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"Hungry" redirects here. For the enemy spawned by the Wall of Flesh, see The Hungry.

Hunger is a gameplay mechanic that is only present in The Constant and Get fixed boi secret worlds. It consists of three stages, indicated by separate debuffs. The first stage appears immediately after world creation, but has no actual effect. After some time, the second and third stages are reached, which reduce the player's stats and eventually make the player continuously lose health.

Consuming any type of food temporarily disables hunger. The debuff will be suppressed for the duration of the food buff, but once the buff expires, the first stage of hunger will appear again.

Eating a Mushroom while hunger is active also resets the debuff to the beginning of the first stage.

At the beginning of each stage, a corresponding emote will appear.

Emote Peckish.gif
Emote Hungry.gif
Emote Starving.gif


The first stage of Hunger is Peckish, and lasts 5 minutes in Constant worlds or 8 minutes in Get fixed boi worlds. After this duration, the second stage is activated and the player becomes Hungry. After another 5 minutes / 8 minutes, the final stage, Starving, is reached. It lasts until the player consumes any food or dies. While Starving, the player loses health equal to 2% of their maximum health per second (4% in Desert and Snow biomes), and all positive health regeneration is nullified.[2]

Peckish does not have any functional effects, whereas Hungry and Starving decrease the player's stats:[3]

Stat Hungry
Defense −2 −4
Damage −5% −10%
Melee speed −5% −10%
Critical strike chance −2% −4%
Minion knockback −50% −100%
Mining speed −5% −15%


  • Dying from starvation will display one of the following unique death messages:
    • "<Player name> starved to death."
    • "<Player name> couldn't find food."
    • "<Player name> forgot to eat."
  • The icons of these debuffs are based on the Hunger icon from Don't Starve.
  • All characters spawn with Peckish upon world generation, but the debuff is removed instantly if not in a Constant or Get fixed boi world.[4]

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  • Desktop 1.4.4: Eating regular Mushrooms will now reset hunger back to full duration of Peckish.
  • Desktop Fixed an issue where changing hunger status would delete certain buffs.


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