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The Guide undergoing transformation via Shimmer.
Shimmer transmuting the Life Crystal into Vital Crystal, and decrafting the Terra Blade.
For the debuff inflicted by Shimmer, see Shimmering.

Shimmer is a shiny, lavender-colored, pearlescent liquid. Before Moon Lord has been defeated, a limited amount of Shimmer can be found in the Aether, a mini-biome which generates once per world in the Underground or Cavern layer, always on the same half of the world as the Jungle. After Moon Lord has been defeated, it can be obtained by using the Bottomless Shimmer Bucket.

Shimmer has the unique function of transforming ("transmuting") certain dropped items and entities submerged in it:

  • Most crafted items are transformed back into their crafting materials.
  • Certain items are transformed into other items. A few items can only be obtained via this transformation, such as Ambrosia. Some item transformations only work under certain conditions.
  • The sprite of town NPCs is changed.
  • Certain enemies are transformed into other enemies.
  • Most critters are transformed into Faelings.

Items will float upwards after transformation until they leave the liquid, then linger in midair and producing vibrant lights until a player picks them up, similarly to souls. Items that cannot be transformed will sink to the bottom of the Shimmer.

In addition to its transforming effect, Shimmer also has an effect on other entities that enter it:

  • When a player is submerged in the liquid, they will be inflicted with the Shimmering debuff, beginning to fall slowly and phasing through all blocks until they reach an opening.
  • When certain projectiles enter Shimmer, such as a falling Fallen Star, they will bounce upwards upon contact with the Shimmer pool.
  • When enemies without special transmutations and not immune to the Shimmering debuff (e.g. the Werewolf) enter Shimmer, they will slowly become more transparent, and eventually turn completely invisible. Then they will slowly become more and more opaque. Attacking the enemy will make them turn opaque faster.[1]

Unlike other liquids, the player cannot fish or use items in Shimmer, nor can it be picked up with an Empty Bucket. It can still be moved by pumps, however.

Upon contact with any other liquid, Shimmer will form Aetherium Blocks.

Item transmutations

Below is a list of special item transmutations.[2] The common decrafting transmutations are not included.

Input Output Notes

Life CrystalLife Crystal Vital CrystalVital Crystal
Mana CrystalMana Crystal Arcane CrystalArcane Crystal
Life FruitLife Fruit Aegis FruitAegis Fruit
AppleApple AmbrosiaAmbrosia
ApricotApricot AmbrosiaAmbrosia
BananaBanana AmbrosiaAmbrosia
BlackcurrantBlackcurrant AmbrosiaAmbrosia
Blood OrangeBlood Orange AmbrosiaAmbrosia
CherryCherry AmbrosiaAmbrosia
CoconutCoconut AmbrosiaAmbrosia
Dragon FruitDragon Fruit AmbrosiaAmbrosia
ElderberryElderberry AmbrosiaAmbrosia
GrapefruitGrapefruit AmbrosiaAmbrosia
LemonLemon AmbrosiaAmbrosia
MangoMango AmbrosiaAmbrosia
PeachPeach AmbrosiaAmbrosia
PineapplePineapple AmbrosiaAmbrosia
PomegranatePomegranate AmbrosiaAmbrosia
PlumPlum AmbrosiaAmbrosia
RambutanRambutan AmbrosiaAmbrosia
Spicy PepperSpicy Pepper AmbrosiaAmbrosia
Star FruitStar Fruit AmbrosiaAmbrosia
Gold WormGold Worm Gummy WormGummy Worm
Pink PearlPink Pearl Galaxy PearlGalaxy Pearl
Spell TomeSpell Tome Advanced Combat Techniques: Volume TwoAdvanced Combat Techniques: Volume Two
Peddler's HatPeddler's Hat Peddler's SatchelPeddler's Satchel
Rod of DiscordRod of Discord Rod of HarmonyRod of Harmony Requires Moon Lord to be defeated
ClentaminatorClentaminator TerraformerTerraformer Requires Moon Lord to be defeated
Bottomless Water BucketBottomless Water Bucket Bottomless Shimmer BucketBottomless Shimmer Bucket Requires Moon Lord to be defeated
Bottomless Shimmer BucketBottomless Shimmer Bucket Bottomless Water BucketBottomless Water Bucket Requires Moon Lord to be defeated
Whoopie CushionWhoopie Cushion Gas TrapGas Trap
Used Gas TrapUsed Gas Trap Gas TrapGas Trap
Wooden ArrowWooden Arrow Shimmer ArrowShimmer Arrow
Hellfire ArrowHellfire Arrow Shimmer ArrowShimmer Arrow
FlareFlare Shimmer FlareShimmer Flare
Blue FlareBlue Flare Shimmer FlareShimmer Flare
TorchTorch Aether TorchAether Torch
Purple TorchPurple Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Yellow TorchYellow Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Blue TorchBlue Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Green TorchGreen Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Red TorchRed Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Orange TorchOrange Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
White TorchWhite Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Ice TorchIce Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Pink TorchPink Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Bone TorchBone Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Ultrabright TorchUltrabright Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Demon TorchDemon Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Cursed TorchCursed Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Ichor TorchIchor Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Rainbow TorchRainbow Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Desert TorchDesert Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Coral TorchCoral Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Corrupt TorchCorrupt Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Crimson TorchCrimson Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Hallowed TorchHallowed Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Jungle TorchJungle Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
Mushroom TorchMushroom Torch Aether TorchAether Torch
CampfireCampfire Aether CampfireAether Campfire
Angel StatueAngel Statue Aether MonolithAether Monolith
Enchanted SundialEnchanted Sundial Enchanted MoondialEnchanted Moondial
Star CloakStar Cloak Chromatic CloakChromatic Cloak
Lava MossLava Moss Helium MossHelium Moss
Krypton MossKrypton Moss Helium MossHelium Moss
Xenon MossXenon Moss Helium MossHelium Moss
Argon MossArgon Moss Helium MossHelium Moss
Neon MossNeon Moss Helium MossHelium Moss
Copper BrickCopper Brick Ancient Copper BrickAncient Copper Brick
Silver BrickSilver Brick Ancient Silver BrickAncient Silver Brick
Gold BrickGold Brick Ancient Gold BrickAncient Gold Brick
Blue BrickBlue Brick Ancient Blue BrickAncient Blue Brick
Green BrickGreen Brick Ancient Green BrickAncient Green Brick
Pink BrickPink Brick Ancient Pink BrickAncient Pink Brick
Obsidian BrickObsidian Brick Ancient Obsidian BrickAncient Obsidian Brick
Hellstone BrickHellstone Brick Ancient Hellstone BrickAncient Hellstone Brick
Cobalt BrickCobalt Brick Ancient Cobalt BrickAncient Cobalt Brick
Mythril BrickMythril Brick Ancient Mythril BrickAncient Mythril Brick
Luminite BrickLuminite Brick Heavenforge BrickHeavenforge Brick Any time during a Full Moon Moon phase 1 (Full Moon)
Luminite BrickLuminite Brick Lunar Rust BrickLunar Rust Brick Any time during a Waning Gibbous Moon phase 2 (Waning Gibbous)
Luminite BrickLuminite Brick Astra BrickAstra Brick Any time during a Third Quarter Moon phase 3 (Third Quarter)
Luminite BrickLuminite Brick Dark Celestial BrickDark Celestial Brick Any time during a Waning Crescent Moon phase 4 (Waning Crescent)
Luminite BrickLuminite Brick Mercury BrickMercury Brick Any time during a New Moon Moon phase 5 (New Moon)
Luminite BrickLuminite Brick Star Royale BrickStar Royale Brick Any time during a Waxing Crescent Moon phase 6 (Waxing Crescent)
Luminite BrickLuminite Brick Cryocore BrickCryocore Brick Any time during a First Quarter Moon phase 7 (First Quarter)
Luminite BrickLuminite Brick Cosmic Ember BrickCosmic Ember Brick Any time during a Waxing Gibbous Moon phase 8 (Waxing Gibbous)
Spider WallSpider Wall Infested Spider WallInfested Spider Wall
Sandstone WallSandstone Wall Treacherous Sandstone WallTreacherous Sandstone Wall
Hardened Sand WallHardened Sand Wall Treacherous Hardened Sand WallTreacherous Hardened Sand Wall
Blue Brick WallBlue Brick Wall Cursed Blue Brick WallCursed Blue Brick Wall
Blue Slab WallBlue Slab Wall Cursed Blue Slab WallCursed Blue Slab Wall
Blue Tiled WallBlue Tiled Wall Cursed Blue Tiled WallCursed Blue Tiled Wall
Green Brick WallGreen Brick Wall Cursed Green Brick WallCursed Green Brick Wall
Green Slab WallGreen Slab Wall Cursed Green Slab WallCursed Green Slab Wall
Green Tiled WallGreen Tiled Wall Cursed Green Tiled WallCursed Green Tiled Wall
Pink Brick WallPink Brick Wall Cursed Pink Brick WallCursed Pink Brick Wall
Pink Slab WallPink Slab Wall Cursed Pink Slab WallCursed Pink Slab Wall
Pink Tiled WallPink Tiled Wall Cursed Pink Tiled WallCursed Pink Tiled Wall
Lihzahrd Brick WallLihzahrd Brick Wall Forbidden Lihzahrd Brick WallForbidden Lihzahrd Brick Wall
Honey BucketHoney Bucket Water BucketWater Bucket
Water BucketWater Bucket Lava BucketLava Bucket
Lava BucketLava Bucket Honey BucketHoney Bucket
SpearSpear TridentTrident
Living Wood WandLiving Wood Wand Finch StaffFinch Staff
Flameburst RodFlameburst Rod Ballista RodBallista Rod
Flameburst CaneFlameburst Cane Ballista CaneBallista Cane
Flameburst StaffFlameburst Staff Ballista StaffBallista Staff
Ballista RodBallista Rod Explosive Trap RodExplosive Trap Rod
Ballista CaneBallista Cane Explosive Trap CaneExplosive Trap Cane
Ballista StaffBallista Staff Explosive Trap StaffExplosive Trap Staff
Explosive Trap RodExplosive Trap Rod Lightning Aura RodLightning Aura Rod
Explosive Trap CaneExplosive Trap Cane Lightning Aura CaneLightning Aura Cane
Explosive Trap StaffExplosive Trap Staff Lightning Aura StaffLightning Aura Staff
Lightning Aura RodLightning Aura Rod Flameburst RodFlameburst Rod
Lightning Aura CaneLightning Aura Cane Flameburst CaneFlameburst Cane
Lightning Aura StaffLightning Aura Staff Flameburst StaffFlameburst Staff
Mining ShirtMining Shirt Mining PantsMining Pants
Mining PantsMining Pants Mining ShirtMining Shirt
Iron HelmetIron Helmet Ancient Iron HelmetAncient Iron Helmet
Ancient Iron HelmetAncient Iron Helmet Iron HelmetIron Helmet
Gold HelmetGold Helmet Ancient Gold HelmetAncient Gold Helmet
Ancient Gold HelmetAncient Gold Helmet Gold HelmetGold Helmet
Jungle HatJungle Hat Ancient Cobalt HelmetAncient Cobalt Helmet
Jungle ShirtJungle Shirt Ancient Cobalt BreastplateAncient Cobalt Breastplate
Jungle PantsJungle Pants Ancient Cobalt LeggingsAncient Cobalt Leggings
Ancient Cobalt HelmetAncient Cobalt Helmet Jungle HatJungle Hat
Ancient Cobalt BreastplateAncient Cobalt Breastplate Jungle ShirtJungle Shirt
Ancient Cobalt LeggingsAncient Cobalt Leggings Jungle PantsJungle Pants
Necro HelmetNecro Helmet Ancient Necro HelmetAncient Necro Helmet
Ancient Necro HelmetAncient Necro Helmet Necro HelmetNecro Helmet
Shadow HelmetShadow Helmet Ancient Shadow HelmetAncient Shadow Helmet
Shadow ScalemailShadow Scalemail Ancient Shadow ScalemailAncient Shadow Scalemail
Shadow GreavesShadow Greaves Ancient Shadow GreavesAncient Shadow Greaves
Ancient Shadow HelmetAncient Shadow Helmet Shadow HelmetShadow Helmet
Ancient Shadow ScalemailAncient Shadow Scalemail Shadow ScalemailShadow Scalemail
Ancient Shadow GreavesAncient Shadow Greaves Shadow GreavesShadow Greaves
Alchemy TableAlchemy Table Bewitching TableBewitching Table
Bewitching TableBewitching Table Alchemy TableAlchemy Table
Corruption KeyCorruption Key Corruption ChestCorruption Chest
Crimson KeyCrimson Key Crimson ChestCrimson Chest
Hallowed KeyHallowed Key Hallowed ChestHallowed Chest
Frozen KeyFrozen Key Ice ChestIce Chest
Jungle KeyJungle Key Jungle ChestJungle Chest
Desert KeyDesert Key Desert ChestDesert Chest
Pearlwood CratePearlwood Crate Wooden CrateWooden Crate
Mythril CrateMythril Crate Iron CrateIron Crate
Titanium CrateTitanium Crate Golden CrateGolden Crate
Bramble CrateBramble Crate Jungle CrateJungle Crate
Azure CrateAzure Crate Sky CrateSky Crate
Defiled CrateDefiled Crate Corrupt CrateCorrupt Crate
Hematic CrateHematic Crate Crimson CrateCrimson Crate
Divine CrateDivine Crate Hallowed CrateHallowed Crate
Stockade CrateStockade Crate Dungeon CrateDungeon Crate
Boreal CrateBoreal Crate Frozen CrateFrozen Crate
Mirage CrateMirage Crate Oasis CrateOasis Crate
Hellstone CrateHellstone Crate Obsidian CrateObsidian Crate
Seaside CrateSeaside Crate Ocean CrateOcean Crate
Recorded Music BoxesRecorded Music Boxes Music BoxMusic Box
Herb BagHerb Bag Can Of WormsCan Of Worms
Can Of WormsCan Of Worms Herb BagHerb Bag
Balloon PufferfishBalloon Pufferfish Shiny Red BalloonShiny Red Balloon
Pharaoh's MaskPharaoh's Mask Sandstorm in a BottleSandstorm in a Bottle
Pharaoh's RobePharaoh's Robe Flying CarpetFlying Carpet
Sandstorm in a BottleSandstorm in a Bottle Pharaoh's MaskPharaoh's Mask
Flying CarpetFlying Carpet Pharaoh's RobePharaoh's Robe
Magma StoneMagma Stone Lava CharmLava Charm
Lava CharmLava Charm Magma StoneMagma Stone
SextantSextant Weather RadioWeather Radio
Weather RadioWeather Radio Fisherman's Pocket GuideFisherman's Pocket Guide
Fisherman's Pocket GuideFisherman's Pocket Guide SextantSextant
Adhesive BandageAdhesive Bandage BezoarBezoar
BezoarBezoar Adhesive BandageAdhesive Bandage
Armor PolishArmor Polish VitaminsVitamins
VitaminsVitamins Armor PolishArmor Polish
BlindfoldBlindfold Pocket MirrorPocket Mirror
Pocket MirrorPocket Mirror BlindfoldBlindfold
Fast ClockFast Clock Trifold MapTrifold Map
Trifold MapTrifold Map Fast ClockFast Clock
MegaphoneMegaphone NazarNazar
NazarNazar MegaphoneMegaphone
Summoner EmblemSummoner Emblem Warrior EmblemWarrior Emblem
Warrior EmblemWarrior Emblem Ranger EmblemRanger Emblem
Ranger EmblemRanger Emblem Sorcerer EmblemSorcerer Emblem
Sorcerer EmblemSorcerer Emblem Summoner EmblemSummoner Emblem
High Test Fishing LineHigh Test Fishing Line Angler EarringAngler Earring
Angler EarringAngler Earring Tackle BoxTackle Box
Tackle BoxTackle Box High Test Fishing LineHigh Test Fishing Line
Lucky CoinLucky Coin Gold RingGold Ring
Gold RingGold Ring Discount CardDiscount Card
Discount CardDiscount Card Lucky CoinLucky Coin
Stone BlockStone Block Dirt BlockDirt Block
WoodWood Dirt BlockDirt Block
Copper OreCopper Ore Stone BlockStone Block
AmethystAmethyst Stone BlockStone Block
Marble BlockMarble Block Granite BlockGranite Block
Granite BlockGranite Block Marble BlockMarble Block
Sandstone BlockSandstone Block Sand BlockSand Block
Hardened Sand BlockHardened Sand Block Sand BlockSand Block
Ebonsandstone BlockEbonsandstone Block Ebonsand BlockEbonsand Block
Hardened Ebonsand BlockHardened Ebonsand Block Ebonsand BlockEbonsand Block
Crimsandstone BlockCrimsandstone Block Crimsand BlockCrimsand Block
Hardened Crimsand BlockHardened Crimsand Block Crimsand BlockCrimsand Block
Pearlsandstone BlockPearlsandstone Block Pearlsand BlockPearlsand Block
Hardened Pearlsand BlockHardened Pearlsand Block Pearlsand BlockPearlsand Block
Ice BlockIce Block Snow BlockSnow Block
Honey BlockHoney Block HiveHive
Crispy Honey BlockCrispy Honey Block HiveHive
Rich MahoganyRich Mahogany WoodWood
EbonwoodEbonwood WoodWood
ShadewoodShadewood WoodWood
PearlwoodPearlwood WoodWood
Boreal WoodBoreal Wood WoodWood
Palm WoodPalm Wood WoodWood
Dynasty WoodDynasty Wood WoodWood
Spooky WoodSpooky Wood WoodWood
Ash WoodAsh Wood WoodWood
CactusCactus PumpkinPumpkin
PumpkinPumpkin CactusCactus
Tin OreTin Ore Copper OreCopper Ore
Iron OreIron Ore Tin OreTin Ore
Lead OreLead Ore Iron OreIron Ore
Silver OreSilver Ore Lead OreLead Ore
Tungsten OreTungsten Ore Silver OreSilver Ore
Gold OreGold Ore Tungsten OreTungsten Ore
Platinum OrePlatinum Ore Gold OreGold Ore
Cobalt OreCobalt Ore Platinum OrePlatinum Ore
Palladium OrePalladium Ore Cobalt OreCobalt Ore
Mythril OreMythril Ore Palladium OrePalladium Ore
Orichalcum OreOrichalcum Ore Mythril OreMythril Ore
Adamantite OreAdamantite Ore Orichalcum OreOrichalcum Ore
Titanium OreTitanium Ore Adamantite OreAdamantite Ore
Chlorophyte OreChlorophyte Ore Titanium OreTitanium Ore
LuminiteLuminite Chlorophyte OreChlorophyte Ore
TopazTopaz AmethystAmethyst
Amethyst BunnyAmethyst Bunny AmethystAmethyst
Amethyst SquirrelAmethyst Squirrel AmethystAmethyst
SapphireSapphire TopazTopaz
Topaz BunnyTopaz Bunny TopazTopaz
Topaz SquirrelTopaz Squirrel TopazTopaz
EmeraldEmerald SapphireSapphire
Sapphire BunnySapphire Bunny SapphireSapphire
Sapphire SquirrelSapphire Squirrel SapphireSapphire
RubyRuby EmeraldEmerald
Emerald BunnyEmerald Bunny EmeraldEmerald
Emerald SquirrelEmerald Squirrel EmeraldEmerald
DiamondDiamond RubyRuby
Ruby BunnyRuby Bunny RubyRuby
Ruby SquirrelRuby Squirrel RubyRuby
Diamond BunnyDiamond Bunny DiamondDiamond
Diamond SquirrelDiamond Squirrel DiamondDiamond
Amber BunnyAmber Bunny AmberAmber
Amber SquirrelAmber Squirrel AmberAmber
Jungle Grass SeedsJungle Grass Seeds Mushroom Grass SeedsMushroom Grass Seeds
Mushroom Grass SeedsMushroom Grass Seeds Jungle Grass SeedsJungle Grass Seeds
Vile PowderVile Powder Purification PowderPurification Powder
Vicious PowderVicious Powder Purification PowderPurification Powder
Zombie ArmZombie Arm Whoopie CushionWhoopie Cushion
Copper CoinCopper Coin n/a Item is consumed, provides 1 Coin Luck counter.
Silver CoinSilver Coin n/a Item is consumed, provides 100 Coin Luck counter.
Gold CoinGold Coin n/a Item is consumed, provides 10,000 Coin Luck counter.
Platinum CoinPlatinum Coin n/a Item is consumed, completely fills Coin Luck counter.
Sparkle Slime BalloonSparkle Slime Balloon Diva SlimeDiva Slime Can only be done once per world.

Decrafting exceptions

Below is a list of crafted items that cannot be decrafted, decraft into a specific set of ingredients, or transform into only part of their ingredients.[3] Crafted items that already have a special item transmutation are not included.

Item Result
Copper ShortswordCopper Shortsword Copper OreCopper Ore
Copper AxeCopper Axe
Copper PickaxeCopper Pickaxe
Axe of RegrowthAxe of Regrowth Staff of RegrowthStaff of Regrowth
Copper AxeCopper Axe
Jungle SporesJungle Spores (12)
VineVine (3)
Magic MirrorMagic Mirror GlassGlass (10)
Gold BarGold Bar (8)
DiamondDiamond (3)
Cell PhoneCell Phone PDAPDA
Magic MirrorMagic Mirror
Flinx StaffFlinx Staff Flinx FurFlinx Fur (6)
Gold BarGold Bar (10)
FlymealFlymeal Gold BroadswordGold Broadsword
StinkbugStinkbug (5)
Unholy ArrowUnholy Arrow (5) Wooden ArrowWooden Arrow (5)
Worm ToothWorm Tooth
Silver BulletSilver Bullet (70) Silver OreSilver Ore
Musket BallMusket Ball (70)
Tungsten BulletTungsten Bullet (70) Tungsten OreTungsten Ore
Musket BallMusket Ball (70)
Dry RocketDry Rocket
Dry BombDry Bomb
Flinx Fur CoatFlinx Fur Coat SilkSilk (10)
Flinx FurFlinx Fur (8)
Gold BarGold Bar (8)
Frost HelmetFrost Helmet Adamantite BarAdamantite Bar (10)
Frost CoreFrost Core
Frost BreastplateFrost Breastplate Adamantite BarAdamantite Bar (20)
Frost CoreFrost Core
Frost LeggingsFrost Leggings Adamantite BarAdamantite Bar (16)
Frost CoreFrost Core
Forbidden MaskForbidden Mask Adamantite BarAdamantite Bar (10)
Forbidden FragmentForbidden Fragment
Forbidden RobesForbidden Robes Adamantite BarAdamantite Bar (20)
Forbidden FragmentForbidden Fragment
Forbidden TreadsForbidden Treads Adamantite BarAdamantite Bar (16)
Forbidden FragmentForbidden Fragment
GPSGPS Gold WatchGold Watch
Depth MeterDepth Meter
Frog GearFrog Gear Frog FlipperFrog Flipper
Tiger Climbing GearTiger Climbing Gear
Bundle of Horseshoe BalloonsBundle of Horseshoe Balloons Lucky HorseshoeLucky Horseshoe
Cloud in a BalloonCloud in a Balloon
Blizzard in a BalloonBlizzard in a Balloon
Sandstorm in a BalloonSandstorm in a Balloon
Blizzard in a BottleBlizzard in a Bottle
Spectre BootsSpectre Boots Hermes BootsHermes Boots
Rocket BootsRocket Boots
Molten Skull RoseMolten Skull Rose Magma SkullMagma Skull
Obsidian RoseObsidian Rose
Lava WadersLava Waders Lava CharmLava Charm
Obsidian Water Walking BootsObsidian Water Walking Boots
Avenger EmblemAvenger Emblem Warrior EmblemWarrior Emblem
Soul of MightSoul of Might (5)
Soul of SightSoul of Sight (5)
Soul of FrightSoul of Fright (5)
Panic NecklacePanic Necklace
Band of StarpowerBand of Starpower
Flesh Cloning VatFlesh Cloning Vat
Decay ChamberDecay Chamber
Water CandleWater Candle CandleCandle
Peace CandlePeace Candle Gold BarGold Bar (2)
Pink TorchPink Torch
Terra ToiletTerra Toilet
ThroneThrone SilkSilk (20)
Gold BarGold Bar (30)
Crawdad BannerCrawdad Banner
Salamander BannerSalamander Banner
Giant Shelly BannerGiant Shelly Banner
Shell PileShell Pile SeashellSeashell
Lesser Healing PotionLesser Healing Potion
Restoration PotionRestoration Potion
Healing PotionHealing Potion
Greater Healing PotionGreater Healing Potion
Super Healing PotionSuper Healing Potion
Mana PotionMana Potion
Super Mana PotionSuper Mana Potion
Buff potionsBuff potions A random amount of ingredients.
Recall PotionRecall Potion
Wormhole PotionWormhole Potion
Potion of ReturnPotion of Return
Teleportation PotionTeleportation Potion
Gender Change PotionGender Change Potion
Bowl of SoupBowl of Soup
Grub SoupGrub Soup
Froggle BunwichFroggle Bunwich
Sauteed Frog LegsSauteed Frog Legs
Roasted DuckRoasted Duck
Roasted BirdRoasted Bird
Grilled SquirrelGrilled Squirrel
Bunny StewBunny Stew
Golden DelightGolden Delight
Cooked FishCooked Fish
Cooked ShrimpCooked Shrimp
Lobster TailLobster Tail
Seafood DinnerSeafood Dinner
1 Second Timer1 Second Timer
3 Second Timer3 Second Timer
5 Second Timer5 Second Timer
Solar FragmentSolar Fragment
Vortex FragmentVortex Fragment
Nebula FragmentNebula Fragment
Stardust FragmentStardust Fragment
Slime CrownSlime Crown Gold CrownGold Crown
GelGel (20)

Critter and enemy transmutations

Below is a list of critter and enemy transmutations. Any critter or enemy not included will not transmute into anything, and they will turn temporarily invisible instead.

Intake Output
BunnyBunny FaelingFaeling
Explosive BunnyExplosive Bunny FaelingFaeling
Gold BunnyGold Bunny FaelingFaeling
BirdBird FaelingFaeling
Blue JayBlue Jay FaelingFaeling
CardinalCardinal FaelingFaeling
Scarlet MacawScarlet Macaw FaelingFaeling
Blue MacawBlue Macaw FaelingFaeling
ToucanToucan FaelingFaeling
Yellow CockatielYellow Cockatiel FaelingFaeling
Gray CockatielGray Cockatiel FaelingFaeling
Gold BirdGold Bird FaelingFaeling
GoldfishGoldfish FaelingFaeling
Gold GoldfishGold Goldfish FaelingFaeling
SquirrelSquirrel FaelingFaeling
Red SquirrelRed Squirrel FaelingFaeling
Gold SquirrelGold Squirrel FaelingFaeling
MouseMouse FaelingFaeling
Gold MouseGold Mouse FaelingFaeling
FrogFrog FaelingFaeling
Mystic FrogMystic Frog FaelingFaeling
Gold FrogGold Frog FaelingFaeling
GrasshopperGrasshopper FaelingFaeling
Gold GrasshopperGold Grasshopper FaelingFaeling
ButterflyButterfly FaelingFaeling
Gold ButterflyGold Butterfly FaelingFaeling
WormWorm FaelingFaeling
Gold WormGold Worm Gummy WormGummy Worm
DragonflyDragonfly FaelingFaeling
Gold DragonflyGold Dragonfly FaelingFaeling
SeahorseSeahorse FaelingFaeling
Gold SeahorseGold Seahorse FaelingFaeling
Water StriderWater Strider FaelingFaeling
Gold Water StriderGold Water Strider FaelingFaeling
LadybugLadybug FaelingFaeling
Gold LadybugGold Ladybug FaelingFaeling
StinkbugStinkbug FaelingFaeling
DuckDuck FaelingFaeling
TurtleTurtle FaelingFaeling
OwlOwl FaelingFaeling
FireflyFirefly FaelingFaeling
Enchanted NightcrawlerEnchanted Nightcrawler FaelingFaeling
Pink FairyPink Fairy FaelingFaeling
Green FairyGreen Fairy FaelingFaeling
Blue FairyBlue Fairy FaelingFaeling
RatRat FaelingFaeling
MaggotMaggot FaelingFaeling
Amethyst SquirrelAmethyst Squirrel AmethystAmethyst
Topaz SquirrelTopaz Squirrel TopazTopaz
Sapphire SquirrelSapphire Squirrel SapphireSapphire
Emerald SquirrelEmerald Squirrel EmeraldEmerald
Ruby SquirrelRuby Squirrel RubyRuby
Diamond SquirrelDiamond Squirrel DiamondDiamond
Amber SquirrelAmber Squirrel AmberAmber
Amethyst BunnyAmethyst Bunny AmethystAmethyst
Topaz BunnyTopaz Bunny TopazTopaz
Sapphire BunnySapphire Bunny SapphireSapphire
Emerald BunnyEmerald Bunny EmeraldEmerald
Ruby BunnyRuby Bunny RubyRuby
Diamond BunnyDiamond Bunny DiamondDiamond
Amber BunnyAmber Bunny AmberAmber
SnailSnail FaelingFaeling
Truffle WormTruffle Worm FaelingFaeling
PenguinPenguin FaelingFaeling
ScorpionScorpion FaelingFaeling
GrebeGrebe FaelingFaeling
PupfishPupfish FaelingFaeling
SeagullSeagull FaelingFaeling
Sea TurtleSea Turtle FaelingFaeling
DolphinDolphin FaelingFaeling
Jungle TurtleJungle Turtle FaelingFaeling
GrubbyGrubby FaelingFaeling
SluggySluggy FaelingFaeling
BuggyBuggy FaelingFaeling
LavaflyLavafly FaelingFaeling
Hell ButterflyHell Butterfly FaelingFaeling
Magma SnailMagma Snail FaelingFaeling
Lightning BugLightning Bug FaelingFaeling
Prismatic LacewingPrismatic Lacewing FaelingFaeling
Glowing SnailGlowing Snail FaelingFaeling
Green SlimeGreen Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Blue SlimeBlue Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Purple SlimePurple Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
PinkyPinky Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Umbrella SlimeUmbrella Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Red SlimeRed Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Yellow SlimeYellow Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Baby SlimeBaby Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Black SlimeBlack Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Mother SlimeMother Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Ice SlimeIce Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Spiked Ice SlimeSpiked Ice Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Sand SlimeSand Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Jungle SlimeJungle Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Spiked Jungle SlimeSpiked Jungle Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Bunny SlimeBunny Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Present SlimePresent Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Toxic SludgeToxic Sludge Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
SlimelingSlimeling Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Corrupt SlimeCorrupt Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
SlimerSlimer Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
CrimslimeCrimslime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Rainbow SlimeRainbow Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
Illuminant SlimeIlluminant Slime Shimmer SlimeShimmer Slime
ZombieZombie SkeletonSkeleton
Slimed ZombieSlimed Zombie SkeletonSkeleton
Swamp ZombieSwamp Zombie SkeletonSkeleton
Torch ZombieTorch Zombie SkeletonSkeleton
Pincushion ZombiePincushion Zombie Headache SkeletonHeadache Skeleton
Bald ZombieBald Zombie Misassembled SkeletonMisassembled Skeleton
Twiggy ZombieTwiggy Zombie Misassembled SkeletonMisassembled Skeleton
Female ZombieFemale Zombie Pantless SkeletonPantless Skeleton
Armed ZombieArmed Zombie Bone Throwing SkeletonBone Throwing Skeleton
Armed Slimed ZombieArmed Slimed Zombie Bone Throwing SkeletonBone Throwing Skeleton
Armed Swamp ZombieArmed Swamp Zombie Bone Throwing SkeletonBone Throwing Skeleton
Armed Torch ZombieArmed Torch Zombie Bone Throwing SkeletonBone Throwing Skeleton
Armed Pincushion ZombieArmed Pincushion Zombie Bone Throwing Headache SkeletonBone Throwing Headache Skeleton
Armed Twiggy ZombieArmed Twiggy Zombie Bone Throwing Misassembled SkeletonBone Throwing Misassembled Skeleton
Armed Female ZombieArmed Female Zombie Bone Throwing Pantless SkeletonBone Throwing Pantless Skeleton

NPC transmutations

When submerged in Shimmer, any NPCs (except town pets) will transform into their Shimmered form. This has no impact on gameplay or dialogue and is only a visual change. They can be returned to their classic looks by being submerged in Shimmer again.

NPC Shimmered form
GuideGuide Guide
MerchantMerchant Merchant
NurseNurse Nurse
PainterPainter Painter
Dye TraderDye Trader Dye Trader
ZoologistZoologistZoologist ZoologistZoologist
GolferGolfer Golfer
Party GirlParty Girl Party Girl
AnglerAngler Angler
StylistStylist Stylist
DemolitionistDemolitionist Demolitionist
DryadDryad Dryad
TavernkeepTavernkeep Tavernkeep
Arms DealerArms Dealer Arms Dealer
Goblin TinkererGoblin Tinkerer Goblin Tinkerer
Witch DoctorWitch Doctor Witch Doctor
ClothierClothier Clothier
MechanicMechanic Mechanic
Tax CollectorTax Collector Tax Collector
PiratePirate Pirate
TruffleTruffle Truffle
WizardWizard Wizard
SteampunkerSteampunker Steampunker
CyborgCyborg Cyborg
Santa ClausSanta Claus Santa Claus
PrincessPrincess Princess
Traveling MerchantTraveling Merchant Traveling Merchant
Old ManOld Man Old Man
Skeleton MerchantSkeleton Merchant Skeleton Merchant


  • Projectiles that are reflected upon touching the Shimmer will only be reflected when they reach the Shimmer pool's upper surface. Shooting them at the sides or the bottom of the Shimmer pool (by using Bubbles) will instantly destroy the projectile.
  • Statue-spawned creatures will not be transformed in shimmer, despawning instead.
  • Enemies made invisible by the Shimmer can be seen with a Hunter Potion.
  • Despite both being designed for use with water, the Super Absorbant Sponge can also soak up Shimmer, as well the Liquid Sensor (Water) being able to detect Shimmer.
  • Items that are crafted differently depending on world evil, such as the Night's Edge or Void Bag, will change what items are provided when decrafted depending on the current world evil.
  • When decrafting items whose crafting recipe produces multiple items, the same amount of items need to be thrown into Shimmer for decrafting.
  • Fallen Stars produced from decrafting will not disappear at daytime. However, if they failed to be picked up by the player (e.g. If they are attracted towards the player, but are not picked up by the player eventually), they will still disappear.
  • In Expert and Master Mode, touching Shimmer located in Snow or Ice biome will inflict the player with the Chilled debuff.


Achievement A Shimmer In The Dark.png
A Shimmer In The Dark • Shimmer an item into another item. What other transmutations can you find?
Transmute an item.


  • The decrafting properties of Shimmer can be utilized in several ways:
    • It is possible to farm good modifiers on crafted gear by repeatedly crafting and decrafting the gear.
    • Extra or outclassed gear can be decrafted to get the materials back.
    • Items found throughout the world can be looted, then decrafted. Some examples include Underground Cabin furniture and Magic Mirrors.
    • In multiplayer, excess Recall Potions can be decrafted to potentially get Specular Fish. The Specular Fish can then be crafted into Wormhole Potions.
      • Similarly, in singleplayer, any Wormhole Potions that may be obtained can be decrafted to potentially get Specular Fish.
    • Items can be bought from NPCs, then decrafted to get resources.
  • Since pumps can move Shimmer, it is possible to move Shimmer from the Aether biome as soon as Skeletron is defeated.
    • However, since Teleporters are sold by the Mechanic, it may be more convenient to set up Teleporters at the Aether biome instead of relocating Shimmer.
  • If a lot of certain ore is needed, a kind of higher tier ore can be transmuted down into what is needed. This can be helpful for getting Iron/Lead Ore which is used in a lot of recipes, or obtaining the materials for the Drill Containment Unit.
  • Shimmer makes it far easier to obtain some items with the most complex crafting recipes by swapping their components, which means that one only needs to obtain a sufficient number of any of them instead of one of each.
  • Similarly, Shimmer makes it easier to complete a set of Mining armor, or to get a certain emblem dropped by the Wall of Flesh.


  • Desktop
    • All Torches are now transmuted in Shimmer to Aether Torches.
    • Bones can no longer be obtained via Shimmer decrafting before Skeletron.
    • Lihzahrd Bricks can no longer be obtained via Shimmer decrafting before Golem.
    • Adding a failsafe that will protect players who get stuck in an excessively long Shimmering state.
    • Fixed a potential softlock caused by Shimmer and bouncy blocks.
    • Fixed Shellphones being unable to be decrafted in Shimmer.
    • Fixed another exploitable item with Shimmer decrafting.
  • Desktop
    • Fallen Stars produced via decrafting no longer instantly disappear during daytime.
    • Some items are set to be non-decraftable to fix an exploit which granted infinite coins.


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