / Ancient Shadow armorAncient Shadow armor: Full set +15% +1.71 +3.43
Solar Flare LeggingsSolar Flare Leggings +15% +1.71 +3.43
Adamantite armorAdamantite armor: Full set with Helmet +20% +2.052 +4.104
Squire's GreavesSquire's Greaves +20% +2.28 +4.56
Huntress's PantsHuntress's Pants +20% +2.28 +4.56
Monk's PantsMonk's Pants +20% +2.28 +4.56
Red Riding LeggingsRed Riding Leggings +20% +2.28 +4.56
Shinobi Infiltrator's PantsShinobi Infiltrator's Pants +30% +2.28 +4.56
Crystal Assassin PantsCrystal Assassin Pants +20% +2.28 +4.56
Valhalla Knight's GreavesValhalla Knight's Greaves +20% +3.42 +6.84
Hallowed armorHallowed armor: Full set with Mask +27% +3.078 +6.156
Vortex armorVortex armor: Full set while in stealth -33% -3.42 -6.84
AgletAglet +5% +0.57 +1.14
Frostspark BootsFrostspark Boots +8% +0.921 +1.842
Anklet of the WindAnklet of the Wind +10% +1.14 +2.28
Ice SkatesIce Skates (on Ice) +35% +3.99 +7.98
Dunerider BootsDunerider Boots (on Sand) +76% +8.7 +17.41
Werewolf (buff)Werewolf (buff) +5% +0.57 +1.14
Happy!Happy! +10% +1.14 +2.28
Well FedWell Fed +20% +2.28 +4.56
SwiftnessSwiftness +25% +2.85 +5.70
Plenty SatisfiedPlenty Satisfied +30% +3.42 +6.84
Exquisitely StuffedExquisitely Stuffed +40% +4.56 +9.12
Panic!Panic! +50% +5.7 +11.4
Sugar RushSugar Rush +20% +2.28 +4.56
WeakWeak -10% -1.14 -2.28
ChilledChilled -25% -2.28 -4.56
BurningBurning -50% -5.7 -11.4
SlowSlow -50% -5.7 -11.4
OozedOozed -66% -7.524 -15.048
DazedDazed -66% -7.524 -15.048
Brisk +1% +0.114 +0.228
Fleeting +2% +0.228 +0.456
Hasty +3% +0.342 +0.684
Quick +4% +0.456 +0.912
Maximum Possible
Without buff(s): +67% +7.611 +15.222
With both buffs (Well Fed, Swiftness): +89% +12.723 +25.446
With both buffs and all quick (Demon Heart used): +136% +15.449 +30.899
  • Modifiers are only applicable to accessories. Five accessories may have these modifiers, meaning +20% horizontal speed possible. Only one of these modifiers may be applied at a time. (See: Reforging)

Vertical movement

Upward movement

There are two quantities that play a role when dealing with vertical upward movement: jump duration and jump speed. Together, they describe jump reach, the maximum number of tiles that a character can ascend with a jump. All characters have a base jump duration of 15 and a base jump speed of 5.01,[1] granting them a base jump reach of 6.27 tiles.

A jump in Terraria consists of two phases: First, the character steadily ascends with a fixed velocity, and then slows down their ascension rate until coming to a stop when reaching the peak of the jump.

  • The first phase lasts for jump duration + 1 ticks[2], i.e. 16 ticks (0.267 seconds) for default characters, though releasing the Jump key will terminate it prematurely – hence, in order to acquire the maximum possible jump reach, the Jump key must be held for the entire duration of the first phase. The velocity during this phase is equal to jump speed (in pixels/tick) minus gravity (0.4 by default, below the Space layer), i.e. 17.2875 tiles/second for default characters; it is acquired instantly when starting the jump and it is not altered until the first phase is completed.
  • The second phase begins when jump duration has been exhausted: The character is now normally only subject to gravity, which will linearly reduce their velocity. The phase is terminated when the character's velocity becomes zero and they have reached the peak of their jump.

It can be seen that while jump duration affects for how long the character surmounts gravity and moves upward, jump speed dictates the character's velocity during their ascent.

With this information, jump reach for any given combination of jump duration, jump speed, and gravity can be calculated:

The two summands here represent the two phases of the jump, as described above.

The base jump reach of all characters can be determined by inserting the default values into the formula:

The result value is in pixels; dividing it by 16 gives the number of tiles:


The following table lists all items that have an effect on jump duration and/or jump speed.[3] Items that are listed in the same row do not stack with each other.

Items Jump
jump reach[4]
BalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloonsBalloons 20 6.51 10.94 tiles (+74.48%)
n/a +2.4 10.85 tiles (+73.05%)
n/a +2.4 10.85 tiles (+73.05%)
+1 +1.8 10.02 tiles (+59.81%)
Werewolf (buff)Werewolf (buff) () +2 +0.2 7.22 tiles (+15.15%)
Step StoolStep Stool(when in use) +5 n/a 7.71 tiles (+22.97%)
Being atop Honey BlockHoney Blocks
(applied after all other effects)
-90% -80% 0.12 tiles (-98.09%)

The maximum possible jump reach is 36.42 tiles (plus another 1.625 tiles from standing atop the Step Stool; +506.78% in total), attainable by equipping one of the accessories from each row above (e.g. a Shiny Red Balloon, the Soaring Insignia, a Frog Leg, the Moon Lord Legs, a Moon Charm, and a Step Stool), at night and while using the Step Stool.

Multiple jumps

Main article: Extra jump

Usually, a character may only perform a single jump and will need to stand on a surface again before pressing the Jump button causes the character to ascend again. However, certain items grant the ability to perform another jump mid-air which is functionally identical to the regular jump described above. These items set an own jump duration for their respective jump.

Downward movement

Main article: Gravity

Characters falling downward constantly accelerate with 1.5 tiles/second², but falling speed is capped at 37.5 tiles/second (or 51 mph). However, both of these values may be modified by certain items, buffs, and environmental factors.

Medium movement

There are currently 4 mediums in the game other than air: Water, Lava, Cobwebs, and Honey. They all have slowing effects on movement compared to that of air. All wings also reduce fall speed compared to that of air.

Medium(s) Effect
(% decrease)
No Medium None ~11.36 ~22.72
Water -33% ~7.86 ~15.72
Lava -33% ~7.86 ~15.72
Cobweb -93.65% ~0.67 ~1.34
Water & Cobweb -96.82% ~0.45 ~0.9

Maximizing speed

Horizontal speed

On the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, and Mobile version Mobile version, the maximum horizontal speed possible is 293 mph, achieved by using these items/buffs, and following this process:

  1. Equip all following items, and apply all buffs except Panic! and Happy!.
  2. Quit the world, and then re-enter the world.
  3. Trigger the Panic! buff and enter the runway area with the Happy! buff. Make sure that among all buffs that affect movement speed, the Happy! buff is at the rightmost buff slot.
Items and buffs

Vertical speed

On the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, and Mobile version Mobile version, the maximum stable ascend speed (i.e. the speed remains the same when ascending) possible is 306 mph, achieved by using the following items. Note that the Celestial Starboard's boost effect should be suspended after speeding up, otherwise the speed will be capped at 205 mph.

For the maximum instantaneous speed, use the same loadout as above, and mount the Gelatinous PillionGelatinous Pillion after reaching maximum speed. This will further increase the speed to about 570 mph briefly. However, by using the Inner TubeInner Tube, the player can achieve infinite speed theoretically.

The maximum falling speed is 179 mph, achieved by holding a Portal GunPortal Gun.


  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, method Update() in Terraria.Player.cs. There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version Desktop version is
  2. A tick is a time unit countable by the software. Most of Terraria's updating logic happens every tick. A tick has the length of 1/60th of a second, hence there are 60 ticks in a second and 3600 ticks in a minute.
  3. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop 1.4.2 source code, method UpdateJumpHeight() in Terraria.Player.cs. There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version Desktop version is
  4. Assuming gravity is default and no boosts other than the one of the respective row are in effect (use the formula above for multiple boosts). The increase in percent is referring to the increase from base jump reach (6.27 tiles).