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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
"Eyeforaneye" redirects here. For the patch named "An Eye For An Eye", see 1.4.3.
Map view of a medium Constant world. Note the difference in cave generation.

The Constant is a secret world seed. It is a crossover with Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve Together.

The following seeds can be used to generate a Constant world (case-insensitive):[1]

  • constant
  • theconstant
  • the constant
  • eye4aneye
  • eyeforaneye

World generation changes


  • Marble patches occasionally spawn throughout the world on the surface with a few white painted statues.
  • Spider Nests or small patches of Spider Walls often generate at or near the surface.


  • The world generates with "wavy caves", which travel up and down in sharp zig-zag patterns, or travel diagonally downwards.
  • Lead Ore and Platinum Ore will never generate (i.e. only Iron and Gold Ore will appear in Constant worlds).


Other changes

The Constant's shader effect being shown right after loading into a world.
  • The world has a constant sepia screen shader which significantly darkens the world. This effect can also be seen when generating the world.
    • The shader will be disabled if the player equips the Radio Thing.
    • The shader will also not work under the Retro or Trippy lighting modes.
  • It will be pitch dark on the surface during normal nights. When a New Moon, a Full Moon, or a Blood Moon occurs, the player will be able to see things normally on the surface.
  • When the player enters completely dark areas, the status message "It is very feel in danger..." will be displayed after three seconds, and after two more seconds (five seconds in total after entering the dark area), the player will take 250 base damage per second. This continuous damage will last until the player is illuminated by any type of light or dies. When the player gets illuminated, they will stop receiving damage from darkness, the 5-second damage timer will be reset, and the status message "The danger of the dark has passed." will be displayed.[2]
  • Cacti will hurt the player when touched or chopped, with a base damage of 6.[3]
  • Torches, Campfires, Tiki Torches, and Lamps exposed to the sky will be "extinguished" when it rains. However, other pieces of furniture that produce light and/or seem to be fire-based, like Candles, Candelabras, Furnaces, Fireplaces, Lamp Posts, etc., will remain lit.
  • Coral, Cursed Flame, and Ichor varieties of these items aren't affected by this, as they can be placed in water.
  • Don't Starve items will have their drop rate increased, these being the Ham Bat, the Bat Bat, Monster Meat, the Tentacle Spike, and the Glommer's Flower. Abigail's Flower has a higher spawn chance as well.
  • The paintings related to Don't Starve that are sold by the Traveling Merchant will be more common.
  • In Expert worlds, Wall Creepers and Black Recluses saved on the minimap can always respawn.[4]
  • Rare clouds in the background are more common.
    • Of these rare clouds, Don't Starve related clouds are more common.

World icons

The world icon of a Constant world is an Evergreen from Don't Starve.


Main article: Guide:The Constant


  • "The Constant" directly references the world with the same name in Don't Starve.
  • Several world generation changes in the Constant seed recreates specific Set Pieces or items in Don't Starve:
  • Several game mechanics in The Constant seed are based on mechanics in Don't Starve, these include:
    • The shader is based on the shader effect in Don't Starve.
    • A world can only have Iron and Gold Ores is due to the fact that only Iron Ore and Gold Nuggets exist in Don't Starve.
    • The hunger mechanic is directly based on Don't Starve's Hunger mechanic.
    • In Don't Starve, the player is also able to see things normally during Full Moon nights.
      • However, the player cannot see things during New Moons in Don't Starve, which is not the case in Terraria.
    • The mechanic of players getting damaged in completely dark areas is based on a similar mechanic of survivors being attacked by Charlie in complete darkness.
    • The player getting damaged by Cacti is based on Don't Starve's Cactus, which damages the player by 6 health when harvesting it.
    • Exposed Torches and Campfires extinguish when Rain starts, as in Don't Starve, Rain will make Torches and Campfires burn out faster.


  • Desktop 1.4.4:
    • Darkness damage increased from 50 to 250, and the time before being hurt decreased from 8 to 4 seconds.
    • Eating regular Mushrooms will reset hunger back to full duration Peckish if the player is Peckish, Hungry, or Starving.


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