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The inventory is a player's stock of carried items and equipment, available for use at all times. Unlike the contents of a Chest, the inventory is bound to the player rather than the world, and its contents will follow a player between multiple worlds and even between multiplayer servers. The inventory is accessed by pressing the Inventory key, the binding for which varies depending on the player's platform of choice.

Items are added to the inventory as the player picks up items found in the world or takes them from a storage item, and can be sorted by using the Use / Attack key to pick up and place items, allowing them to be sorted between slots. An item held in the cursor in this way is treated as if the player is holding it; weapons can be used to attack, consumable items can be used, and placeable items can be placed in the world while held in the cursor. However, an item held in the cursor is treated as if it has been removed from the inventory – the space it occupied can be filled by other items, and it will be dropped if the inventory is closed. Dropping an item in this way, or dragging an item and placing it outside of the inventory, will cause that item to be dropped to the ground, which can also be achieved by pressing Throw; items dropped in this way can be picked up again after a short delay, and will remain in the world until they despawn.

Inventories are made up of multiple slots, each of which can contain one type of item. While some items – such as most weapons – require a slot to themselves, many types of items can have multiples of themselves "stacked" into a single slot. In Desktop version Desktop, Console version Console, and Mobile version Mobile versions, all stackable items stack to a maximum of 9999 per slot, however, in Old-gen console version Old-gen console and 3DSNintendo 3DS version versions, the amount of items that can be stacked into a single slot depends on the individual item (see Items § Stack); for example, most construction blocks and walls can be stacked up to the maximum of 999 items, but potion types vary, with most health and buff potions stacking to 30 and mana potions to 50, 75, or 99 per slot. When a stack is filled, further items of the same type will take up a new slot in the inventory. The Open / Activate key can be used to pick up a single item from a stack of many; in this way, stacks can be divided.

Different sections of the inventory serve different purposes, and may be limited in what they can hold in their slots. Their functions and potential contents are detailed below.

Inventory sections

The sections of the inventory in use.

Main inventory (40 slots)

The primary storage section of the inventory is made up of four rows of ten slots that can hold any item. Items picked up will be placed in this area for safekeeping, starting from the bottom right. Holding items here will usually have no effect.

(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) The game also provides some inventory management functions:

  • Desktop version Quick Stack to Nearby Chests.png / Mobile version Quick Stack to Nearby Chests (mobile).png Quick Stack to Nearby Chests: pressing this button moves items in the inventory to nearby storage items that have a same item in it.
  • Desktop version Sort Inventory.png / Mobile version Sort Inventory (mobile).png Sort Inventory: pressing this button sorts items in the inventory. See below for details.
  • Desktop version Quick Trash: holding ⇧ Shift or Ctrl (depending on settings) displays the Cursor Trash.png trash cursor. Then, pressing Use / Attack on an item sends it to the Trash Slot.
  • Favorite: Favorited items cannot be dropped, quick trashed, or moved by "Quick Stack to Nearby Chests" or "Sort Inventory". However, favorited items can still be manually placed in the trash, and the items will automatically be unfavorited when that happens.
    • Desktop version Holding Alt displays the Cursor Favorite.png favorite cursor. Then, pressing Use / Attack on an item toggles its favorite status.
    • Mobile version Selecting an item highlights either the Favorite Item.png Favorite / Unfavorite Item.png Unfavorite button, which can be used to toggle its favorite status.
  • Mobile version Split Stack.png Split Stack: tapping the button after selecting a stack of items displays an interface for adjusting how many items will be split from the stack. Tapping the highlighted item icon in the interface splits the stack.

Hotbar (10 slots)

A single row of ten, each of which corresponds to the 0-9 keys. While the inventory is closed, one of these ten slots is always highlighted, and pressing the Use / Attack key will cause that highlighted item to be used. Pressing a slot's matching number key will cause it to be highlighted, and the highlight can be shifted by scrolling with the mouse wheel. Items with no use can still be placed here for storage.

Desktop version By default, clicking an item on the hotbar will select it. This behavior can be toggled on and off by the Hotbar toggle (unlocked).png Hotbar toggle (locked).png Hotbar Lock toggle.

Crafting menu

Main article: Crafting

The player's main means of item production, the crafting menu appears whenever the player's inventory is open, including when they have opened a chest or other storage item. It shows as a list of potentially craftable items, displayed based on the player's proximity to appropriate crafting stations and the presence of needed materials in the inventory. Approaching a crafting station will add its recipes to the player's list; however, recipes will not be displayed if the player does not possess all of the ingredients. If the player has opened a chest (etc), all items in the chest will be counted as "possessed" for recipes.

While the inventory is open, the crafting menu will be under Crafting (scroll).png scroll mode: using the mouse wheel can scroll through crafting recipes slowly. Clicking on the hammer icon will toggle the menu into Crafting (list).png list mode, opening a grid containing all currently available recipes, and selecting one will center it on the menu. Clicking the centered item will remove the needed materials from the player's inventory and craft it. While items are crafted one at a time, the cursor holds the finished products as if they were picked up from the inventory, and can be crafted repeatedly up to the individual item's stack limit.

Coins (4 slots)

Four slots for the four types of coins. These slots can normally only hold coins, but on the Console version Console version filled buckets will be placed in these slots given that the player's inventory is full.

Ammo (4 slots)

Four slots for different types of ammunition. When using weapons that require ammo, ammo items in this area will be used before those in the main inventory, starting from the top slot. Only bullets, arrows and rockets will automatically move to the Ammo slots, but most items that can be used as ammo can be placed here manually, including the Endless Musket Pouch, Endless Quiver, Gel, Fallen Stars, and Seeds (see other ammunition for the complete list); The exceptions are coins, Ale, and Sand Blocks. Notably, because of the way wrenches, fishing poles, and the Clentaminator work, wire, bait, and solutions can also be placed in these slots.

Trash (1 slot)

Not to be confused with the Trash Can item.

A single slot for item disposal. A single item can be placed in this slot, and will remain there until it is removed by the player. Items can be taken out of the trash at any time with no consequences. However, when another item is placed in the trash slot, the item currently in the trash—even items that would normally stack—is permanently removed. Items destroyed by the trash cannot be retrieved in any way. The Trash slot is emptied when the character dies or leaves the world.

If applicable, items placed here will no longer do their function unless placed back in the inventory. For example, the Encumbering Stone(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) will not prevent the player from picking up items. (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Similarly, the Paint Sprayer will not automatically paint.

Extra 54 0.png Extra 54 2.png Extra 54 4.png Armor (3 slots)

Slots for the player's head, torso, and legs. Armor of the appropriate type can be equipped to each slot, which will confer its effects—usually an increase in defense—to the player. Worn armor will appear on the player's sprite.

Extra 54 1.png Extra 54 3.png Extra 54 5.png Vanity armor (3 slots)

Also known as the Social Slots. These slots change the visual appearance of the player's head, torso, and legs. While these slots accept the same types of items as the armor slots, items placed here are entirely visual and will not modify the player's stats or generate any additional effects. Their appearance will, however, override the corresponding armor slot, allowing the player to conceal their armor if it is not to their aesthetic preference.

For players unconcerned about aesthetics, these slots can be used to store an alternate set of armor. For example, a character could wear a set of melee armor while equipping a set of mage armor in the vanity slots, in order to be able to switch to the magic-boosting armor when needed.

Extra 54 6.png Armor dye (3 slots)

Another aesthetic modifier for the armor slots. Dyes placed in these three slots will recolor the displayed item in that slot, meaning that Dyes will recolor the player's armor if no vanity items are worn.

Extra 54 15.png Accessories (5 / 6 slots)

Five slots (six) for accessories. Only accessories may be placed in these slots, and only here will their effects occur. Unlike armor, any accessory may be placed in any slot, even items that would seemingly override one another (for example, it is possible to wear both Hermes Boots and Rocket Boots at the same time). Many of these items will appear on the player's sprite. Each accessory slot has a Visibility toggle (on).pngVisibility toggle (off).png visibility toggle on the top right; clicking the toggle will toggle the appearance of the accessory in that slot on and off. This is purely aesthetic and has no effect on the accessory; hidden accessories will still work as normal, and activated accessories such as the Shield of Cthulhu may reappear while in use.

Using a Demon Heart will make an additional accessory slot available. This slot is only usable in Expert or Master Mode – entering a Classic world will cause the item in the additional slot to stop functioning, and if removed it cannot be replaced until the player returns to an Expert or Master world.

(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) A player in a Master Mode world will have an additional accessory slot. This slot is only usable in Master Mode – entering a Classic or Expert world will cause the item in the additional slot to stop functioning, and if removed it cannot be replaced until the player returns to a Master world.

Extra 54 12.png Vanity accessories / (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Social accessories (5 / 6 slots)

Similar to the vanity armor slots, these accessory slots are purely aesthetic.

The additional accessory slot unlocked by the Demon Heart will also unlock a corresponding vanity slot. This slot is subject to the same Expert mode restrictions as its functional counterpart.

For players unconcerned about aesthetics, these slots can be used as storage for an additional 5 / 6 (6 / 7 after using Demon Heart) accessories. Accessories do not function while in a vanity slot, but storing an occasionally useful accessory in a vanity slot makes it easy to switch that accessory into a main slot when it is needed.

Extra 54 6.png Accessory dye (5 / 6 slots)

Similar to armor dyes, equipping Dyes to these slots will recolor the displayed accessories in adjacent slots.

Again, the sixth accessory slot unlocked by the Demon Heart will unlock a corresponding accessory dye slot.

Extra 54 8.png Extra 54 17.png Extra 54 9.png Extra 54 10.png Extra 54 7.png Equipment (5 slots)

Desktop versionConsole versionMobile version
Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.

The Equipment menu is accessed by clicking the Equipment menu (on).png Grappling Hook icon above the armor slots. It provides five additional slots for miscellaneous equipment: a Pet, a Light Pet, a Minecart, a Mount and a Hook. Each slot can only be used to hold the corresponding item type, and only one of each. Only Minecarts are expressly required to be placed in these slots in order to function; grappling hooks, as well as activation items for mounts and pets, are all normal usable items, and will even respond to their respective hotkeys while in the hotbar.

Pets and Light Pets have Visibility toggle (on).pngVisibility toggle (off).png visibility toggles similar to those on the accessory slots that, when toggled off, will prevent them from appearing. However, unlike the purely visual effect this toggle has on accessories, these pets are actually unsummoned, and will not reappear by default until the slot is made visible again.

Extra 54 6.png Equipment dye (5 slots)

Desktop versionConsole versionMobile version
Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.

Five slots through which items in the equipment slots can be dyed. These dyes will only apply to the equipped items found in the corresponding slots. Applying Dye to a light pet can change the color of its sprite, but the light's color will always remain the same.


Desktop versionConsole versionMobile version
Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Main article: Loadouts
Loadout icons
Loadout 1 active.png Loadout 2 active.png Loadout 3 active.png

There are three icons next to the Armor and Accessory slots that can be used to switch which armor and accessory loadout is in use. Each loadout has its own set of armor, accessory, vanity, and dye slots that can hold items even when not in use, though only the items within the in-use loadout affect the player's appearance or stats.

Additional Inventories

While each player has access to their regular inventory by default, they can also access four other inventories through the use of certain items. Like their main inventory, these are character-dependent, and will follow a character through to whichever other worlds they travel to.

Defender's Forge and Safe inventories

The Defender's Forge(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), purchasable from the Tavernkeep for 500000*50 Defender Medal, and the Safe, purchasable from the Merchant for 20 GC after Skeletron has been defeated both provide their own unique inventory, accessible from any Defender's Forge or Safe in the world. Beyond this function, they are identical to chests.

Piggy bank inventory

Main article: Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank purchased from the Merchant for 1 GC, the Money Trough(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) dropped by Dripplers during Blood Moons, and the Eye Bone(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) dropped by Deerclops all share a single inventory.

This inventory is uniquely useful for money storage, since NPC purchases will draw from Coins and Defender Medals contained inside, with the shop interface displaying how much is contained in the piggy bank inventory. The main benefit of the piggy bank inventory for money storage is that its contents are not lost upon death, like those in a player's inventory.

Void Vault

Desktop versionConsole versionMobile version
Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Main article: Void Vault

The Void Vault and Void Bag provide access to an additional inventory that shares the most features with the player's main inventory.

As long as the void bag is in its "open" state within the main inventory, items will fill it once the player's inventory is full; consumables within it will be accessible for Quick Heal, Quick Mana, and Quick Buff; Quick Stack to Nearby Chests will draw items from the Void Vault, etc.


Desktop versionConsole versionMobile version
Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.

When the "Sort Inventory" button in the inventory or the "Sort Items" button in a Chest interface is used, the items will be sorted by categories in a specific order. The item slots will briefly glow, with each category being shown with a different color. The hotbar and items marked as favorites are left untouched when sorting.

The categories for sorting are listed below.

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You can also view the data on another page.

Inventory sub-menus

As the inventory serves as the player's main heads-up display, a handful of additional menus unrelated to items in the inventory can be accessed through it.

Camera Mode

Desktop versionMobile version
Desktop/Mobile-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Desktop and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Main article: Camera Mode

A special mode for capturing images, accessed through clicking the Camera icon above the armor slots. The captured images can then be accessed in the captures folder located within the Terraria folder.

Housing menu

Main article: House#Housing Menu

A menu for managing the placement of NPCs, accessed through clicking the small house icon above the armor slots. The NPC list goes downwards from the right to the left-hand side in the order the NPCs were implemented into the game.


  • If all hotbar and storage slots are occupied, new items will not be picked up unless the player is carrying a Void Bag(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions).
  • Only items that appear in the main inventory will be available for crafting. However, on the Desktop version Desktop version and Console version Console version, it is also possible to use items in the storage item that is currently opened for crafting.
  • Objects in the inventory will carry over to other servers and worlds. This also includes equipped armor, coins in the coins slots, and ammo in the ammo slots.
  • On the Wii U Wii U, the player's character will jump if the close button is tapped.


  • The trash slot grants an additional inventory slot. An item can temporarily be placed there to make room in the main inventory. Care should be taken, as placing any other item in the trash slot, dying, or exiting the game will delete the contents of the slot.
    • Another way to increase inventory slots is to always carry a Piggy Bank, Safe, and/or a Defender's Forge(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) in the main inventory, because those three can be carried with items inside. It should be noted that a Piggy Bank requires a flat surface item like a Work Bench, Table, or platform. The Money Trough(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) does not have this limitation.
  • Selling surplus items to NPCs is a good way of making money, as opposed to just trashing them.


  • Desktop 1.4.4:
    • Added Equipment Loadouts. Changed F1-F3 keys to be the default bindings for Loadout Swapping, with Camera Mode keybind updated to F4.
    • Increased maximum stack size from 999 to 9999.
  • Desktop
    • Gamepad keybindings menu now has a slider that lets you adjust inventory navigation speed.
    • Gamepad Menu/Inventory Menu Speed is also faster by default, and you can tap faster to go faster.
  • Desktop
    • Character Select Menu has been revamped to show additional character information.
    • You can now toggle Camera Mode by pressing F1. This allows for taking much larger screenshots in game.
    • Added Minecart, Mount, Pet and Grappling Hook slots.
    • Added ability to favorite items by pressing Alt+Left Click. Favorited items cannot be quick-trashed, quick-stacked, or deposited.
    • Added an inventory button to Quick stack to nearby chests, making inventory management much quicker.
    • Quick stack now creates new stacks in your chests for items you have in inventory if applicable.
    • Equipment slots now display a picture of the slots purpose.
    • Item in Trash Slot is now deleted upon character death.
  • Desktop Fixed crafting exploit when you right click items in the inventory.
  • Desktop 1.2.4: Fixed a bug where bad item stack sizes could cause the game to crash when saving. Fixed exploit where you could buy and sell stackable items for profit.
  • Desktop 1.2:
    • Storage Inventory Slots increased to 40 (Up from 30).
    • Dye Slots introduced.
    • Increased maximum stack size for many items from 250 to 999.
  • Desktop 1.1:
    • Housing menu added to main inventory.
    • Items that are housed in the main inventory can now be used without being placed in the hotbar if Autopause is off.
  • Desktop 1.0.6:
    • Ammo slots and Trash slot added to main inventory.
    • Inventory slots given unique colors based on which inventory is being viewed.
    • Hotbar slots now show their respective shortcut key.
    • Hotbar slots that have a ranged weapon on them will show the current used ammo count on them.
    • Hotbar can now be locked by clicking on the padlock to the left.
    • Right clicking on an accessory or a piece of armor in your inventory will auto-equip it.
    • It is no longer possible to drop items through the spaces between boxes in the inventory.
    • Newly obtained items will now be placed starting in the bottom right of inventory rather than the top left.
  • Desktop 1.0.5:
    • Hotbar now shows the name of the selected item.
    • Defense totals are now shown in inventory.
  • Desktop 1.0.4: Added an option that will pause the game while opening your inventory in single player, called Autopause. It defaults to off.