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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.

Shimmering is a unique debuff. It is inflicted when an entity is submerged in Shimmer, or when the player's fishing pole's bobber touches Shimmer.

When an non-player entity is inflicted with the debuff, they will start turning transparent and become completely invisible, then become more and more opaque. If it has any special transmutations, it will transform into the respective entity/item when it is almost invisible. Entities that are immune to this debuff will not gain these effects.

When a player is inflicted with the debuff, they will enter a Shimmering state, which will make them unable to move or use items, become invincible to non-boss attacks, and start going down through all solid tiles that intersect with the player, until they reach a 2×3 opening or the Underworld layer. There is also an "unstuck" mechanic to prevent the player from being in the Shimmering state for too long.

See Notes for details about the effects of Shimmering.

Equipping the Chromatic Cloak will grant the player a more controllable Shimmering. They will not be inflicted with Shimmering instantly when touching Shimmer, and instead they can enter the Shimmering state at anytime by holding ▼ Down. However, after entering the Shimmering state, there is no other way to interrupt it, not even re-equipping the Chromatic Cloak.

Immune NPCs

Enemies immune to Shimmering




  • Desktop Added a failsafe that will protect players who get stuck in an excessively long Shimmering state.


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