Torch God's Favor

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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Torch God's Favor
  • Torch God's Favor item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Use time30 (Average)
TooltipUnlocks an ability toggle to the left of the inventory
When enabled normal torches change according to your biome
RarityRarity level: 4
Sell2 GC
Research1 required
  • Internal Item ID: 5043 (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Torch God's Favor toggles
Desktop version Desktop icons
Biome torch swap off.png
Biome torch swap on.png
Mobile version Mobile icons
Biome torch swap off (mobile).png
Biome torch swap on (mobile).png
Before and after toggling biome torch swap on in the Jungle.

Torch God's Favor is a permanent booster item that permanently grants the player the ability to automatically convert regular Torches and Campfires in the player's hand to the current biome's torch or campfire variant, which increases the player's luck in most areas. The Torch God's Favor can only be obtained by surviving The Torch God event if at least 95 Torches were fired during the event.

Torch God's Favor is a one-time consumable whose effect cannot stack (similar to the Advanced Combat Techniques or the Demon Heart). When first used, the ability is switched on by default and can then be toggled off and on via a toggle appearing Desktop version to the left of the inventory / Mobile version in the tools menu below the inventory.

Torches and campfires placed with the ability toggled on will permanently remain converted to the biome torch they were placed as, even if freed and picked up.

Biome Torches and Campfires

Below is a list of biome torches, biome campfires, and their respective biomes in order of priority.

Biome Torch Campfire
The UnderworldThe Underworld Demon TorchDemon Torch Demon CampfireDemon Campfire
The AetherThe Aether Aether TorchAether Torch Aether CampfireAether Campfire
DungeonDungeon Bone TorchBone Torch Bone CampfireBone Campfire
The HallowThe Hallow Hallowed TorchHallowed Torch Hallowed CampfireHallowed Campfire
The CorruptionThe Corruption Corrupt TorchCorrupt Torch Corrupt CampfireCorrupt Campfire
The CrimsonThe Crimson Crimson TorchCrimson Torch Crimson CampfireCrimson Campfire
Snow biomeSnow Ice TorchIce Torch Frozen CampfireFrozen Campfire
Glowing Mushroom biomeGlowing Mushroom Mushroom TorchMushroom Torch Mushroom CampfireMushroom Campfire
JungleJungle Jungle TorchJungle Torch Jungle CampfireJungle Campfire
DesertDesert Desert TorchDesert Torch Desert CampfireDesert Campfire


  • Bone Torches, Demon Torches and Aether Torches will be swapped in when Torches are placed in the Dungeon, The Underworld and The Aether respectively, despite not affecting Torch Luck in those areas.
    • Therefore, it is better to transfer Bone Torches to the Underworld, where they do impart Torch luck. Demon Torches do not affect luck at all.
  • Ice Torches take precedence over Jungle Torches and Mushroom Torches even though the Jungle and Glowing Mushroom biomes both take precedence over the Snow biome for most other purposes like fishing and enemy spawning.
  • Coral Torches will not be swapped in while in the Ocean, despite being a biome-specific Torch.
  • Players who have already used a Torch God's Favor, or have one in their inventory, will not be able to initiate The Torch God event.
    • The inventory's trash slot is not considered part of the inventory for The Torch God event, so having a Torch God's Favor there will not prevent the event from initiating.
  • Consuming the Torch God's Favor unlocks the Bestiary entry of the Torch God.


Achievement Torch God.png
Torch God • Invoked the wrath of the God of Torches, and survived long enough to earn its blessing.
Use the Torch God's Favor. (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Category: Slayer Slayer


  • A profit of 10 CC per Torch bought from the Merchant (at base happiness) can be made by converting regular Torches to Demon Torches in the Underworld, then picking up and selling them. However, a player who has progressed to the point that they are comfortable enough in the Underworld to spend time on this has much more profitable options; see Guide:Making money.