Lilith's Necklace

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Lilith's Necklace
  • Lilith's Necklace item sprite
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Use time20 (Very fast)
TooltipGrants the wearer the power of the wolf
RarityRarity level: 8
Research1 required
Grants Buff
BuffBlessing of the MoonBlessing of the Moon
Buff tooltipYou turned into a wolf!
Summons Mount
Obtained from Obtained from
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master

Lilith's Necklace is a Hardmode mount-summoning item which summons a Wolf mount. It has a 3.33*1/30 (3.33%) / 4*1/25 (4%) chance to be dropped by Wolves. New Journey Mode characters named "Wolfpet" or "Wolf Pet" (case-sensitive) receive the item automatically.[1]

Unlike other mount-summoning items, Lilith's Necklace transforms the player into the mount. It can be dyed and some vanity items are visible when transformed, but certain accessories cannot be used, such as wings.


  • The Wolf has a running speed of 48 mph, with a short acceleration time. This mount is also smaller than some land mounts, only requiring 3 tile tall gaps, compared to the Unicorn Mount's 5 tile tall requirement.


Achievement The Cavalry.png
The Cavalry • Equip a mount.
Equip your first mount.


  • The name refers to the name of Redigit and Cenx's daughter, Lilith.[2][3] The item was added because Lilith was "obsessed with wolves".[4]



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  2. Lilith starts first grade today. 😭 August 1, 2022
  3. My beautiful little Wolfpet (Lilith) turns 7 today! Kids make time too real and it needs to slow down! December 30, 2022
  4. No it was for our daughter who is obsessed with wolves. :) July 20, 2022