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A simple golf course consisting of a Golf Tee (left, with a Golf Ball atop it) and a Golf Cup (right). The player is holding a Worn Golf Club (Iron).

Golf is an in-game activity where players hit Golf Balls into Golf Cups using Golf Clubs. Golf supplies can be purchased from the Golfer NPC. Golf courses are not naturally-occurring and must be built.


Setting up

The player needs to obtain the following basic components to build their course: any Golf Club, a Golf Cup, and a Golf Tee to place the ball. Optionally, a Golf Ball can be acquired for changing the ball's color and for placing the ball outside of Golf Tees.

How to play

Golf Swing Bar.gif
The meter which appears while readying a stroke.

To play golf, the player should either place a Golf Tee and then put a ball on it by pressing Open / Activate on the tee, or just drop the ball on the ground. Then, they should use one of the four types of clubs to hit it, those being the Driver, the Iron, the Wedge, and the Putter. When the player is holding a club, a white meter will appear below the ball when the player is readying a stroke, and holding down Use / Attack will cause the meter to fill from red to blue, indicating the power of the stroke and increasing the distance the ball will travel when the club is swung. The goal is to get the ball into the hole in as few hits or "strokes" as possible. Using the Golf Whistle will return the ball to its previous position at the cost of a one-stroke penalty.

Golf score

Separate from the regular golf scoring system of stroke count, golf score is a statistic used to track a character's overall experience with playing golf. The golf score is calculated based on the number of strokes used and the total of the Euclidean distances of each shot. That is, by drawing a straight line between each location a shot is taken, and where the ball subsequently lands, the total distance will be the total length of all those lines. The calculated score is then rounded down before being added to the character's accumulated score. The exact score before rounding is calculated using the following formula:

score = (total distance / 16) / (strokes + 2)

A player can accumulate a maximum total score of 1,000,000,000.[1] The Golfer's shop inventory will expand as the player increases their total score, but will not expand after 2000. The availability of some of his quotes is also tied to the player's golf score. In addition, reaching certain golf score thresholds unlocks the Football in the Party Girl's shop and the Hunter Cloak in the Clothier's shop.


  • The speed and trajectory of Golf Balls are affected by the following:
    • Golf Balls will travel further when hit from hard surfaces such as Stone Blocks or Gray Bricks. Starting on a Golf Tee will make the ball travel further as well. Ice will cause Golf Balls to skid further when rolling on it.
    • Conversely, surfaces such as Sand, Silt, Slush, Cloud or Living Leaves will slow Golf Balls down and make them harder to swing, unless with a Wedge club. Honey Blocks will also slow them down, practically to a halt.
    • Golf Balls will not break Cobwebs, but they will slow down when moving through them.
    • Plants such as vines, tall grass, and thorny bushes will slow down the movement of Golf Balls. Using the Lawn Mower to mow grass will help Golf Balls travel faster and further.
    • Water and honey will severely hinder the movement and trajectory of Golf Balls, while lava will not.
    • Golf Balls are affected by bouncy blocks such as Silly Balloons.
  • Since Golf Balls count as projectiles, they can be moved by Conveyor Belts and will activate Teal Pressure Pads.
  • Golf trajectory is not affected by wind speed. Additionally, Golf Balls are not affected by Teleporters, portals, or explosives.
  • Golfing cannot be done in reverse gravity (using the Gravitation Potion or the Gravity Globe) because the player will not be able to swing the club in reverse gravity.
  • Golf Balls do not seem to adhere to the reduced gravity effect in the Space layer.


  • The player can use the same level location for an Old One's Army arena and driving range. Putting a tee at one end and a cup at the other can give the player plenty of points using the driver.
    • If the player puts multiple Golf Cups followed by a large one-tile wide wall at the end, they can increase their one-shot chance significantly and therefore increase the score points they gain. Mowing the entire location helps as well, as balls bounce much higher and further on mowed grass.
  • On a large world, the player can also set up a tee at the top of their Hellevator and using a putter to putt down into the Underworld.
  • Since the camera follows the Golf Ball once shot, it can be easy for the player to use golf to search their world for Floating Islands. The player can simply put down a Golf Tee and use a Wedge or Iron club to launch the Golf Ball upwards. This has the added benefit of being faster and cheaper than most other early-game methods as the Golf Ball travels fast without any additional purchases needed for each shot.
  • Using a Golf Tee will automatically place a Golf Ball on it even if the player has no Golf Balls in their inventory. If the player already has a tee, there is little reason for the player to buy Golf Balls unless to dye into different colors.


  • While a player, Ghost, and the death screen can block a meteor from spawning at a location if the landing spot is within frame, the spawning of the meteor can actually be seen using Golf Balls to move the camera.
  • Some custom-made maps are dedicated entirely to golfing, featuring large courses.

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  • Desktop 1.4.4: When getting a hole in one in golf, it now says so instead of saying 1 stroke.


  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, method AccumulateGolfingScore() in Terraria.Player.cs. There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version Desktop version is