Hellfire Treads

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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Hellfire Treads
  • Hellfire Treads item sprite
  • Hellfire Treads equipped
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TooltipAllows flight
The wearer can run super fast
Leaves a trail of flames in your wake
RarityRarity level: 7
Sell4 GC
Research1 required
  • Internal Item ID: 4874 (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)

The Hellfire Treads are a pre-Hardmode accessory that combines the effects of the Spectre and Flame Waker Boots. It grants the player the ability to fly and to gain increased movement speed when running continuously, and causes the player's feet to leave trails of fire while moving on blocks, which is a purely visual effect.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Hellfire TreadsHellfire Treads(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Tinkerer's WorkshopTinkerer's Workshop

Crafting tree

Rocket BootsRocket Boots
( Goblin Tinkerer )
Hermes BootsHermes Boots
( Gold Chest )
orFlurry BootsFlurry Boots
( Frozen Chest Frozen Crate Boreal Crate )
orSailfish BootsSailfish Boots(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
( Wooden Crate Iron Crate Pearlwood Crate Mythril Crate )
orDunerider BootsDunerider Boots(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
( Sandstone Chest Oasis Crate Mirage Crate )
Tinkerer's WorkshopFlame Waker BootsFlame Waker Boots(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
( Obsidian Crate Hellstone Crate )
Spectre BootsSpectre Boots
Tinkerer's Workshop
Hellfire TreadsHellfire Treads(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)


  • While the Spectre Boots can be further crafted into the Lightning Boots, the Hellfire Treads cannot. Players who wish to obtain the Lightning Boots (and their upgrades, the Frostspark Boots and Terraspark Boots) should therefore save their Spectre Boots and forgo the Hellfire Treads.


  • Desktop 1.4.4:
    • Is no longer crafted by combining Flame Waker Boots and Lava Waders. Instead, is crafted from Flame Waker Boots and Spectre Boots.
    • Loses its Lava Wading and lava damage reduction benefits, but now has Hermes Running and Rocket Booting.
    • Generates fire sparks on running and uses the classic flame Rocket Boot trail.