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These background objects will not drop items for collection by the player. See Objects for those that will always provide a drop.
For the non-interactive ambient objects that are part of the background, see Ambient entities.
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Throughout most biomes and layers, various ambient objects are randomly scattered on world creation. These are naturally-placed background objects that can be broken with a pickaxe or drill, but otherwise cause no effects, and do not drop items. They function primarily as visual ambiance and cannot be collected by players, and unlike several other naturally-generating objects, cannot be crafted with the help of Ecto Mist. Apart from icicles and Jungle plants, ambient objects do not regenerate over time.

On the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, and Mobile version Mobile version, the Rubblemaker can be used to place ambient objects.

On the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version and Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, ambient objects cannot be placed by the player.

Destroying natural ambient objects on the Surface or in the Underground Jungle has a chance to spawn various bait critters (Worm, Grasshopper, Grubby, Sluggy, or Buggy) that can be collected with a Bug Net.


Ambient objects.png

Ambient Objects 2.png

Ambient Objects 3.png

Tiny Ambient Objects.png

Large Ambient Objects.png

Summary of each image

First image: from left to right, the objects seem to be:

Second image (stalactites and stalagmites):

  • First row: large icicles, large Stone stalactites, webbed prey, large Pearlstone stalactites, large Ebonstone stalactites, large Crimstone stalactites, large Sandstone stalactites, large Granite stalactites, large Marble stalactites, large Pink, Purple and Red icicles.
  • Second row: large Stone stalagmites, large Pearlstone stalagmites, large Ebonstone stalagmites, large Crimstone stalagmites, large Sandstone stalagmites, large Granite stalagmites and large Marble stalagmites.
  • Third row: small icicles, small Stone stalactites, small Hive stalactites, small Pearlstone stalactites, small Ebonstone stalactites, small Crimstone stalactites, small Sandstone stalactites, small Granite stalactites, small Marble stalactites and small Pink, Purple and Red icicles.
  • Fourth row: small Stone stalagmites, small Hive stalagmites, small Pearlstone stalagmites, small Ebonstone stalagmites, small Crimstone stalagmites, small Sandstone stalagmites, small Granite stalagmites and small Marble stalagmites.

Third image (jungle plants):

Fourth image (tiny objects):

  • First row: tiny Stones, tiny Dirt chunks, several skulls, several bones, bloody variants of skulls and bones, an Iron Pickaxe head, an Iron Axe head, an Iron Broadsword hilt, an Iron Hammer head, a Mining Helmet, a Wooden Arrow, a broken Wooden Arrow and a broken Wooden Bow.
  • Second row: tiny Snow chunks, tiny Ice chunks, tiny gobs of spider eggs, tiny Sandstone chunks, tiny Granite chunks, a tiny Living Wood "root" with leaves, tiny Sand piles.
  • Third, fourth, fifth and sixth rows: small Stones, small Dirt chunks, small bone piles, bloody bones, small Snow chunks, a Chair, Work Bench and Toilet covered in Cobwebs, small gobs of spider eggs, small grassy stones, small Sandstone chunks, small Granite chunks, small Stones with broken Marble collumns, small Living Wood roots with leaves and small Sand piles.

Fifth image (large objects):

  • First row: Jungle Grassy Stones, assorted Mud heaps and Jungle Grass and Ash piles withs spots of Hellstone.
  • Rows 2-6: bones covered in cobwebs, three large gobs of spider eggs, a dead body covered in web, three large grassy Stones, a Lihzahrd sacrifice table with a bloody knife on it, the broken head of a golem, a skull sitting on Lihzahrd Bricks, an empty mossy cage, a mossy cage with a chicken in it, a rusty Minecart, an old well, a pile of Dirt and a shovel, a tent, a rusty wheelbarrow full of soil, a post with a rope attached to it, various Sandstone stalagmites, a large anthill, two large ant hives, various Granite rocks and stalagmites, a marble boulder, various rocks with Marble debris, Large Living Wood roots with leaves, Living Leaf bushes, a cow skeleton, a cow skull and a Vulture skeleton.


  • Desktop
    • Several ambient objects were resprited.
    • Added Corrupt, Crimson and Hallowed variants of icicles.
    • Added new Granite, Marble, Living Tree and Desert ambient objects.