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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
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Information for Console version Console version, including:

  • UI icons/buttons used for toggles, and their locations (to help readers find them).
  • Controls for turning toggles on/off.
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Desktop version Toggles to the left of the player's main inventory.

Toggles are buttons in the player's inventory that are used to toggle certain effects and abilities. Some of these toggles are available at anytime, while others require certain items placed in the inventory, or in the Void Vault while the player has an open Void Bag.

Some toggles have unique icons when turned off. Toggles without unique "off"-state icons will be dimmed out when turned off.

On the Desktop version Desktop version, toggles appear as small icons to the left of the player's main inventory. Toggles from PDA are located below the minimap, or to the left of the armor slots, depending on UI scale and resolution.

On the Mobile version Mobile version, toggles will appear in the BuilderToolsIcon.png tools menu below the inventory. Toggles from PDA are located in the PDA.png accessories menu below the armor slots.

Default toggles

These toggles are always available.

Block Swap

Block Swap in action.

The Block Swap ability is toggled by these icons.

Desktop version Desktop icons
Block Swap off.png
Block Swap on.png
Mobile version Mobile icons
Block Swap off (mobile).png
Block Swap on (mobile).png

Hotbar Lock

Desktop version
Desktop-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Desktop version of Terraria.
Effect of hotbar locked and unlocked.

The Hotbar Lock toggles whether clicking on the hotbar slots switches held items.

When hotbar is unlocked, clicking on a hotbar slot will select the item in the slot. This may interfere with other actions, for example, aiming a ranged weapon towards top-left corner of the screen.

When hotbar is locked, clicking on the hotbar acts just like clicking elsewhere, having no effect other than using the selected item on the cursor location.

Hotbar Lock icons
Hotbar toggle (unlocked).png
Hotbar toggle (locked).png


Ruler measurements.

The ruler toggle will display a measurement line from the character to the cursor location when turned on. This can be used to aid precise block placement.

PvP and teams

PvP and team toggles are only available in multiplayer.

Desktop version They are located to the right of the armor slots.

Mobile version They are located in the Player menu (mobile).png player menu.

Type None Red Green Blue Yellow Purple
Desktop version No Team.png Red Team.png Green Team.png Blue Team.png Yellow Team.png Purple Team.png
Mobile version No Team (mobile).png Red Team (mobile).png Green Team (mobile).png Blue Team (mobile).png Yellow Team (mobile).png Purple Team (mobile).png
Off PvP (No Team) (off).png PvP (Red Team) (off).png PvP (Green Team) (off).png PvP (Blue Team) (off).png PvP (Yellow Team) (off).png PvP (Purple Team) (off).png
On PvP (No Team) (on).png PvP (Red Team) (on).png PvP (Green Team) (on).png PvP (Blue Team) (on).png PvP (Yellow Team) (on).png PvP (Purple Team) (on).png


Each accessory slot, pet slot, and light pet slot has a respective "visibility" toggle at the top-right corner. When visibility is turned on, the accessory in the slot will be always displayed on the character; the pet in the slot will be summoned. When visibility is turned off, the accessory will be hidden; the pet will be deactivated. Note that accessories in the vanity accessory slots are always displayed, and is not affected by the visibility setting.

Desktop version Clicking on the icon toggles visibility setting.

Mobile version After selecting a slot, tap the visibility button below the armor slots to toggle visibility setting.

Visibility icons
Visibility toggle (off).png
Visibility toggle (on).png
Mobile version Mobile button icons
Turn off
Turn on

Item toggles

Certain item and accessories will provide a button for toggling its function when they are consumed, in the player's inventory, in the Void Vault while the player has an open Void Bag, or equipped in accessory slots.

Items combined by multiple other items (e.g. The Grand Design, Cell Phone) will provide toggles of all its components.

Mechanical Lens

The Mechanical Lens provides configurable display for Actuators and Wires.

  • Toggles for Actuators and Wires have three states:
    • Bright: actuators/wires of this color will be always displayed at maximum brightness.
    • Classic: actuators/wires of this color will be displayed as normal, with their brightness affected by nearby light sources.
    • Faded: brightness is determined the same way as the Classic state, but actuators/wires of this color will also be semi-transparent.
  • The Mechanical Display toggle have two states:
    • Forced: all Actuators and Wires will be displayed regardless of item held, while their display method is determined by the respective toggle.
    • Normal: all Actuators and Wires will be displayed only if a mechanism-related item is held.
Name Mechanical
Actuators Red Wires Blue Wires Green Wires Yellow Wires
Icon Desktop version Mechanical Display toggle.png Actuators toggle.png Red Wire toggle.png Blue Wire toggle.png Green Wire toggle.png Yellow Wire toggle.png
Mobile version Mechanical Display toggle (mobile).png Actuators toggle (mobile).png Red Wire toggle (mobile).png Blue Wire toggle (mobile).png Green Wire toggle (mobile).png Yellow Wire toggle (mobile).png

Mechanical Ruler

Minecart Upgrade Kit

After using the Minecart Upgrade Kit, a toggle will appear at the minecart slot.

Minecart boost toggle
Minecart Normal.png
Minecart Boosted.png

Paint Sprayer


Each base component of the PDA have a toggle for toggling their function.

Mobile version Their on and off states are also marked by visibility icons.

Item WatchesWatches Weather Radio Sextant Fisherman's Pocket Guide Metal Detector Lifeform Analyzer Radar Tally Counter DPS Meter Stopwatch Compass Depth Meter
Icons[i 1] Desktop version Watch toggle.png Weather Radio toggle.png Sextant toggle.png[i 2] Fisherman's Pocket Guide toggle.png Metal Detector toggle.png Lifeform Analyzer toggle.png Radar toggle.png Tally Counter toggle.png DPS Meter toggle.png Stopwatch toggle.png Compass toggle.png Depth Meter toggle.png
Mobile version Watch toggle (mobile).png Weather Radio toggle (mobile).png Sextant toggle (mobile).png Fisherman's Pocket Guide toggle (mobile).png Metal Detector toggle (mobile).png Lifeform Analyzer toggle (mobile).png Radar toggle (mobile).png Tally Counter toggle (mobile).png DPS Meter toggle (mobile).png Stopwatch toggle (mobile).png Compass toggle (mobile).png Depth Meter toggle (mobile).png
  1. Desktop version Desktop icons are also used for readout icons on all platforms.
  2. During a Blood Moon: Sextant toggle (Blood Moon).png


Torch God's Favor

After using the Torch God's Favor, these toggles will be available.

Desktop version Desktop icons
Biome torch swap off.png
Biome torch swap on.png
Mobile version Mobile icons
Biome torch swap off (mobile).png
Biome torch swap on (mobile).png


Unused toggle icons.

See also

Certain features can also be toggled on and off, but they are not considered as a "toggle". These include: